Ricardo Golem: Bedrock Edition

The legendary Ricardo Milos finally came to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! Try this impressive resource pack and you’ll never want to go back to old, boring iron golems ever again! Trust me!

First time when I wanted to download Ricardo golem resource pack, I was genuinely surprised that no-one has done it for Bedrock Edition yet. So I’ve used the opportunity to make this amazing resource pack for all of you, my lovely hamsters

First of all – the golem. New beautiful texture for them.

But wait, that’s not all! Pumpkins have also received a brand new texture to match the beautiful iron golem!

It also creates this weirdo

But hey, new textures! 😀

Also, don’t forget to check out my Twitter, as I’ll post info about upcoming updates there! And check out my other projects on my profile

Changelog View more
  • Changed golem's texture to my own
  • Changed sounds
  • Changed info


  • Click the link
  • If you chose the ad support link (thank you) wait 5 seconds and click skip ad
  • Download the .mcpack and import it to Minecraft
  • Apply it to your world of choice
  • Enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta) 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9



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40 Responses

4.78 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. RicardoFan69420 says:

    Of course out of everyone on this site it was you who made uploaded this

  2. Kaza says:

    you are a blessing in this community, Doland . keep up the great work!

  3. iiSilvertanK says:

    I don’t even need to use this texture pack to know that this is the best thing ever.

  4. Lamarplayz says:

    I meant can you add music used for the ricardo memes to music disc

  5. Angious2004 says:

    Can you update his texture so he is wearing his black boots?

  6. I'mNotHere says:

    Can you remodel snow golem more like ricardo? 🙂

  7. Angious2004 says:

    Finally Ricardo is in Minecraft PE!

  8. Angious2004 says:

    You can replace the music by introducing some files to the texture pack, like this:
    Pls change some discs for DotA and U Got That.
    And if it’s possible make the Golem dance like parrots when a music disc is played with a behavior pack.

    • Doland Dank says:

      “And if it’s possible make the Golem dance like parrots when a music disc is played with a behavior pack”
      I’ve been working on a similar feature, but for all mobs for quite some time already. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how this can be done, as this feature isn’t implemented suing behaviour pack, but rather using a resource pack

  9. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    i luv it but if the music discs were basshunter and u got that

  10. Jay says:


  11. Josh says:

    Can you do the texture of a wolf to Doge?

  12. Maverick says:

    Can you make do punch sounds everytime he attacks something? That would be really cool

  13. Balrog says:

    More memes plis this is awesome

  14. FakeAnonimous says:

    Cool!! Good idea

  15. SOme Person says:

    This is from the pewdiepack

  16. Alesscreeper says:


  17. SONICXGATO says:

    This.. put a smile in my face
    We need villager Ricardo Milos

  18. Meme man says:

    U got that make more memes for minecraft plis

  19. Lamarplayz says:

    can add u got that or dota basshunter to the music discs

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