Ride Players Add-on

This add-on enables a new feature in-game which makes it possible to sit on the shoulders of another players. It’s really use in case that a group players need to travel a long distance, but you’re too tired to walk. Then you could just hop up on your friends’ shoulder and ride along. It’s also perfect if you want to try some acrobatic acts in Minecraft!

Creator: Aceminer46, YouTube Channel

How does it work?

Each player can hold up to four players at the same time. However, you could also do something like below. Let one player sit on another player, and then have another player sit on the second player and so on. This means you could practically ride several players on just one player.

Reach new heights!

You will stay on the player, even when they’re flying or using elytra. If you want to force a player to stop riding you, just jump in some water, and that’ll shake them off. This is a feature that could be used for role play, or just for fun!


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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Installation Guides

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25 Responses

4.41 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Hamburger says:

    Please Ace, Your work is so amazing. I just want you to allow us to look around while riding players. You can only look up and down when riding a player. Please fix.

  2. Chez says:

    funny mod xd

  3. Player says:

    I think this is semi-broken. When I ride a player, I do get on, however, I cannot look around. When I go into 3rd Person, my character looks like they are having a seizure oof. 4 stars for the concept.

  4. Xyrerris says:

    i try to add the pack but it says “Missing dependency with ID “743f6949-53be-44b6-b326-398005028819” and version ‘0.0.1’

  5. Anonymous says:

    i know right? i tricked 1 of my freinds in to useing eletra while i was on them 🤣

  6. IDPLAYER25 says:

    i did this a while ago and i did it so two players can ride the player because of parrot “seats” on the player. it was fun. cool mod

  7. blah blah blah says:

    me and my friends made a tower made of 34 player with this addon actually the real count of players was 30 but some of us got minecraft pe on another devices

  8. Mojang AB says:

    This is Mojang and I jest like to say nice

  9. Rebecca says:

    Sam here I need a tutorial of how to ride other players but besides that, this map is amazing 😉 [im only 7 years old born in 2010 on th 7th of March]

  10. Notch says:

    boring Addon

  11. Aceminer46 says:

    For those who are wondering… To ride the other player, you must tap and hold on your target. Hope this helped.

  12. Its true.... says:

    First comment

  13. Reach says:

    I’m the first one comment this addon

  14. Shellina says:

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to sit on the other player I really need it.

  15. GamerBoy says:

    This is cool btw first comment

  16. Mocking jay2007 says:

    Amazing good for when other friends go afk and need to be traveling in multiplayer

  17. bal_masque says:

    LOL! Funniest add-on I’ve seen in a long time 🤣

  18. My name is noon says:

    Wow cool

  19. LAZZA says:

    Nice work ☺️ I made a video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyXBuc2655w

  20. Codename:FluffyPenguin says:

    Lol 😆 So Funny played with feature it was so much fun.

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