Redstone Powered Modern House [Creation] [Redstone]

This is a mansion which is Redstone powered with the help of the popular mod called PocketPower. The entire house got a working lamp system with switches, doors can be opened by walking on pressure plates and lots of other clever implements have been added.

Creator: Chilesz

Redstone Powered

  • Complete light/lamp system
  • Garage door
  • Flushing the toilet
  • Mirror
  • Shower
  • Bathtub

screenshot-2015-03-12-11-29 screenshot-2015-03-12-11-30_3 screenshot-2015-03-12-11-30_4

Download Map (Zippyshare)
Download Mod (Dropbox)
Download Redstone Mod (required!)

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Installation Guides

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53 Responses

3.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Kc says:

    I like…very impresive..can you do other hoses but like mansion

  2. Yuno gasai says:

    Can u pls put it on Mc.world???? I can’t go into any of the links it says bad gateway.

  3. Allison wilson says:

    I m going if I can’t get on to it

  4. Liam W says:

    I don’t like it that much because it always makes me download the mansion.can you fix it it now

  5. Kiba says:

    Pleace make the download link for the map for Dropbox then by Zippyshare can i not downloading the map

  6. Cute cakes says:

    I havent played it yet but are there animals?

  7. AnaBellLeWolfMcNameTag says:

    Can you add a minecraft thing that leads you with o minecraft and it imports the world?? I don’t understand anything

  8. Dark_Link_011899 says:

    So there’s a Dropbox for the mod, but not for the map, could you add one?

  9. sunnydestrevores says:

    Umm Editor do you know an app that could make mcpe addons?

  10. Cassie says:

    To Editor
    I can’t download Zip Files, I’m on iOS!
    Please add an McPack link!!

  11. MrPogzZamora says:

    Nice thing it’s cool in Minecraft… Pocket Edition

  12. Jess says:

    I NEED MC.world plz I’m on iOS and I don’t have an computer to jailbreak plz

  13. TheDiamondMineCart // DanTDM says:

    Nice map

  14. Alice says:

    Do i really need to download the mod? Even if i already have complete redstone equipments?

  15. Jacob says:

    After I download the map. How to play it in minecraft. The map dont appear on the mcpe app.

  16. DestinyFox says:

    I really like this map, I use it for roleplay. Luckily I installed it when 0.13.0 released, because I don’t have mods. I have no possible way to get them, which sucks, because some look really cool. (I could really use some too, because I’m an idiot sometimes…?) Thank you, whoever built this because it’s awesome and I’m lazy and horrible at building.xD

  17. Chapplinz says:

    Excuse me,editor
    How to install the pocketpower mod
    It doesn’t appear as a .js
    Its .apk

  18. Jo on the Xbox says:

    Who are the people who made this

  19. Jo on the Xbox says:

    This is awesome

  20. Samesh B says:

    To the Editor,
    Who knew that it required Block Launcher. I installed it and the Pocket Power works incredibly. I’m absolutely loving it. Thanks for your feedback.

    MINECRAFT PE v0.13.0 is already released for ios, within a week it will be available for android as well. And it’s not going to have dispensor or repeators and so on.

    Finally, POCKET POWER is thr best mod EVER!!!

  21. Samesh B. says:

    To the Editor
    I did try Pocket Power with MCPE v0.12.3 as well
    I have a question
    Do you need a device with larger screen for pocket power to run with MCPE or does it work with smaller devices as well?
    Mine’s a 4.5″ screen
    The problem is I can’t see the redstone button even in MCPE v0.12.3
    And will the official version have repeators as well? The build versions don’t have them. I downloaded your map and used with the build 4 version 0.13.0 There are a lot of errors because repeators don’t work.
    Your help would be highly appreciated
    Hoping to hear from you soon
    -Crazy MCPE Crafter
    Samesh B

    • Editor says:

      Yes, it works on all devices no matter screen size.

      I don’t know what features the official release will include. But by my understand the developers goal is to copy all functions from PC to Pocket Edition. While it might not include all the same features in this update I am sure it eventually will in later versions.

  22. Samesh B says:

    To the Editor,
    Pocket Power is not working here for some reasons
    Device: SM-A300H
    Minecraft Version i use: v0.13.3 & v0.13.0
    I request for the detailed information on it….Hoping to hear from the concerned authourity sooner…..

    -Crazy Minecraft Player
    Samesh B.

    • Editor says:

      You don’t need to use PocketPower anymore because 0.13 has redstone as one of it’s features.

      Almost no mods work for 0.13 yet because 0.13 is only released as a beta version. Once the official release is out for all devices (iOS and Android) then mods will work again.

  23. hi, is it suppose to downlad all the links you gave ? because i have problem with the dropbox link it says causing too much traffic. what should i do ?

  24. Kevin says:

    Its too many mistery in this House
    In garage…

  25. djpaolo says:

    nice map dudes, tnx !!!

  26. Kevingamert says:

    True fix it i cant download it add drop box in it pls i like that map but i cant play in that map

  27. sayhaan says:

    Can you not put it in a zip file

  28. Ravenhulk22 says:

    Can you make it a Apk pls cause it won’t download on my ipad

  29. Dylan Litty says:

    Can you send me a direct link to dropbox? Thanks

  30. legobird14 says:

    Ummm, it takes me to zippy share, not Dropbox.

  31. YPDaKing says:

    Can you put the link on MediaFire or Dropbox? Zippyshare won’t work for me for some reason.

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