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Risk is a mod where you will enter a world where death is closer than never before. Do you have what it takes to dare enter a world like this? Prove yourself simply by downloading the mod and try it out.

How does it work?

Once every 10000 ticks a Risk will happen. First off your health will drop to just one heart and then one of the following two things will happen.


There is a 50% chance that you will be automatically teleported to a dungeon. Incase this is the happening you will get a diamond chestplate added to your inventory which you should put on fast.

You’ll be closed in inside the dungeon and next waves of hordes will spawn. Once the waves are diminished you will be teleported back assumingly you have survived it. Each time you get teleported to the dungeon the mobs will have +1 in health.

Rare item: Everytime you get teleported to a dungeon there is a small chance you will get a Risk Rod which basically is a rod you can use to set the mobs on fire. Even in the most horrific situations luck can appear!

Risk Apple:

There is a 50% chance you will get a Risk Apple. If you are this lucky and eat the apple most of your health will be restored.

Rare item: When given a Risk Apple there is a 30% chance that you will also get a Risk Cookie. Just as the apple the cookie restores most of your health.

Items & Mobs

Risk Armor (chain armor): The armor gives you 6 armor points. The Risk Armor gives you the following advantages:

  • The chance is less that you are sent to a dungeon
  • If you are sent to a dungeon your health isn’t decreased
  • You have a higher chance of getting the rare items
  • If you kill an NPC it drops 4 diamonds instead of 2
  • Herobrine, Sun, Moon and the NPC’s drop their books
  • Much durability

Herobrine: Once 4500 ticks have past Herobrine will spawn close to you. Herobrine got the following features:

  • 90% health
  • Access to a fiery gem
  • He can damage as a base 2.5 hearts per attack
  • He drops 2 TNT (doesn’t happen if another Herobrine already spawned)
  • Upon killing Herobrine you have a 10% chance that he drops his firey gem. It’s an item which you can set mobs on fire with
  • If you got the Risk Armor equipped there is a good chance the Book of Engraved Time drops
  • He looks like a Zombie Pigman

NPC: Every14000 ticks an NPC will spawn. The NPC got the following features:

  • They are nice as long you don’t hurt them. If you do hurt them, they get very angry and their adrenaline starts flowing and their health get boosted by 40 hearts
  • If you kill an NPC it will drop 2 diamonds. If you kill it while wearing the Risk Armor you will get 4 diamonds
  • If you kill it with the Risk Armor it will drop Books of Reverted Times and Books of Increased Health
  • NPC’s are more rare than Herobrine
  • NPC’s base health is 30.
  • NPC’s usually hold an iron pickaxe

God Creeper: It is a very rare mob which will spawn occasionally. The God Creeper got the following features:

  • 1 health
  • If dies it will blow up 50 blocks in all directions
  • If you manage to kill it you have the chance of getting the most over powered item in the game: The Creeper Star (ID: 498)

Sun & Moon Mob: It will spawn commonly. Got the following features:

  • Passive during the day and dangerous during night.
  • If you are wearing the Risk Armor it will drop Book of Day and Book of Night
  • The moon drops sponge


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  1. AdrianVergara says:

    Why it’s just a code?

  2. The Enderface says:

    Cool addon

  3. Samsox14 says:

    I am just saying, Is there anyone ever who doesn’t know the anti-spam quiz. I mean it is so stupid:
    What’s the name of the original creator of Minecraft? Notch or Herobrine? I mean come on. if you play minecraft then the odds of you not knowing are slim to none!!!

  4. SuperMine6 says:

    I love MCPE and all but I gotta ask does anyone know why everything is for android???

  5. Pablo says:

    This is very dangerous for me that it will finish me😱

  6. jay says:

    Where do I download the zip

  7. CrafterPro says:

    Aww thanks bro

  8. CrafterPro says:

    I can’t download plz there are codes only

  9. ? says:

    What is a tick?

  10. Egh117 says:

    I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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