Resources Testing World [Creation]

This map is perfect in case you need a world for showcasing a texture pack or anything which is a modified resource pack. All items, blocks and mobs are included and everything is sorted in a very neat order. It could also be useful if you are designing a resource pack on your own and need a quick and easy way to look over the changes in-game.

Creator: In Nova

Important Note: Snow Golems and Iron Golems attack other mobs so they weren’t added. And the Wither Boss and Dragon causes too much lag so they weren’t added either. If any block or item was forgotten then say so in the comments!



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17 Responses

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  1. Raptor_1 says:


  2. Eriesx says:

    Great map

  3. Mason says:

    There is no concrete but aside from that I think it’s pretty much everything

  4. Logan says:

    this is really helpfull as i was trying to make my own i saw this and downloaded it

  5. tenderblocks says:

    I cant get in. It says this world is save in a higher version. How can i fix this and whoever didnt approve my comment tell me why because im hating you right now.

  6. RiceDum says:

    Lololololol I can’t believe you forgot the camera lolololol

  7. Techgenius says:

    The answer is notch

  8. Logan says:

    Does This Include All Blocks Values Aswell? Since I Am Attempting to Make A Pack Like More Prismarine Or More Blocks.

  9. xMetrix says:

    First! 😀

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is very useful
    Yayayayayaya 😁

  11. Alan Tomathy says:

    You missed armour stands!

  12. Daymine_482 says:

    Hmmmm it’s ok.

    I’m just kidding it’s best 🙂

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