Rock Stars Mod

Always wanted to become a famous rock star or do you just love music and would like to be able to experiment with it in Minecraft? Either way, this is the mod for you. It adds one drum set, two guitars, one bass and five world famous rock bands. All the intrustments can be played and offer similar functionalities to how they are played in real life.

Creator: ElKurco, Twitter Account
Updated: 9 August, 2016


Place down the drums and then tap on the chair to have a seat.

  • Drums (1999) – 3 oak wood + 3 iron ingots + 2 gold ingots
  • Stick (280) – 2 wood planks


Before you can actually play the drums you will need at least one stick. While sitting at the drum set and holding a stick long-tap the drum set and look down and a new GUI (graphical user interface) will appear.

To start playing simply hit the button depending on which drum you want to hit.


Electric Guitars

No rock band is complete without a guitar player. There are two guitars to choose from and both of them sound pretty much the same.

To play the guitar simply hold it in your hand and use the buttons on the right side of the screen to play on the guitar strings.

  • Kurt Cobain’s Guitar (2000) – 1 oak wood plank + 1 stick + 1 cyan dye + 1 oak wood + 1 rose red
  • Eddie Vedder’s Guitar (2001) – 1 oak wood plank + 1 stick + 1 bone meal + 1 oak wood + 1 ink sack


The Bass

The bass is important to keep a solid rhytm in your songs. It’s used similar to the guitars but sounds much different.

  • Gene Simon’s Bass (2002) – 1 oak wood plank ´1 stick + 1 ink sack + 1 iron ingot + 1 oak wood


Rock Bands

Arrange rock concerts with some of the most popular bands in the history of rock ‘n’ roll! The bands currently include The Beatles, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, KISS and Sex Pistols.

Place down a drum set and then tap on it with one of the CD discs to spawn the band members. Long-tap and hold your finger over one of the band members to select the song you want them to play.

rock-stars-2rock-stars-3 rock-stars-1

  • Empty Disc (2003) – 8 coal
  • Drum Set (2000) – 3 oak wood + 3 iron ingots + 2 gold ingots
  • Guitar (2001) – 1 oak wood plank + 1 stick + 3 oak wood
  • Bass (2002) – 1 oak wood plank + 1 stick + 3 oak wood
  • Nirvana CD  (2004) – 1 empty disc + 2 guitars + 1 drum set + 1 bass + 2 note blocks + 2 moss blocks
  • Pearl Jam CD (2005) – 1 empty disc + 2 guitars + 1 drum set + 1 bass + 2 note blocks + 2 sand blocks
  • KISS CD (2006) – 1 empty disc + 2 guitars + 1 drum set + 1 bass + 2 note blocks + 2 iron blocks
  • The Beatles CD (2007) – 1 empty disc + 2 guitars + 1 drum set + 1 bass + 2 note blocks + 2 oak wood planks
  • Sex Pistols CD (2008)  – 1 empty disc + 2 guitars + 1 drum set + 1 bass + 2 note blocks + 2 glass blocks

Install Guide

  1. Download the .modpkg file.
  2. Use this guide to install it. If BlockLauncher is closed after you’ve imported the .modpkg file just wait for it to load again by itself.
  3. To be on the safe side, restart BlockLauncher and then open it again and enjoy the new features in-game!


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36 Responses

4.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Veteran minecrafter says:

    Can you add queen? If you do it would be awesome and can you also make it support iOs?

  2. Slawcio says:

    When I saw that mod,I really wanted it! But,does it work on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition? If yes,how to download it?

  3. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    Hey Could You Please Add Queen Its My Most Favorite Band.I Would Be So Happy If You Will Do It.And Theyre One Of The Famous Bands On 70’s And 80’s.They Still Have A Movie.P.S. Creator Do It

  4. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    I remember using this mod back in 2016. It wasn’t too good, when i spawned them in a world i kept crouching and going back to normal position. It didn’t affect me in flying mode.

    Has anybody got the same thing?

  5. Jon says:

    Could you add piano or other instruments??? And also will this work on the latest mcpe the aquatic update?

  6. GamerBoy says:

    I am very depressed 😓

  7. Syazana says:

    This mod funny. Btw i like guitar. This mod awesome!

  8. Johnpaul xxx says:

    Add the band of

  9. HerobrinegirlHD says:

    Hey Noobs and nerds This is shut up Junks This is Suck if who made this u sucking creep nerd Jerk foolish Creation U junk ugly works!!>:) hehehhe mwhahah

  10. Ie taylor says:

    Wow it has all my fav songs

  11. AlanaGirlGamer says:

    uhh can there be a download for windows 10?

  12. Kimi says:

    are there any Microphones

  13. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t downloaded it yet but I think they should add some modern rock like MCR, black veil brides, falling in reverse, pirce the veil, or sleeping with sirens.

  14. Dominic says:

    Great 👍 best map

  15. Hannanssss says:

    Im sorry but it won’t let me download because I’m on Apple iPad PLZ make it for Apple ipad

  16. SwaTDM says:

    Can’t wait to try this!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    hello i m new can u give a link to mediafire plzzzz….becuzz in my country(india) banned adfly …..playing

  18. AlleanMCYT says:

    Nice mod 5 Stars!!!

  19. AlleanMCYT says:

    Does this works for 0.15.6? Because BL Updated

  20. Anonymous says:

    0.15.4 ?

  21. FloBoi says:

    Seen this mod passed around MCPEHub a LOT.

    • Editor says:

      The screenshots are my own though. All screenshots and text you find on are screenshots which I have got myself in-game. I am fully aware that they are being re-posted on various of sites.

  22. Georgia says:

    Does it works on MCPE Master?

  23. Sky33 says:

    No sound?

  24. Tny mvrck says:

    The drum set looks rlly awesome, that’s it, I’m trying this.

  25. karlgaming says:

    ilove it this is perfect for music lovers like me

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