ROOM 20 [Redstone] [Puzzle]

ROOM 20 is a puzzle map which only works for version 0.13 for Minecraft Pocket Edition which supports redstone powered structures. There are 20 different levels in the map and in each one you will find challenges ranging from puzzles to parkour. The redstone structures are rather simple in most cases and as a result it’s not a very difficult map to complete. But there are some levels which aren’t easy, like the first level. But don’t give up, there’s always a solution for every level.

Creator: niks999

room201 room202 room203download

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10 Responses

  1. Niki1463 says:

    This map was just right for me when I played it. Apart from room 3, I completed all the levels.
    PLEASE create a sequel, PLEASE!!!!

  2. Tlapino says:

    This map is very good.
    I love this map.
    Please create sequel.

  3. MinecraftLOVeR says:

    hey give tips for room three

  4. miner says:

    I can’t find the download button

  5. Zach says:

    Cool map I love it

  6. Alonso says:

    How do you have v0.13 of minecraft pe

  7. Like mc or mcpe says:

    Thanks. By niks999 you maps so cool…pleasee make new maps redstone Hard

  8. OmarX250000 says:

    VERY COOL:-D 😀 😀

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