Rotten Creatures (Bedrock) (Second Beta Phase)

El complemento agrega una variedad de zombies que harán que la supervivencia sea más difícil, también debo mencionar que el complemento es una recreación de un mod de Java, pero el creador rporotos lo permitió, lo cual es 100% legal, también el complemento tiene licencia, por lo que si alguien roba el la copia caerá 🙂 y hay anuncios en la descarga.


permission from the creator of the java mod so there are no problems later.

Mummy: this mob appears in the desert and attacks with beetles coming out of its mouth, so it is very dangerous, which is the old mummy with flying beetles. 

Rotten eskimo: this mob appears in the tundra, better said in the snowy biomes, it sometimes appears with a wolf or with a spear which cannot be obtained like the wolf, the wolf of the eskimo cannot be tamed is aggressive with the players, villagers and golems, when the eskimo does not have a spear it slows down and if it does it does more damage and is faster.

Swampy: this mob appears in the swamp, when it hits you it poisons you and blinds you also when it dies it releases a cloud of poison and also has a baby shape, which you have to know how to defend yourself from the mob.

Frostbitten: this mob appears in the snowy biomes and is extremely dangerous because if it hits you it immobilizes you and it will cost you to flee from it also has a frozen step, it walks in the water and also has a baby shape, when it dies it drops a new item that is frozen meat which if you eat it gives you slowness and weakness in addition to hunger, it recovers 2 thighs and if you cook it in a bonfire, oven or smoker it becomes zombie meat. 

Undead miner: this mob spawns in caves with probability, it has 4 variants which is miner A, miner B, miner C and miner M these have something in common, miner A has a low probability of appearing and has a diamond pickaxe this drops an incredible loot which was worth finding, miner B appears more likely than A this has an iron pick and drops good things, the truth is, miner C appears with a stone pick and is the most likely to find his Peak is made of stone and its drop is not very good, the truth is, the M miner is super rare to find, it appears in the table biome frequently but I have not achieved it yet, so if you are lucky you can find it, this one is characterized by having a gold peak and having a drop more different than another, it is worth mentioning that if you have looting III, the zombies will drop more things and also if the game is in difficult they will come out with enchanted beaks with good encamtaciones. 

Burned: spawn in the Nether. His crazy form can rarely spawn with a chance of 2.5%, burned can set on fire a player when he hits them. If this Mob touch the water, he turns into a Obsidian Burned. When Burned has low health, his strengh and speed increases, he also gains knockback resistance. He emits light. His crazy form has permanent knockback resistance. Rain doesn’t seems good to Burned. Cold is his nemesis. Normal Zombies now has a low chance to transform into Burned when they die in lava.

Dead Beard: Beach Biomes. (Extremely Rare). He has Knockback Resistance. If this zombie moves, he has a chance to spawn Zombie Pirates or Skeleton Pirates. When Dead Beard has low health, he takes out a tnt barrel and he will explode in 6 seconds. If he explodes, the drops don’t appear.

Inmortal: spawn all the overworld during Thunderstorm. (Extremely Rare). Except in biomes such as:




If lightning strikes him, his life is restored. He can infect/convert zombies. (Zombie turns into Zap, the new entity offspring of Immortal). When he has low health, different lightning bolt appear near him and his speed increases. Immortal moves randomly when hit. He can perform a “dash attack”. When this attack ends, his life is restored. If the thunderstorm is no longer available, Immortal loses all his “powers”.

links with more information:

petergamer XD:


For some reason it is not useful for me to post videos so I put them that way if the staff is watching, well I don’t know why I can’t put the videos.

people who participated in the project:

water: modeler and animator,

goddess: the one who asked permission from the rotten’s creator and shaper,

zAle: modeler.

Any bug tell me on my discord server and tell me about your experience with the addon and mobs.

Changelog View more

Fix the link to download, they complained to me saying that they could not download it now it is already solved

-added to burned, dead beard and immortal

-some changes were made in the addon as models in the mobs

-new items

place the image in which the java creator gave me permission so that there is no longer any problem

just change the language since they do not allow another type of language other than English and nothing else changes, which is the language


the download link


Supported Minecraft versions


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46 Responses

4.74 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. mineductions says:

    10/10 litterly just like java one of the highest quality addons on pe

  2. Metta-Neo says:

    If you ever manage to make them spawn “extremely rare”, please do not make it TOO rare, as it would be a shame to hardly ever encounter them.

  3. AngeloWanted says:

    Yo fr this is one of the coolest packs here

  4. Frazinx says:

    How did u do the mob image thing I wanna learn that too 🙁 I’m on mobile pls make a tutorial link ?

  5. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Love the Addon Hope you will update it continually hope you read my comment no problems with me 5 star ⭐️

  6. SupaPoopa says:

    Bro you said the priates were super rare to spawn?? THEY LITTERALLY SPAWN EVERYWHERE ON THE SHORE!! Every 20 blocks or so there’s another one. Not rare at all!!!

  7. vred says:

    This add-on is good, but for the item’s names add some capitals

  8. Heero says:

    Its Good, Its Really Cool But. . . .
    The Beetles Dude, they Are Too Small, Maybe Make Them Like A SilverFish Size. Also Another Problem In The Beetle, Try Putting Like A Spawn Limit, Maybe 8.
    Also The Mummy’s, Respawn Rate Is Too High, Try Making it lower.

  9. Gestober says:

    Hey can you remake any of this Addons cause thed Forge mods can’t work on MCPE
    Here are the following mods I am requesting Mowzies mod, Electrobob Wizardry ,
    Fish Undead Creatures, And Pandora’s Creatures. But please finish this mod first cause i want it so badly.

  10. Can you convert Ice and Fire mod?

  11. CubePlayer928 says:

    Img you are greate mod converter thx to the creator for let you convert his mod toan addon greate work XD

  12. AngeloWanted says:

    Yoo this actually looks cool

  13. Pekablock says:

    Epic addon I’ve never seen a minecraft java recreation addon that is working very well and there was a a problem we’re the black beard spawn alot in the beach biomes i would suggest reducing the frequency of that mobs spawn books the mob is a big challenge and a huge reward plz fix it by the way the mobs textures are very cool and thanks to who created the mod 10/10

  14. When will the update reach its last update? I don’t feel like deleting the old version and downloading the new version over and over again…

  15. Finally! I found perfectly more zombies addon for survival! moreover i very love about frostbitten texture

  16. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Hey could you ask mowzies mobs creator to give you permission to use his mod?

  17. xXSuperZapXx says:

    Hey, just one question: are these mobs natruly generated? I just wanna do a suvival world with the addon on.

  18. Great job for porting this mod whilst respecting the original author. ?

  19. MouthGod says:

    YOOOOO this is Bluepilled and based. I really wish that there are more java mods turn into bedrock Addon

  20. Davifc says:

    Ok this is cool since i also have java and rotten creatures is a great mod the only problem is how the mod page is presented could you ask permission to the creator to let you use the same images and text in the curse mod page?

    But yeah hope you can fully port this master piece of rotten monster for the bedrock community since we don’t get great add ons most of the time!

    • Thanks, the creator I have already told him if something happens, it is solved without any difficulty, he and I spoke with him several times he even said to put the link of the bedrock mod when it is finished on the curseforge page so there will be no problems

  21. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Recuerdo la primera ves que vi este mod en java, dije me copiaron la idea del ahogado pirata y luego dije al menos esta mas épico que el mio xd
    buen port a bedrock, saludos, 4 estrellas

  22. ESTEBAN1303YT says:

    Felicidades peter alfin lograste que te lo aceptaran

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