Redstoney (Modded Map) [Puzzle]

Redstoney is a modded puzzle map where 9 different challenges await you. It primarily makes use of the Commands Blocks mod and it really improves the entire experience. Some of the challenges include puzzles, parkour and archer minigames. It’s a really fun map which gives you a good idea what command blocks combined with redstone can do.

Creator: JGMcpe, Twitter Account
Credits: Lachlan (Twitter), Schoki (Twitter Account), minecraftpro32 (Twitter)

Do you think this looks too easy? Just try for yourself and you will realize it’s not as easy as it looks.


Test your archer skills!


That button might activate something.


Install Guide

  1. Use ES File Explorer to extract the zip file.
  2. Extract the following files from the ModPack.zipcommandblocks-1.js, Redstone + v1.1.modpkgSimple-Commands-Mod-0.14.0.js
  3. Extract the modded map folder (cNIAAKGpBQA=)
  4. Install the map.
  5. Install all mod files which you extracted from the ModPack.zip
  6. Go in-game and play the map!


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Installation Guides

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26 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Berkay says:

    can u make a modpkg for mods please?

  2. Reynaldo says:

    Does this work for version 15

  3. Cody Dill says:

    How to get the map to blocklauncher bc I have the mods on blocklauncher so I just need the map

  4. Mohammedforbig25 says:

    How can I install the map

  5. AirStrike509 says:

    I saw JFM play this map. It’s cool

  6. FoxbyPlays says:

    Wont extract, it says bad zip file when i try to extract the world. And moving the file does nothing either

  7. Supergamer76 says:

    Can I play this map in 0.14?

  8. XXXpokemasterXXX says:

    The .modpkg one is not working
    It says something like ‘piston third side is not there’ etc.
    Please help

  9. FuriousLinus says:

    I cannot import the redstone++ mod

  10. gena says:

    I have resolved it. Sorry

  11. KaedeiGamesMCpE says:

    By the way I already reviewed this map And it was EPIC great map Dude..

    Keep me Updated pls…

  12. KaedeiGamesMCpE says:

    Hi dude Im a Youtuber, my channel is KaedeiGamesMCPE, can i ask you a favor, keep me updated on your new maps please… So that i can review it on youtube.? Thanks 🙂

  13. Chyntia says:

    Can I download this in ios device ?

  14. gena says:

    How to install redstone v1.1.modpkg
    I can’t open the file “read me forma install”

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