Reflex PE Shaders | V3.9.2 (1.16+ Support)

Reflex PE Shaders is a realistic shaders pack that is made to be able to run on mobile low devices. What’s unique about our shader? well we are the only shader that has realistic shadows and a realistic sky and still can maintain a stable framerate.


Features :

Colorful Tonemapping

Realistic Shadows

Beautiful Sky  

Leaves move

Sun and moon

Supported Platforms :



Tested On :

iPad Mini 5

iPhone 8+

Samsung A10

This shader is made by Reflex MC 2 and BlackAgent you can see the credits in the full root file for more information!

Featured Images: 

Changelog View more

I've fixed the download URL to the latest Version, Thanks' everyone for noticing my mistake.


Fixed No Clouds

Fixed Lag on Android Devices

This shader will NOT be developed further due to various reasons.

Fixed All Remaining Bugs.

Added Support for newer betas of 1.16 (does not include render dragon)

Added New Logo for MCPEDL

The last update before the biggest update yet we have added :)

Fixed Skipping Ad Issue on iOS & Android Mobile Devices

Fixed Adlinks to be easier for users to use on all devices

Added Support for 1.16.0 on devices for iOS and Android 

V4.0 on the way coming very soon :) Sometime in Late June

Fixed all bugs that are left.

Removed Old Moon_Phases

Added New Moon_Phases

Reduced Fog on iOS Devices

Fixed glass bug 

Fixed 2D grass bug

Fixed Transparent objects bug

Fixed 2D Sugarcane 

Fixed anything else 2D

Fixed Non See Through Glass

Fixed Pack Icons

Fixed FPS Lag on iPhone 6S 

Fixed Duplicating Pack Error

Fixed Shadow Mapping bug on Android

Fixed Big Shadows Bug on Servers

Fixed Leaves

Fixed Lighting.

Fixed Non MCPACK File

Removed Clouds (to increase FPS)

(Patch 3.2)

Fixed Importing bug on iOS & Android

Fixed Lag on all devices

Realistic Water (coming soon there's a reason why it has been delayed the engineer for the water has not uploaded to YouTube in 4 months.) 

Added MCPEDL Mobile Port

Fixed the Links again

Fully fixed Stained glass on iOS Devices

Realistic Water (being added next)

Fixed Framerate issues

Fixed Red Water Glitch

Bug Fixes.

Realistic Water (coming soon)

Fixed Stained Glass (on some devices)

Added New Video Link

Bug Fixes.

Realistic Water (coming soon)

Fixed Stained Glass (on some devices)

Shader Added To Shaders Section

Shadow Mapping

Bug Fixes

Realistic Sky

Realistic Water (SOON!)

Shader released.

Shadow Mapping

Realistic Sky

Blue Water

Wavy Leaves

FPS Water

Realistic Sky

Realistic Shadows

Leaves move 

Plants move

Shader Released 3.0

V1.0 Released.

Added to MCPEDL

Unique Shading

Shadow Mapping

Wavy Leaves

FPS Water

Realistic Sky


Simply click on the .MCPACK File and it will Auto Install into your game then goto Resource Packs in the options menu and apply it to your game.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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174 Responses

3.69 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. cyber buster says:

    Its great,but the water doesn’t fit in with the shader,it needs to be more transparent and the shader is too dark at night.

  2. EpicPeterJohn says:

    The Nether is so dark can u fix it
    Its nice shader but Can u fix the nether its so dark i cant see anything

  3. SebastianR101 says:

    This shader is great. Though there was an issue where grass and leaves wave fast when you move (im not being rude)

  4. Mosper says:

    Hey i really love this shader, it’s just what i been looking for but i have a problem.
    I think its on purpose but inside the buldings, like a house, some blocks, my character and some entitys from addons that i use for decoration (like mizuno’s craft cit) have a really low bright, almost black. I guess its to make it more realistic bc i tried to build outside the house with the sun light and everything its normal. If its on purpose i would like to ask you if u could make the shadows and bright to look normal inside buildings, and if its not i would like to show you some screenshots.

    pd: the shader is above of my others textures packs and i also tried to increase the bight on my minecraft but nothing works

  5. AngeloWanted says:

    Man night time is just wayy too dark, it’s literally almost black and white. Can you just put the links of the earlier versions?

  6. SebastianR101 says:

    You might need to update the link to the download since you updated the shaders

  7. IShawWhale says:

    Can u guys show me where is the button for report ?
    The creator just only update version on website, 3.9 -> 3.9.1 -> 3.9.2 But the file in link download it is ver 3.3 and it update from 6.6.2020 (Lol). Do you guys think he joke all of us when just change the version on web and kept old ver on link ?

  8. mkvn31 says:

    Hey the download link is still v3.9.1, or it’s just the same ? if not please update the download link not just the website. Thank you 🙂

  9. superfox500 says:

    Hi, does this shader work with the new renderdragon engine for windows 10?

