Rocks+ V5 (130+ Structures) End Edition

This addon will be the start of my 3 part structure expansion to make Minecraft feel more expansive. This addon aims to add more rock ambiance around your world and also add more Structures that add subtle details to your world. (This is my distraction till I can mess around with the new objects that are coming in 1.17) 

Now with over 100+ structures (as of V2)

Now with over 120+ structures (as of V3)

Now with over 130+ structures (as of V5)

Complete (Maybe Bug Fixes if anymore updates)

Firstly I’m going to start off with a before and after.






As seen the rocks aren’t meant to be big changes but little subtle changes although some rocks are huge. 

This add-on with the guy with the squids Vanilla Variations Texture Pack

This add-on adds many biome specific rocks. As of V1, it adds your normal variety rocks and also biome specific rocks for the swamp, jungle, bee areas, taiga, mountains, and coming soon, desert, mesa, and nether variants. 


Starting with the super rare rocks are anomalies. These anomalies are random chunks of various locations spawning in the overworld. There are 5 variants. 

(Tweaked spawn chance to be even rarer) V2

(Now actually rare) V4

Crimson Forest Anamoly 

Nether Fortress Anamoly

End City Anamoly

And 2 other Overworld variants

Volcanoes and Volcanic rock/Underwater Vents

I’ve also decided to add volcanoes since they fit under the rock theme. Volcanoes and anything related to Volcanoes spawns in savannahs because they’re dry and hot. 


Volcanic Rock

Volcanic Vents (Fish dying sound)

Volcanic Rock (Underwater only)


Meteors and Asteroids are extremely rare structures that spawn in the world. They spawn in the floor and carry one ancient debris from another world. 

Jungle Specific Rocks

Since the jungle is lush and full of plant life, the rocks have to be leafy/mossy.

(Fossils now appear nearly everywhere but most commonly jungles) V2


Above Ground Fossils

Mini Jungle tree/rock combo

Taiga Specific

The Taiga also gets some love with some of the taiga specific rocks including podzol. 

Podzol Rock

Berry Bush Rock

All the Taiga Variants

Arches (Normal Variants)

Rock arches are fancy so why not include them. 

Campfire Arch (Lotf reference)

Collapsed Arch Variant 2

Tiny collapsed Arch

Desert (V2)

New desert rocks. The desert before only contained green dye and dead bushes and not much else. Now you can get a lot of bones from fossils spawning around.

Desert Cave (There is an occupied version)

2 Desert Ruins generating right next to each other

Mini Desert Rocky Oasis

Desert Lava Rock

Fossil Rock (There are many variants)

Mesa (V2)

The Mesa is already a very rare biome to find so the rocks there have to look nice and the atmosphere must be better. 

As seen cobblestone, cobblestone slabs, buttons, and dead corals will spawn around the mesa. It adds that feeling of dry but colorful feel. 

Mesa Arch 

Nether (V3)

Nether Spawning is very odd in the Nether so some rocks will spawn sometimes half in the wall or entirely in the wall or floor etc… 

One of the tiny rocks (Very odd spawn area)

Magma Top rock 

Medium-sized rock

Lava filled rock (Dug out of the wall slightly)

Crimson Top Rock (Spawns only in the Crimson Forest)

Mini Crimson Rock (Spawns in Crimson)

Nylium Rock (Quartz included)

Nylium Mini Rock 

Basalt Rocks (You know if they’re rocks because they have polished basalt in them otherwise they are way too hard to find)

End (V4)

A little amount of rocks to give room for other addons to add there prefered trees/natural stuff or structures. 

Basic Mini Rock (Say hi to the enderman)

Bigger end Rock

Some diorite infused end rocks

That’s about it for the end. My other structure addons should increase what spawns in the end.

Underground Caverns! (V4)

Shown in the world they’re created in so you actually see em.

Luscious Cavern, Has a lot of Emeralds doesn’t spawn that often though


Silverfish Caves ( 2 Silverfish spawners and a lot of coal)

Underground Desert (Spawns Everywhere Underground)

Underground Crimson Forest (You can find it in the overworld for nether materials early)

Misc (V5)

Ocean Rock (Siren Stone, Feel free to add mermaids lol)

Village shrine (Plz don’t steal)

There Are a Lot more Variants shown than here!

All Rocks

Minecraft Generation also changes up the stone into objects like granite, diorite, andesite, gravel, and/or coal, and now Quartz, Nether Gold, and Blackstone.

