Roblox Noob Defense [PvE/Minigame] (Balance Update!)

A strange force of mobs calling themselves ‘noobs’ have come to minecraft! No one quite knows what the noobs are doing in minecraft or why they came to begin with, all we know is that they aren’t friendly. Perhaps they came here by mistake…? Anyways, it’s up to you to defend fort Minecraft from the noob invasion!

This map was inspired by similar games on the platform ‘roblox’ such as Guest Defense.

Armies of noobs will spawn overtime, depending on which gamemode is chosen.

Last long enough, and a Boss Noob will spawn! Each gamemode has its own unique boss!

Choose between 6 character classes and 3 gamemodes!

Special thanks to the following people for providing assets for this map!

Epic Boss Battle by Juhani Junkala |

Music promoted by

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License for providing the victory/defeat music!

Portal 2 Soundtrack – ‘Bombs For Throwing at You’ was used for the Guest 1337 boss fight provided the combat music and Guest 666 boss music

This map uses the ‘No Potion Particles’ resource pack made by LegoAidan10155

This map also uses assets from the roblox jump animation pack by SteveMcgamer5

you are not given permission to upload this map to any other website/app besides MCPE DL!!!

Changelog View more

I've made some balance changes to improve the gameplay experience! I have updated the behavior pack, so be sure to delete the old behaviors before downloading the world if you have the old version.

- Buffnoob summons 1 noob instead of 3

- Reduced the attack of guests from 5 to 3

- Reduced the health of giant guests from 200 to 175

- The tank class now comes with a wooden sword

- Updated class hut signs

Added Resource and Behavior packs to the world download (I appologise for this issue, if your world does not have resources/behavior packs applied to it you can now download them them separately and apply them yourself)

Fixed a bug causing Guest1337 to spawn after guest rush was lost

Game no longer starts in creative mode

Bugs related to noob rush have been fixed


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. User-8902252769 says:

    pls add events

  2. User-4092791780 says:

    pls add events

  3. a person on the internet says:

    This is epic

  4. Guest says:

    WHAT?! U expect me to kill my own kind?! All I wanted from this map was free robux

  5. billeyzambie says:

    Very fun and kinda funny just easy mode is hard to play alone, this is content we need

  6. Anonymous says:

    Waves keep coming even tho i didnt finish the last one and no health gain when damaged

  7. BaldiTheJester says:

    Wow, cool

  8. Skinnyseven7 says:

    Kewl Roblox addon

  9. Jaser314 says:

    Thank you all for your feedback, it is much appreciated! I want to appologise for the resource/behavior pack issues you have been having. I have requested to have them added separately so you can download them and apply them yourselves. I appologise for the inconvenience, this is my first map so I expected bugs to be present. I really appreciate your feedback and hope to improve this map in the future. Thank you!

  10. Sismdwjajdkw says:

    This is before i check it out and it looks lke amazing fun with friends…I have no friends lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I was so excited and this game is completely broken. Well atleast for me as the noobs wont spawn and the command blocks are giving out text and nothing is happening 🙁

  11. Unknown says:

    No resource pack

  12. jimmy says:

    He forgot to add behavior pack

  13. Anonymous says:

    Have you even played Roblox before?

  14. me says:

    i cant play it no mobs

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