  10. SpaghettisANDPotatoes says:

    Hi creator! Just saying, I’m trying this shader on Windows 10, and I’ll give you an update if it works. You can edit your post afterwards :).

  11. Rockythemaster says:

    Bro pls make the water look like esbe 2g

  12. rikuuu33 says:

    Its easier to use linkvertise guys.
    just scroll down and click the free access button, then click “discover articles from the web” if u click it, u will see an X button on the top right corner if u click it, you will have to wait 10 or 11 seconds. After waiting click x button again and it will give u the link.

  13. Hey just wanted to know does it takes 48 hours to publish a shader I am also a shader creator?

  14. Noob Mcpe says:

    Hi Reflex MC 2 I found a bug, that bug is when I was under the torch suddenly everything was bright and when I was not under the torch suddenly everything went dark please fix the bug

  15. MCPEminecrafter says:

    Bruh. How on earth do you download this??? change the link to if you want to earn money.

  16. YungEazy2010 says:

    can you change link or teach me how to download it

  17. IShawWhale says:

    Hey guys, the shaders had updated to 3.9, why it still say v3.3 on the mediafire file . is it really updated ?

  18. Sh4downuub says:

    Are you gonna add reastic water like things in bicubic or esbe 2g? Thanks

  19. Nightblade45612 says:

    These shaders are ok, they’re just overwhelmingly bright

  20. Guest-7538662180 says:

    replex pe shaders (jk)

  21. Guest-4317712470 says:

    Hello ✌?
    I just wanted to know if you have an alternative link to the shader version 3.5.1 that you could pass me …

  22. Guest-3073681017 says:

    How do i download it?

  23. Guest-6978748391 says:

    It’s the best shader I could find and which would work in my device

    Thank you for making it possible 🙂

  24. Rokz15 says:

    Hi! I Just Want To Let You Know That There Is A Bug When The Barrier Block Goes Invisible Even If You’re Holding One In Creative Mode. By The Way Great Shaders! ?

  25. Guest-8377717199 says:

    The water is too blue.Could you make it more limpid?It will be much more better

  26. Guest-4594673249 says:

    Make a version where its not black and white at night

  27. Guest-7285396253 says:

    why does it still say v3.3 on the mediafire file? is it really updated to v3.5.1? thanks nice shaders by the way

  28. Guest-8175398073 says:

    in download only ZIP file not mcpack FIX PLEASE

  29. Guest-1514688895 says:

    It looks beautiful. Would have been nice if the soul torches, camps and lanters emite blue light.

  30. AsilZade says:

    Shader is really good ? keep up the good work

  31. Guest-8534611947 says:

    change the link to a direct link or adfly (or any shortener with less ads) you just want to fill our Android’s/iOS with malware and pop-up ads.

  32. Guest-7747990484 says:

    leaves move causing me to lagg.

  33. Guest-7755610351 says:

    I don’t know how to use link

  34. Guest-8328907445 says:


  35. Guest-1393975877 says:

    please change the link

  36. ReyHazl says:

    Is this shader works on open gls 2.0 device?

  37. Guest-1875788869 says:

    why not use adfly

  38. Anonymous says:

    The link doesn’t work.. whenever I go onto the website it just keeps pulling up different websites and a bunch of pop-up ads. Whenever I click the screen it pulls up another website, too.

  39. Guest-7265838059 says:

    i dont understand how to use your link

  40. Guest-9898984978 says:

    The MediaFire link simply doesn’t work, it says that the link was taken down because of some copyright issue. Please update or fix the link!

  41. Guest-4426689943 says:

    The link was taken down :((

  42. Guest-8327657406 says:

    DUDE the link is down!!! HELP!

  43. Guest-8255270163 says:

    can you put an ad fly link instead of this trash thing? it keeps giving me virus stuff and all those fake scam things

  44. Guest-1531527111 says:

    The download was taken down fro mmediafire dont even bother guys

  45. Guest-6544757094 says:

    the link works but after the 10 seconds countdown, it doesn’t

  46. Guest-6410667737 says:

    Sand looks like it could be a light source, water is blocky and you can not see through, window is just white. Not see through. Just white. Even the slab shadows are broken. Only good thing is that it can be with 3 or 4 addons.

  47. Guest-3359014177 says:

    i never realized that 10 seconds in your link is equal into 10 decades

  48. Guest-5826954493 says:

    what a useful shaders, now i can use sand as a light source!

  49. Guest-2681915967 says:

    Made an download link please

  50. Guest-3691126224 says:

    god, what an atrocious download link

  51. Guest-8341581469 says:


  52. Guest-3935223689 says:


  53. Guest-4636428546 says:

    Clickbait. It says zip not mcpack <:/

  54. Guest-4709556858 says:

    It says the pack is a mcpack but it is a zip

  55. Guest-3881293368 says:

    I guess it doesnt work on Samsung Galaxy A20

  56. Guest-9126056176 says:

    Yet another shader with that one problem.

