Rolls-Royce Trent Family: Open Dungeon & Diamonds

Turn around completely once you have spawned and walk in that direction for a while until you reach a hole in the ground that looks as seen in the image below.


Go down that hole and take a left at the lava and continue ahead through that tunnel.

Soon you should see some typical dungeon blocks on your right and a small opening which you can enter through to get to the dungeon.

The chest contains:

  • strings
  • bread loaves
  • iron ingots
  • wheat


The tunnel system is quite expansive but it doesn’t offer so many different routes so it should be fairly easy to quickly find the diamonds as promised. We don’t remember the exact location but it’s worth giving a try. Let us know in the comments if you find them.


Seed: Rolls-Royce Trent Family

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5 Responses

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  1. wallace says:

    the seed’s name is weird lol

  2. rui says:

    did anyone find diamonds?

  3. XxSnipzZ says:

    there r 2 dungeons on this seed and the other one has 2 chests

  4. looinuin says:

    Where is the seed number?

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