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Published on December 06, 2015 (Updated on December 06, 2015)

Redstone Engineering Mod

Redstone Engineering is a mod which try to take redstone to the next level. As of now it implements two new blocks (also known as machines) which in some way can be powered by redstone and complete two separate tasks. In similarity to other technologies the idea of Redstone Engineering is to add new machines which allow for the possibility to build advanced redstone structures more easily.

Creator: Kingbudderjr, Twitter Account

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Igniter (210) - 5 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 2 netherrack + 1 flint & steel
  • Block Breaker (211) - 5 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 2 iron ingots + 1 iron pickaxe
  • Rencher (212) (work in progress, not yet implemented!) - 5 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 2 iron ingots + 1 bucket


The igniter is a block which can be placed down on the ground and then used to ignite fire. For example, it can be used to make an automatic fire trap. In this example we chose to make it simple and just cause the block to ignite fire whenever there was an active redstone signal.

Block Breaker

The block breaker will break the block next to it whenever it's activated by a redstone signal. Place a chest on top of the block breaker to store the destroyed blocks in there.

It's a perfect block to use for an automatic farm of some sort. In this example we chose to make a semi-automatic farm which can farm pumpkins by the use of a simple lever switch.

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This is a good mod just update the download so it works
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To the person who made this mod. If you are reading this then could you are a machine that would take items in it's inventory and place them? Please this would be great for things like mass production of iron golems and such.
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I guess someone had a look at the code...
The Rencher was mentioned in the McForum thread!
Nice Job!
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I usually scan through the .js code whenever it's possible. Makes certain things easier, such as finding IDs and recipes. :D
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