Remote Explosives Mod

The Remote Explosives Mod is a much safer and more high-tech way to explode things rather than using old fashioned TNT blocks. Plant the explosives and then stand back and use a remote block to control the timing of the explosion.

Creator: Anonymous

How to use the explosives?

Let’s say we wanted to attack the base of an enemy. To be able to access their base we need to find a way into their base. A good way to go about this is to plant some explosives at their gate.

  • Explosive (ID: 221) – 8 stone blocks + 1 gunpowder


Stand back, hide somewhere safe within sight and then place down the Remote block. Tap on the block with an empty hand to signal the explosive blocks to explode.

  • Remote (ID: 230) – 8 iron blocks + 1 gunpowder


The explosives destroyed a good chunk of their base. Now we can raid the base and take it over!



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  1. McMakers says:

    Can these support

  2. Ballistic Lizard says:

    I tried downloading this mod for minecraft pe, but it was a zip file, so I couldn’t access it as I use iOS

  3. Hengky says:

    Done ! I succesfull use this mods

  4. celte4 says:

    what mod or seed is that screen shot from?

  5. SargeanTravis says:

    You accidentally put rain instead of raid in the last sentence

  6. FloBoi says:

    So how does moderation work on this site? Is there just 1 poster/you? But you obviously give credit for the people making the content.

    • Editor says:

      It is primarily me (John) who does the posting. But sometimes I’ve got moderators who help with accepting comments and posting stuff. Currently none of them are very active. Basically they come and go as they please.

  7. RGHQ says:

    Is it for mcpe 15.4?

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