RGBY Parkour

A parkour map with 4 levels. The difficulty of the levels vary greatly, with the first one (red) being very easy and the final one (green) being very difficult.

This map will probably change your image of Minecraft parkour completely.

Pictures of the levels:

The quartz towers serve as checkpoints. Step on the pressure plate to do so.

Types of jumps included: ladder, pane, headhitters, neos, etc.

Some of the jumps are very difficult, but all are possible. In fact, this map can be a good opportunity to hone your skills.

Enjoy, and don’t rage quit.

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The file format is now .mcworld since thid site does not allow .zip submissions.


This map is in a .zip file, so you will have to unzip it. I recommend using WinZip to do so, it's much less complicated than using other apps/methods IMO.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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