Rotated Planks Add-on (1.14+)

This is a small but quite a practical add-on for making patterns using wood. This add-on is pretty self-explanatory but here’s the brief abstract, it basically adds rotated versions of wooden planks (including the future ones).

👉Crafting recipes!👈 


These variants of planks are mainly used for creating patterns on wood however due to numerous limitations, adding stairs, fences, buttons, etc. is impossible. There are also rotated versions of the Crimson and Warped planks. The warped and crimson planks don’t burn and so do these. These blocks are decorational, they cannot be used for crafting.

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Converted blocks to 1.16 format


Added crafting recipes for rotated warped and crimson planks 


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
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  1. Guest-5769463053 says:

    It doesn’t say how to craft them -_-

  2. Guest-3732027983 says:

    How do I craft them? The website page for the crafting recipes is very unclear in giving instructions and it seems that I can’t use commands to get the blocks myself.

  3. Guest-2894119629 says:

    How do i craft?

  4. Guest-8975780148 says:

    Cursed images has arrived in MCPE

  5. Guest-5155262066 says:


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