Rings Of The Power Add-On

if you, like me, have always liked the idea of ​​special rings transmitting some kind of power to your user, you will love this add-on! he adds 3 types of rings that, using them, grant him speed, strength and life points effects.

The effects of the rings are only activated when you hold it in your hand, if you change to another item, it will lose its effect!


Gives you 10 life points, making you stronger and saving you in times of trouble.


grants you 6 attack points, with the same strength as the diamond sword! use it when you need to kill some mobs.


multiply your speed by 3 times, use it when you need to run faster.



(kill the cow with just 2 hits)

Changelog View more
  • Damage points with "Attack Ring" decreased
  • Life points with "Life Ring" increased 

  • attack ring strength increases (9 dmg)
  • life obtained with the life ring decreased to 8



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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34 Responses

4.11 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-9961964872 says:

    The addon is cool, but it turns useless if i cant hold it with the left hand

  2. Guest-3769046759 says:

    he y fkers, you should make this ring can hold with left hand, tht will be 5 star.

    • kingofdrago123 says:

      did you know that’s impossible? also then it would to to op… coding for bedrock is only so far its worse then java you can’t hold custom items in your left hand… and you don’t have to be so rude about it.

  3. Guest-9408401615 says:

    When I download it it says “not a valid zip archive” /:

  4. Guest-9408401615 says:

    When I download it it says “not a valid zip archive”

  5. Guest-4855616726 says:

    may Dakonblackrose use your addon for his crazycraft/ rlcraft modpack?

  6. Minecraft world edit says:

    8 dmg and 2 hits for kill a cow???I think only one hit for killing a cow

  7. Guest-9880301179 says:

    i have many ideas

    Nightvision ring
    Jump Ring
    regeneration ring
    shield ring
    food ring
    milk ring
    Boss ring: netherstar diamond blocks and a dragon head or smt like that

    • Guest-1266936253 says:

      I can’t comment for some reason so I am replying to this comment. Creator of this addon. i can not install. It doesn’t take me to the download link. It just puts me on to random websites can you please fix this thx bye

  8. Guest-9088142179 says:

    If you make an item space for the rings, it will be much cooler

  9. Guest-9541666235 says:

    SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Guest-9467698463 says:

    Checking and still ads.


  11. Guest-6468696872 says:

    you can make them spend because they are op

  12. Guest-6058569193 says:

    Those Rings are not working for me

  13. Guest-2031977232 says:

    please making a L.O.T.R.

  14. Guest-9870981119 says:

    Maybe the rings could have a custom slot?

  15. Guest-5508458476 says:

    in a future update, may you change it so the user can equip the ring on his/her hand in maybe like one of the armor slots or something letting the user have a cool accessory, still have the effects, and also be able to use another item? I will say that I am sure that would be asked by anyone who thinks of it as I did, I am sure. Please and thank you.

  16. Guest-2645572391 says:

    Hoow nows?

  17. Guest-5272940898 says:

    can you make it heldable in the left hand

  18. Anonymous says:

    No puedo descargarlo por culpa de los anuncios

  19. Guest-5481582087 says:

    In a future update can you make the rings be able to go into your off hand.

  20. Guest-3265576224 says:

    Looks amazing but it would be grateful if you remove the Ads though


    • Guest-8467887082 says:

      You do realize that these ads could very well be the only way that some of these mod makers make money, the only way no ads would benefit you is by making it 2 less clicks, but no ads for these guys might mean no money for something you worked very hard on, NOT COOL

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