Structure Feature Maker from Download/Tutorial (Machine Builder)

If you’re making a video please credit/or link this page.

No Copying any of my structures without my permission! 

If you want to include this in an addon pack (or is it called a modpack?) please ask, I’m willing for you to modify the pack what so ever so it can fit your pack. 

COMPLETE (Content Wise)

This is phase 1/3 for my “Ultimate Structures Pack”

Changelog View more

Added two new structures, recommended in the comments

Fixed all the text issues and the previous version saying V3 when it was actually V4 

Please just use V5 that'll be so much easier on your brain. 

End Rocks New

Changed Anamolies spawn rate so that they are actually rare by changing the percentage to find them 1/3000.

Fixed minor spawn rates.

Nether Rocks!

New underground Caverns!

Everything's spawn rate has been greatly reduced by either 1/4 or by 1/6 (If you don't like it please download the V2)

Reduced Spawn Rates help provide space for my other upcoming structures addons!

Literally fixed the title from being v1 to version 2

Tweaked multiple rocks that previously spawned before. 

Added the arid rocks (look above) Mesa & Desert

Chest loot slightly changed 


On Adfly you want to wait past the ads or if it prompts you to turn on notifications enable it, go to the Mediafire page and then afterward go to your setting and disable the notification.  

Make sure Experimental mode is on as it is a structure addon. 

Please delete the previous version of the pack if you're updating or else it'll give you the duplicate pack error.

1.16.40 supported as I made the addon on that version but I'd need someone to confirm if it works in 1.16 betas.

If you can't access the link I can send you the direct link privately.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta) RTX Beta

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  1. Kawaii Ken says:

    Awesome addon! It would be very nice if you add some underwater rock that is related to drown.

  2. Marshm3110 says:

    Hey I’m… I had this add-on since V3 and how do I update it? I disabled the add-on from all of my world’s, and deleted it from storage, and when I reinstall it, it says V3, is this a name problem?, I don’t know if I have the new version or not (End V4), I checked to see if I downloaded the correct file and it’s the correct one but in minecraft it says V3

  3. DevastatorX5 says:

    It pretty good but can you make an All-in-one edition coz I love all structures and May I suggest a “Village rock” where basically is like a shrine for villagers and a Siren Stone(u don’t need to add mobs just put a rock in the ocean) where mermaids are said to reside.

  4. RyanExx says:

    This looks amazing! I can tell there was a lot of effort put into it.

  5. Casual_Neet says:

    Can someone help me pls?I downloaded and put the file in my behavior_pack using Zarchiver and when I open my minecraft the addon doesnt work I even extracted the mcpack to see if that works.My minecraft is also 1.16.40 so i dont know what is wrong

    • Are you on mobile? This addon has the .mcpack so that might be the reason. Also I created this addon in 1.16.4 so it should work.

      • Casual_Neet says:

        Im on android yes,i dont know why it wont let me play with the add on and everytime i load up a worl it says “atleast one of your behaviour packs didnt work” or smtn like that.anyways its not really your fault and i like the structures even though i can only see them in the pictures good job would rate 5 if i could actually test it but other than that id say its well done

  6. I hope an end themed update to be released :3

  7. MrMob757 says:

    Good job man! These new structures look amazing, but I have on suggestion. Some structures are too common and invasive, please make them rarer especialy anomalies and that bridge-like ones.

  8. FOXYTEEN13 says:

    What are the structures so I can add it my addonpack?

  9. iKorbon says:

    Well done, I love the style!

  10. TheCrystalCreeper says:

    This rocks

  11. PHANTOM-MC says:

    this is a nice addon… btw how does the spawning of the structures work? because i haven’t touched minecraft (mcpe) for 10 months straight ,and i would like to make my own structure addon 😛

  12. My dumb self forgot to update the title to V2 so yeah

  13. Wasdalt says:

    Super update! But, could you slightly reduce the spawn of objects in the next update? Too many objects 16×16 chunks

  14. Epic addon, 5 stars 😃👌

  15. Anthoan Ortizzz says:

    It is incredible! I look forward to the next updates! 💙

  16. bruh iceologer says:

    this addon (not) suck!

  17. Jamien1152 says:

    You should collaborate with the creator of “more simple structures”. You both are amazing plus I wouldn’t want your adding to conflict

  18. Are you using structure voids?

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