Federal Republic of Newland [Creation]

The Republic of Newland is an expansion of Ceylon City and it features a huge city with lots of modern architecture. The city appears to be extremely well planned with everything from commercial to more residential areas. It’s definitely one of the top choices if you want to experience a realistic city in Minecraft.

Creator: Miusername1, Twitter Account, Website *under new management


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30 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-4615521494 says:

    Hi, I just wanted you to know that this map is AWESOME!! Even though there’s a lot of missing buildings and cities. Umm, one question, Why is your website and twitter account unavailable anymore?? I would love to see updates on this awesome map!

  2. Everest says:

    Takes a looonngg time to download, but it’s amazing! ^u^

  3. WildTie says:

    This map is amazing! I wanted to do an apocalypse survival roleplay and this map has so many detailed features it worked out perfect!

  4. Sc2 says:

    Is there a school for *ahem* role-play purposes?

  5. Ryan Souak says:

    I cant download it

  6. iRexBot says:

    How long does this take to load in minecraft pe?

  7. CookieRules123 says:

    This actually takes a long time to download but I can’t wait to play the map! 🙂

  8. QueenFoxie764 says:

    Quite a while ago I checked out Ceylon. May I ask what important things have shown up. I really dont want to waste another 50mb or so for like 2 more builds. Ceylon/Newland has to be my favorite map, the detail is amazing.

    • Miusername1 says:

      Glad you asked! Ceylon is still the Republic of Newland. What’s special about this update is that it has vastly improved most aspects of the map. Roads were improved, new cities outside Ceylon/Lanstedt (name of the city) were made (do check them out! They’re found at a 6-lane highway passing through “the wall.” Theres also another large city Nalemgurt.

      Although there are a lot of other things in this map which would only interest older audiences, please do check aroud the map (and increase your render distance 🙂 )

  9. Rebecca says:

    This is the best map I ah e ever played in!!

  10. Ashley don't touch me says:

    I love this creation it’s so big!! THE XP THO! (Experience) Its 2000 something something
    FIVE STAR!!!!

  11. Foxgamerteev says:

    Hey guys just to let u know im a YouTuber check out foxgamerteev and my second channel also and yeah check out this map epic man keep it up

  12. Astrid Romero says:

    Nice build!

  13. XenoBaby says:

    the glowstone totally ruins it due to the fact that i use shaders, dont get me wrong, but when ur trying to make a minecraft short film / movie, and u want shaders in it, glowstone causes major lag issues, just because it is everywhere. i would go through and replace them all with see lanterns, but i just see that as a waste of time, so ill keep searching, if i truly cannot find one that doesnt use glowstone as street lights, then i will use this one, but for now, ill keep searching

    • Miusername1 says:

      Yellow is still the colour standard for most roads and highways around the world. Although I have minimized the use of Glowstone in buildings, I still use them on roads.

      Sea lanterns have this certain “texture” that, for me, looks weird, especially when set in a modern, present-day city. I have used sea lanterns as interior lighting, and beacons as park lamps.

      Unless there might be a better alternative to the sea lantern (or remove the blue edges around it…) I may change the streetlight colours.

      If you want a city that standardizes sea lanters, see NXUS MAS, but it fits more appropriately in that world due to it being set in a moderm-futuristic theme.

  14. kudly says:

    It’s unfinished

  15. Some random kid says:

    Amazing but could you please fix the glitch with the snow

    • Miusername1 says:

      This problem occured during the 0.16.0 beta updates 🙁 Hopefully mojang finds a workaround for this though, and I have absolutely no power to control this snow bug.

  16. 8xDragonx8 says:

    This is good I can make my own world with this

  17. Lolly says:

    Best map ever mansions and more

  18. Master says:

    I absolutely loved this map I was trying to find one so I could use my flash mod and this one was my top choice

  19. TheEnderFace FANS 2017 says:


  20. Hi says:

    This map is amazing but I haven’t tried it though

  21. JaythePowerful says:

    Omg I just downloaded this map bc I was really bored but it is AMAZING! So well detailed and huge and I really suggest you download it. I would say that the only bad thing is the size; heh, wutevs, this was TOTALLY WORTH DOWNLOADING! 😀

  22. Carlee says:

    Yay! First comment for the first time 😝

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