Published on February 28, 2018 (Updated on February 28, 2018)

Ride Players Add-on

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uhhh... just a question... who is "Editor" ?
Es compatible con otros complementos?
It say failed to load, do i need to turn on experimental gameplay?
try enabling experimental fetures (all features)
Guest-2247210201 May 14, 2020 at 1:05 pm
This is great for the baby mod so who ever is a adult can cary them! Just saying!
I desperately need to find this kind of thing in 1.7.10 MOD form. Plugin, this... Plugin, that... Add-on, this... Add-on, that... I have yet to find this kind of thing existing as a mod, and 1.7.10 has 90% of the best mods. I love the newer versions as much as everyone else (the new way villages work, so many blocks, combat functions, bees...) but there are some mods I always come back to that only mix on 1.7.10. All that said, all I want is for my friend and I to have player-riding-player in a LAN world (NOT A SERVER) for role play purposes alongside morphing. ... :( It's starting to seem like a dream that will never be fulfilled.
addons = mods on minecraft pe

"mods" for minecraft pe are fake or needs a third party app like BlockLauncher.
I don’t know how to get on other players... I need help
I don’t know how to get on other players...
Please Ace, Your work is so amazing. I just want you to allow us to look around while riding players. You can only look up and down when riding a player. Please fix.
I think this is semi-broken. When I ride a player, I do get on, however, I cannot look around. When I go into 3rd Person, my character looks like they are having a seizure oof. 4 stars for the concept.
i try to add the pack but it says "Missing dependency with ID "743f6949-53be-44b6-b326-398005028819" and version '0.0.1'
Ignore that. The dependency is a resource. I plan to fix this in the future.
i know right? i tricked 1 of my freinds in to useing eletra while i was on them ?
i did this a while ago and i did it so two players can ride the player because of parrot "seats" on the player. it was fun. cool mod