Redstone Mechanic Evolution

This addon adds 18 new things to the game. some are the result of developments in old redstone mechanic versions, most of which replace original mobs. this addon doesn’t replace anything

almost mobs spawned during redstone invasion, you can find redstone invasion machine during thunder rain and activate it.

some new mobs added in this addon are :

Strider – hostile 

shoting gatling redstone guns to his target. very strong, This mob is tasked to protect the last boss in invasion. but he has very slow movement.

Observer Robot – friendly

This mob works as a tank. he has a lot of health and a fairly large demage. but he can only attack at close range.

Redstone Soldier – friendly

This mob is very weak in close range. his job was only as a soldier to shoot enemies from a distance. very useful during invasion.

Destroyer – hostile

This mob works as a soldier during invasion, he has a jetpack on his back to go to enemy territory very quickly

Scorpion – hostile

very weak but have very fatal demages, they will shot poison to elimate enemies very quickly

Fireball Blaster – friendly

very weak friendly mob, but they will blasting enimies with his fireballs.

Crazy Destroyer – hostile

this mobs just broken robot, they will attack everything they see, his ability is blinking so you cant attack them easy

Simple Robot – friendly

not a fighter robot, just useless, good for testing

Greys – hostile

not a robot, but a alien, using redstone stuff to fight. they will fly and summoning flying turrets to fight

Redstone Turret – friendly

they will start shooting at nearest enemy, you can move them by right clicking them

Dispenser Robot – friendly

Just like dispenser, they will shooting any enemies with arrow, when they death, they drop dispenser.

Flyborg – hostile 

They will shooting redstone bullets and flying over the sky, very annoying but very weak.

TNT Anator – hostile

this mob very dangerous, they will start shooting TNT at you, they have very much health too

Protector – Bot – friendly

A Fully controled robot, you can jump, shoot, or move arround with this robot.

Gunship – hostile

this not a plane, this a flying robot. they will shoting target from the distance and summon some destroyers, they also have a turbo speed. they can reach target so quickly

Chickenboid – hostile

This mob shooting lighting bolt to stuck you, they also have turbo speed.

Note: this addon is not stable, sometimes this addon error what you can do is restart the game to fix it


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36 Responses

4.65 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. Guest-2187918806 says:

    Can you add a drop ship

  2. Guest-2187918806 says:

    Can you add a drop ship

  3. Guest-8817929989 says:

    Can you make a dropship it would very cool and plus it can drop off destroyers and striders or it can hold on the a pod and drop it once the pod opens the destroyers come out

  4. Guest-9214163267 says:

    Need media link, says page not available

  5. ??? says:

    I have a ideas power weapon it needs a destroyer to work but it shoots lasers really fast that do lots of damage but once you kill the destroyer riding it then you ride it and it can move if given iron ingot

  6. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you add the robot workbench, mechanic, those squid robots, and new custom items from the old one? I think it would make it feel like it’s complete.

  7. Piji says:

    The title please click allow to continue how ti fix please help me pleaseeeeee

  8. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 says:

    Thanks a lot Enderface for remaking the Redstone Mechanics Addon realy like it👍😄 Also pls add the dropper robbot and chest robot and more redstone bosses Thanks

  9. DTech says:

    This is really cool! I love this add-on! Please make a prone mode for the soldier just like the Call Of Duty add-on.

  10. Amazing addon. :). Dj says:

    I love this addon & its very usefull for my zombie game. Add more friendly robots that can kill zombie and other stuff but does not kill golem,villagers or any other friendly npcs from other addons. I dare you to add around 3 new friendly robots every week and 1 harmfull robot but you dont have to :).

  11. joey says:

    story:after ten days when a evil scientist complete his evil science project the enter dimensional signal takeover useing help from good redstone robots and your friends and you team up and defeat the redstone invasion the end
    sorry for my bad grammer

  12. Unknow player says:

    Beautiful addon!! But it’s hard to defeat the invasion if you haven’t over-powered bow because it doesn’t work with another gun addon like xm guns or actual guns then please add guns!!!(or any kinda of weapon)
    Thank you if you Will listen me!

  13. Unknow player says:

    Beautiful addon!! But it’s hard to defeat the invasion if you haven’t over-powered bow because it doesn’t work with another gun addon like xm guns or actual guns then please add guns!!!(or any kinda of weapon)
    Thank you if you Will listen me!

  14. Wow says:

    Please add weapons for the player!!!

  15. i don't wanna tell my name says:

    can you make weapons/guns for player?

  16. Monster gaming says:

    Nice this invasion are like truely happen

  17. Matias says:

    91MB! For only one addon! No thanks

  18. orion_ikizume_original says:

    Is there a mediafire link available?

  19. Weasel The Great says:

    Can you add a gun ship for the humans? That would be great.

  20. gogoUltranan says:

    it doesn’t work :c please fix it

  21. gogoUltranan says:

    Holy F77kin crud the addon is so huge But Awesome!!!

  22. Ayy Lmao says:


  23. Sse says:

    PLEASE READ and RSPOND ADDON CREATOR! I am sorry as I was not aware that this Addon was entirely new and not a update of a previous one. Though my statement stays the same considering the flying chair being able to fly up and down depending on the direction you face, being able to heal friendly robots and the turret with iron ingots, and adding the mobs that are from your other Redstone Mechanic like addons that are not already in this Addon in to it just new and improved, including the items. Also the turrets do not attack hostile mobs and the protector bot takes fall damage even though it has slow falling. Wonderful Addon!

  24. Sse says:

    Great Addon! But can you please make it so that with the flying chair you can move it by looking up and down? And can you please readd all the mobs from the previous versions just new and improved? Also please add the ability to heal friendly robots with iron ingots. Thank you for updating this Addon!

  25. That one chicken says:

    Does this replace any existing mobs ?

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