Ritual Magic

This addon adds 11 new entities, and 12 rituals which can be performed to spawn them. Ritual entities spawn randomly in your world, dropping a specific item on them can cause entities to spawn, structures to appear, or other effects.

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This addon adds a naturally spawning entity called a ritual, dropping specific items on it will cause different things to occur.

The items which can be dropped on this ritual are listed below, each of them will spawn at least one mob, and many of them will create a structure.

Many of these mobs are difficult to kill, so it is recommended to have an addon that adds weapons along with this addon.


Experimental gameplay is required for the rituals to work, but the mobs themselves will work with it disabled.


Supported Minecraft versions


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27 Responses

3.71 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. kingofdrago123 says:

    it dosent work my computer blocked the download coz it said there was a virus and it didnt take me to medifire ;-;

  2. Guest-2636059061 says:


  3. ElectroGamesYT says:

    Dont download! Its a virus, It downloaded somthing called “Ritual Magic Addon.exe” with a linkvertise logo.

  4. Parra says:

    I don’t understand vos ir works i throw the ítems and it doesn’t do anything help ;-;

  5. Anonymous says:

    This mod is quite well made but I just wish the altars were rarer as with the current spawn rate they litter the landscape but if they were rarer say like 5 times less often I’d give this a five as I think it would fit in quite well with survival

  6. Potato says:

    What I supposed to do with the yellow cube thing, I kill it it drops nothing, I right click it does nothing, please reply. ):

  7. Potato says:

    I’m sick of watching random spin videos but it was worth it for the mod

  8. TheCrazyCrafter says:

    May I ask you if what we see in the thumbnail (the outlined blocks) of this addon is one of the effects in the rituals, or is it a texture pack? If it’s a texture pack, can you please link it?
    I’m very interested in the block outlines.

    Great addon by the way! It adds a lot to the game, really fun to explore the different mobs and its abilities.

  9. UwU says:

    This is a good add on. Just hate it when people complain about the process into installing it. Don’t listen to them, it’s easy to do, you just need to patience.

  10. bogmomm says:

    don’t waste your time on this just want money with the shortener

  11. bogmom says:

    don’t waste your time on this just want money with the shortener

  12. tumama says:

    sem macaque

  13. Rigomortis says:

    Abit empty?

  14. No Thanks, I Do Not Want To Put It says:

    Plz make it media fire in the next update!

  15. No Thanks, I Do Not Want To Put It says:

    Any drops?

  16. Michael S. says:

    Amazing!!! Downloaded the second i saw it. My only problem is that they are way too common. Like there was 7 rituals 6 blocks apart. Other than that this is one of the best mods ive used.

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