RGWORLD Custom Terrain

Welcome to the RGWORLD map where you will find many beautiful mountains and incredible landscapes that combine the best of Minecraft and its beautiful custom terrain maps.

An adventure that begins in the skies with views of volcanoes and beautiful trees and stone mountain ranges.

Beautiful custom terrain map where you can find beautiful beaches, islands, volcanoes and strange islands with unique materials

Biomes that combine from deep jungle to magnificent nether on the same map and dimension

Beautiful mountains that give unique landscapes and its magnificent mines and trees that remind you of a magical and mysterious forest, you can find giant mushrooms of all kinds, but just look at the slopes of the volcano, you can find a lot of lava, remember to be careful that the volcano wants Erupt

This and much more in the magnificent custom terrain RGWORLD

The map includes :

-1 floating structure

-10 biomes

-Mine generation


-nether biomes in the overworld

– fantasy trees

-Mountain ridges

-Floating lobby

-2 dungeons

Map size:


Map creator: MarcoGamer

Team: Team TwitchTube Creators

Changelog View more

-New profile picture
-New download link (download link error fix)
-New features for map and gameplay
-Fixing errors in the field

New download link and new photos 
New description for map and new link for download


Open file and ejecute minecraft
play and playing map


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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30 Responses

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  1. WKGamer2004 says:

    Olá. Gostei muito do seu mapa. Vocês poderiam, em uma próxima atualização, aumentar um pouco o tamanho da ilha flutuante por favor?

  2. PatchTheJedi says:

    really good custom terrain

  3. Guest-2651703955 says:

    Is a good map 😛 <3

  4. Guest-1218380634 says:

    horrible one star im not paying to get a mp

  5. Qwerty123 says:

    Can you give some sort of mediafire link To download the map. I couldn’t download this map since it was just a dead end.

  6. Guest-5292642658 says:

    Just give some sort of mediafire link, I find it very difficult to download good maps when all their download links tend to lead to dead ends.

  7. Guest-4025306274 says:

    no mediafire link, one star

  8. Guest-8334499444 says:

    This download doesn’t work

  9. Guest-5839110302 says:

    Just put the mediafire link here

  10. Guest-4214975403 says:

    i think this is a poor atempt at getting discord members

  11. Guest-4095388649 says:

    the only link there is the linktervise

  12. Guest-9144519560 says:

    Cant find link in the discord, please copy link mediafire here,please

  13. Guest-4828806187 says:


  14. Guest-7970204196 says:

    looks good but cant find the mediafire link in discord

  15. Guest-2339337899 says:

    one star because I cant find the mediafire link in the discord

  16. Funky Taco says:

    Looks good

  17. Guest-3037102865 says:

    cause of link

  18. Guest-2894295892 says:

    is linkvertise really necessary? can’t you just give a mediafire link? linkvertise is a very sketchy website and I don’t have time to get viruses on my computer, so… mediafire link pls?

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