    Broken slab shadows.

  57. Guest-7967868390 says:

    This very good shader pack but one problem if you are on the ground you can’t see through water which make harder to find underwater ship

  58. Guest-4684145086 says:

    Not works for android 10

  59. Guest-7577319752 says:

    This is a great shader, I use it on my Amazon fire hd 10, usually most Shaders don’t work in my tablet due to the fact it’s a VERY low end device (not sure if very low end device is a thing), but overall this shader works amazingly on my device. 1000000/10!

  60. Guest-3933329174 says:

    I like the night colours, but (am a professional photographer) the day colours are all wrong. they are way too blue to be realistic and they actually hurt my eyes.

  61. Guest-1791880557 says:

    What bad boy do not say that

  62. Guest-9166252430 says:

    His boobs

  63. Guest-3334366101 says:

    Finnally a shader that works but there is a tiny prob with it water and plant and transparent block textures are broken

  64. Guest-1553989409 says:

    Can u add actual transparent windows. Good job though.

  65. Guest-5899519931 says:

    When will u be adding the realistic water

  66. Guest-9467177251 says:

    I like it but, theres not much color and the nether is dark

  67. Guest-1178449775 says:

    When I add it to my game it only shows the sky and nothing else and I am on iOS what do I do

  68. Guest-9875230425 says:

    duplicate file detected whyyyy!!! I check it on my minecraft already it’s not in resource pack or world pack or what ever……how can this happen 🙁

  69. Guest-9211366516 says:

    Hello i was wondering if this works on Windows 10?

    • Guest-1324899816 says:

      Yes it does work I just tested it once you downloaded it open documents or wherever you saved the file to and click the minecraft icon if you hover your mouse over it it should say “open minecraft and import” or something like that. double click that and you should be good

  70. Guest-9651330748 says:

    Hello i was wondering if this works on xbox?

  71. Guest-2526600634 says:

    cant wait for moving water!!

  72. Guest-4808888572 says:

    Hey, so I tried installing it, but it failed to import. I looked at details and it said that all the details were unknown, except the file location. I don’t know what to do, got any ideas?

  73. Guest-2087580133 says:

    Amazing pack I tried it out on both Android and windows 10 and I was just wondering whether this will fully support windows 10 at some point? Anyways overall awesome pack and keep up the great work! 🙂

  74. Guest-7507255553 says:

    Do you have to stay on here and wait, or you can go to Minecraft?

  75. Guest-1841271190 says:

    It’s a beautiful pack in the pictures; however, I use Win10. Do you have any intention on updating this to that platform?

  76. Guest-5780551183 says:

    it says duplicate pack detected… even though its not existing in my fi les or minecraft

  77. AracelyPinkRose says:

    is it for low end ???

  78. Guest-3162542212 says:

    Booooooo, says duplicate detected.
    I’m unsubscribing from you

  79. Guest-9586048882 says:

    I would like to put better water that is the only “problem” on this shader, good job 😀

  80. Guest-1402554943 says:

    I agree plz fix it needs it for tinted ones too

  81. Guest-4260384540 says:

    Hmm, I’m not able to play with friends. But nice shaders! I really enjoy them.

  82. Guest-4128226548 says:

    That is just app types of messed up…

  83. Guest-9914547142 says:

    The leaves were trash and made my eyes hurt.

  84. Guest-3878120637 says:

    pretty good actually! i love it ^^ just have to ask if you can fix the plants— its a little weird when yiu look at them from an angle and they just kinda disappear

  85. Guest-5774600133 says:

    So it likely is windows 10 supported

  86. Guest-9972183229 says:

    so it says a duplicate pack was detected? :/ *thinking*

  87. Guest-7860986305 says:

    seems instresting. maybe make the clouds move? whats the recommended brightness 😀



  89. Guest-4037211699 says:

    windows are see through please fix, apart from that it looks amazing 🙂

  90. Guest-1198784934 says:

    puta cagada de mierda asqerosa no sirve para nada

  91. Keipthount says:

    Im litelary dying of laughter of the people who say something about rtx on mobile.

  92. Guest-3699353242 says:

    amazing needs better water though.

  93. Guest-4906208641 says:

    Water should be transparent

  94. Kurokawa Ryou says:

    Nice Shader Reflex! I’ll post this to YT with credits…..

  95. Guest-5810310448 says:

    Anyway you can make a separate shader with moving leaves only? If not that’s fine, I’m being picky, great shaders anyway!

  96. Guest-3622514211 says:

    just great

  97. Guest-5312516607 says:

    A bit too bright in my opion. Overall its a pretty good shader! 8.7/10.

  98. Guest-2665600412 says:

    I think it does a pretty good job for a MCPE shader.

  99. Guest-2671387819 says:

    Ray tracing laughs! Tho this could be for people that cant get ray tracing….

  100. Guest-1082419639 says:

    I haven’t tried it out yet, but does it support windows 10?

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