Ride Any Mob

Getting around in Minecraft isn’t always easy. It does take a lot of effort to travel from one spot to another and so far there are no horses in Minecraft PE which can be used for transport. With the Ride Any Mob mod you will be able to ride any mob by simply hitting it. The only disadvantage so far is that you can’t control where the mob goes so you have to go wherever the mob take you.

Available Mobs

  • Pig
  • Zombie
  • Spider
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Silverfish
  • Mooshroom
  • Villager
  • Wolf
  • Sheep
  • Slime
  • Chicken
  • Skeleton
  • Cow
  • Enderman

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13 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Minecraft2009 says:

    Why does it take you to a page with codes and stuff

  2. Jedd says:

    Omg your the real creator of mcpedl please give ma a shout out

  3. MLG says:

    would it work if you download block launcher on an android and install this mod and have it on an iPad?

  4. Brocow04 says:

    When I go on download it takes me to a code page?

    I have a iPad mini ( Apple)

  5. Shikuro says:

    Use a carrot on a stick for the pig so it would run fast

  6. Jeromerockz says:

    Why do it take me to the thing when u change codes and stuff

  7. taejahnd says:

    He is the real creater

  8. Spike 62 says:

    This is AWSOME!!!!!! I have never done this before!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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