RedstoneCraft (Recipes for PocketPower)

RedstoneCraft is an addon mod for Byteandahalf’s Redstone Mod called PocketPower. It adds crafting recipes in survival mode for every redstone related item and some other useful features.

Creator: Mine_Nick95


  • Redstone crafting recipes in survival mode
  • All redstone related recipes for creative mode
  • Pistons, Redstone Blocks and Redstone Lamps can be destroyed and picked up as any other block

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Piston (33) – 3 wooden planks + 4 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 1 iron ingot
  • Detector Rail x 6 (28) – 2 sticks + 1 redstone torch + 6 iron ingots
  • Redstone Block (152) – 9 redstones
  • Redstone x 9 (331) – 1 redstone block


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53 Responses

  1. Dunnu says:

    Can you help me put the mod in the game?
    its always empty 🙁

  2. john lennard says:

    update plsss

  3. john lennard suing says:

    is this working for minecraft pe 0.11.1?

  4. Dan says:

    The block that a piston doesn’t return to its normal position. In order to make a secret door, you need to make pistons on each side of the wall to close it. Anyway, a great mod. It makes me feel like I’m playing on PC.

  5. RPC2006 says:

    This mod is awesome

  6. Donald says:

    How do you get pistons

    I just downloaded pocket power and it doesn’t have pistons.

    Please help me

  7. aqzasurya12 says:

    Hey this mod have sticky piston?


    Redstone thing has own slot called “redstone” try played Pc Edition and you will find it.


    I know to craft Detector rail the redstone torch none in the crafting guide so maybe the mod creator replaced the pressure pad to redstone torch you can website’s to craft thing Pc.

  10. Jubert says:

    Is this an add on?

  11. Melvin says:

    How download i the mod via dropbox?

  12. Ichigo Lee says:

    Where is the texture pack or are their none?

  13. Alando says:

    Could you add sticky pistons and could you make it so that pitons can face up

  14. Nick says:

    Does this work for ios

  15. Jimi says:

    Wie instaliert man die mods

  16. NATHAN says:

    plz add sticky pistons and pressure plate i want to make a hidden door

  17. Aradhya Kunwar says:

    can you add in this mod sticky pistons, dispenser, dropper, daylight sensor, hoppers and redstone comparator that actually work please!!!!!!!!

  18. #1ENDERLORD says:

    It won’t down load how do I do it

  19. Mine_Nick95 says:

    Updated at Minecraft Forum 🙂

  20. Wendylle says:

    There some bugs that pistons can’t hold water I was to make automatic wheat farm

  21. Michael says:

    Love this mod

  22. Michael says:

    Love it

  23. Michael says:

    I love it

  24. sulik says:

    I added to dropbox. What next? will it be on creative modes list?

    • Editor says:

      PocketPower apparently got the recipes implemented already so this mod is quite useless it appears. No offence to the creator which probably was just trying to be kind! 🙂


      • Mine_Nick95 says:

        Hello, I’m the creator of the Mod. And I created this Mod because the Creator of PocketPower even made recipes like pistons and detector rail for survival mode.
        And pistons, detector rail even available on creative inventory.
        Sorry for my bad English.

        If any of you have a any idea to add the mod, please tell me and I will made possible.

  25. + says:

    Can you add the sticky piston Thank you because you can not make the piston door here

  26. yunus says:

    Sticky piston ?

  27. Aldino says:

    Why is it force close when I open the mods?

  28. mdfckr says:

    The piston always tilt, not lead to the top :3

  29. Unkwon Proxy says:

    the creator said that u can only get Pistons, Redstone Blocks and Detector rail through invEditor, so this mod ads in their survival recipe? AWWWWWESOOOME!

  30. ? says:

    I would not work the blocks that where the Redstone stuff was a update block! Please help!

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