Published on March 15, 2022

[Remake/Concept] GoldSrc UI Pack

Important: Read carefully before download and use!And, it is highly recommended that you disable the "Screen Animations" option for more experience.By @CrisXolt Description:It is a resource pack that converts the menu UI to the HL/CS 1.6 game style UI.The design is included with "Unicode" type texts in the menus with a different font style.(Only glyph_00.png was modified, more modifications will come later)


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plzzz, update to version 1.20
i login in my bedrock account, and the "resouce pack" button didnt show up help
This comment has been removed
Boo! i aint playin on my grandma computer, btw good texture pack
Awesome pack i only found one thing you didn’t add turn education edition on button in the world settings
Just like other packs, it says it can't import. Please fix this, it really looks awesome and I wanna try it!
please updated the 1.19 or else
I just really like your UI packs but i found something to tell you:
i undrestood you cant change your resource pack until you connect to your microsoft account, you cant turn on/off split controls with the UI on and also the generating world options are limited with the UI on.
your pack are awesome dont discontinue updating the pack :)))
Hey Best UI Creator, can u pls create VDX: Console UI "Project 4dj UI Master!"
Can you replace Minecraft logo at left-down to Valve, Sierra or Half-Life logo?
Yes, in another week I will bring another update with alternative styles thanks to "subpacks".
my idea:
you can make main screen as computer desktop with icons
Yes, I will bring it as a new project in April. ;D
The main screen looks a bit too empty but other than that it looks great
Some things I want to say:

- If possible, fix the white box when you hover a button in the Settings. It doesn't look quite right for it to want to make a stylish appearance with the white box not in the center nor the same size as the original button before it gets hovered. Some words even also just gets kind of look-not-good such as the Camera Perspective selection, UI Profile, etc. which when hovered, the white box is just within the text (together with the text. Basically overlaying, but doesn't make the whole text unreadable.)
- I suggest that the yellow box that appears when you click the Camera Perspective and UI Profile menu just gets full and not seem a bit odd for it to touch the arrow. the yellow box inside is already good.
- I seem to be unable to find the GUI Scale setting. Did you purposely made this not seeable in the pack or is there a way to access it but I jsut haven't find that way?
- I think the word "Chunks" isn't too long for it to be turned into "...". As an example, right now, the Render Distance will show "24..." and not 24 Chunks. Again, I think the word "Chunks" isn't too long and still should be fine to be seeable even though it makes the text alignment not matching with the other texts nearby.
- The hovered version of the close button (the X button) isn't really visible. Maybe you can try doing something to it. Same goes with the hovering in the Play, Achievements, Dressing Room, Marketplace, Options, Exit, and cancel button when making a new world.
- In me, when pressing the Options button, less-than-a-second appearance of the default MC Win 10 wallpaper appears as well as the "Loading..." box. Maybe you can get rid of the "Loading..." box and the wallpaper used in the "Loading..." box. If needed, I can send you a slow-motion video that might explain this much better.
- The "Your friends are not playing Minecraft right now" text is too left-aligned, making the letter "Y", touching the box edge.
- The worlds to choose are not center-aligned. This include the line above it as well.
- I think redesigning the "Edit World" button (the pencil button) would be a huge good thing. It just looks not really good and matching with this theme. Maybe something a bit nostalgic edit icon.
- There is no "Create on Realms server", "Add Friend", "Join Realm" button.
- The only thing that shows in the "Friends" tab is only friends. Normally, there would be two things. "Joinable Realms" and "Joinable Friends".
- The "1.18.12" text is not aligned with the "MINECRAFT" text. It is higher by a few millimeters.
- I hope the Achievements menu gets a redesign too. As well as the Dressing Room and Marketplace menu if these things are even a possible thing to be redesigned, in a ".mcpack" file.
- The server names in the "More Servers" section is not left-aligned enough.
- The "Share" and "Remove" button is too long in the "Edit External Server" menu.
- There is too much extra space the in the "Play" menu at the bottom.
- The first picture to appear in the "List Players" section is too high, making it touching the line-edge.
- The default "Loading..." box as well as the default wallpaper also appears for a split second when exiting a world.
- The "Create New World" has a too long space in its right side.
- I think making the "Create a World" menu is fine to be a bit wider and so the text won't be "Friends of...".

~ If you want to approach me, my name is DX#3002 on Discord. It would be a huge help if I can provide screenshots for you to understand the things I've been saying, a bit better. In spite of this, this is a very impressive GUI pack that you made here :) ~