Pocket Piston (Redstone +) Mod

Redstone in Pocket Edition is still not 100% what it is like for the PC version of Minecraft. The idea of Pocket Piston (formerly known as Redstone +) is to add the missing features for redstone. So far the mod features include pistons and the command block.

Creator: minecraftpro32, Twitter Account

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Piston (33)
  • Sticky Piston (127)
  • Command Block (227)


There are two types of pistons. There’s is the normal one which can only push blocks forward. And then there is the sticky piston which can both push blocks and pull them back.

piston-1 piston-2 piston-3 piston-4

Command Blocks

Commands blocks are the perfect solution for combining in-game text commands with redstone. In this example we will show you how you can control the weather by the simple use of some redstone and a command line.

Place down a command block and connect it to a trigger of some sort, e.g. a lever. Tap on the command block with an empty hand and then type /rain in the textfield to select the command for the block and then press “Done”. You can see a full list of available commands by typing /help and then choose one of your liking. It doesn’t work with custom commands.


Right now it’s a nice sunny weather.


But as soon as we turn the switch on it will send a redstone signal to the command block which in return will execute the command line. And as you can see, it’s raining!



Install Guide

  1. Press the download button to download a zip file.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to extract the zip file.
  3. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest BlockLauncher version by going to Google Play or Amazon and see if there’s any update available.
  4. Use BlockLauncher import the textures zip file.
  5. Import the ModPE js script using BlockLauncher.
  6. Restart BlockLauncher and go in-game to enjoy the new features!


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30 Responses

  1. Adam Iskandar says:

    org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot call method “langEdit” of undefined (AlphaHack.js#205)

    Why does this appear when I try to play…PLEASE HELP…it’s been going on for 2 weeks…

    • Editor says:

      My guess is that you aren’t using the latest version of BlockLauncher/Minecraft Pocket Edition. Go to each app’s Google Play page and see if there’s an update available for you to download.

  2. James says:

    Minecraft is awsome

  3. Francisco says:

    Where are the command blocks?

  4. joshsj89 says:

    I imported the texture pack, closed Blocklauncher, and then I imported the mod. Everything worked as it was supposed to. Before, I didn’t exit Blocklauncher after importing texture, and it didn’t work.

  5. Eystreem says:

    Every time I try to install this mod or any other mod with a texture pack it doesn’t work. (Yes I have installed the texture.) I keep getting this error message! org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The requested block texture piston_side

    **error code**
    … 11 more

  6. TorchWhisperer says:

    I decided to finally try this mod out. Looks great so far.

    There actually is a “rail” command. Type /rail in the command block. When you power the command block it will spawn 3 rails in front of it. Perhaps useful for a hidden minecart station (have a dispenser shoot a minecart onto it with a slight delay). Or a rollercoaster that builds parts of itself as you ride it (fake pitfalls)?

  7. Miner1miner says:

    /rail command doesn’t work for me

  8. AlphaModern says:

    Do I have permission to edit the code as for myself not to release?

  9. Leandro says:

    Can you give the full instruction. Or the MCPE and Block Launcher version Please?

  10. Filamach says:

    Is any way how to delete seed texture?
    At first it look bad than when i plant it it has exactly same count (i have 2seeds… plant one seed.. still 2 seeds) and i can’t breed chickens with it.

  11. Piravinth says:

    Sometimes You have to first do the textures then go back to the main mcpe menu and open the patch options and import the mod

  12. Rhauf says:

    Oh…I Know…This mod Turn off automatically…I don’t know…..every time i entering the world….and i check again….its off…and i turn on again…and restart…and the mod turn off…. -_- help me

  13. Rhauf says:

    It’s Not Working ?! I Have BlockLauncher And Then I’ve Turn On the Texture Pack And I’ve Done With Placing Texture,And I have Import The Mod….It Is not Working…Help Me Please

  14. Christian Román luna Martínez says:

    Good job

  15. Khalid khan says:

    its working i imported it from my filebrowser its awesome!

  16. Anthony says:

    My game says oh nose everything broke why

  17. Khalid khan says:

    i have blocklauncher 1.11 beta 4 sory for bad english.

  18. Khalid khan says:

    its not working!

  19. ATE 360 says:

    the redstone plus wont work i already tried it and a message comes up saying failed to import patch plzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!

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