Roblox Death Sound in Minecraft!

Make Minecraft more interesting and slightly annoying with this Add-On. The Roblox death sound will play in different pitches when certain things happen. Some of these instances include when you are hit by a different player or projectile.

Basically, whenever you take some sort of damage, you will hear the “Oof” sound from Roblox.

The Roblox death sound will play for the following events:

  • Being hit by another player or mob
  • Catching on fire
  • Being hit by projectiles
  • By taking fall damage
  • Dying due to any cause

This Add-On was created ItsDandD

My YouTube

This is a video showcase of the Add-On. You can also get a Non-Adfly link in the description:

Make sure that this resource pack is above every other one you have applied to your world or it wont work.

Changelog View more

The file size has been condensed to less then a MB.

The previous update was mistaken. The cover photo has now been updated, and does not contain someone else's content.
The cover image is now clearer as to what this mod is.


Supported Minecraft versions


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14 Responses

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  1. Guest-9592531710 says:

    its of fortnite not roblox

  2. Guest-3357321263 says:

    its the fortnite knocked noise scammed

  3. Guest-4279337033 says:

    In realms, this makes a weird sound instead of the oof. Is this not compatible with realms… and Nintendo Switch

  4. JustB00red says:

    Thank you, i wanted to change the minecraft default sound to oof sound a long time ago

  5. Guest-9311669080 says:


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