Revenge Sound Pack

A bit late’s here. I know, it’s a dead meme, but i think that hearing those sounds while hitting a player or a mob is pretty funny. Don’t judge me.

Live the Revenge (Creeper Aww Man) meme now in Minecraft!

Video Demonstration:

Everything is in the video.

This Sound Pack changes some of the mobs’ sounds with the Lyrics from “Revenge“, popular meme and song made by CaptainSparklez.

You can use this sound pack in everything you want: videos, memes etc..just put credits in the description or something like that.

Changelog View more

Fixed some bugs and changed the links for problems with my shortening website.



1. Click "Download Sound Pack .mcpack"

2. Wait 5 seconds to get redirected to mediafire (the website will check your web browser first)

3. Download it

4. When the download is completed, tap on it

5. Minecraft will open up automatically and it will say "Importing Revenge Sound Pack" on the top.

6. Wait for the import to complete and then..enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14



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30 Responses

4.06 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Guest-2565274346 says:

    I Will Put Remix Also Credits To You!

  2. Anonymous says:

    creeper aw-man

  3. creepah? aww man says:

    noice addon. can you make another meme sound pack where punching sounds become ORAORAs and MUDAMUDAs from jojo? and maybe bow and arrow is ROAD ROALLER DA!!!
    it will be cool. thanks

  4. TheChichinGamer says:

    So Yes Tooooo More Update
    1.12.0 Me too and 1.12.2 so happy

  5. SomeOne says:

    Stolen from Grandayy

  6. Did just stole this from grandayy?

  7. Snake says:

    This is the true meaning of Minecraft.

  8. ItzEthanPlayz says:

    Cool pack i can do funny video with this addon!!🖒😂😂

  9. Leyland Catman says:

    I Hope This Good Cause I Have Vids To Make From

  10. I Have baes says:


  11. E says:

    I cannot download the Pack because the MediaFire Website is blocked by another Website called “” that is forcing Me to install Their VPN. How do I prevent this?

  12. BaldiTheJester says:

    Do you have a permission from grandayy?

  13. Marshyy says:

    This is amazing. But i think you need to change more of the sounds so that you hear random lyrics of the song more often.

  14. Ain’t Tellin says:

    Very Good

  15. sdfgh says:

    link is dangerous and shows innapropriate ads.

  16. Alesscreeper says:

    Awww man

  17. Tripod says:

    Is this a resource pack or a behavior pack?

  18. Creeper says:

    Awwwww mennnn

  19. You just stole this from grandayy and claimed it was yours

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