RP Shader

Hello this is a shader which give you best lighting experience and very helpful shader for those who want to play survival with shaders.It works also on low and mid end devices  


1)Best lighting 

2)Cave lighting (blue light flight)

3)Block shadows

4)Sun beam on sunrise/sunset

5)Torch lighting

6)Waving leaves and water

7)Transparent water 

8) Realistic nether

9)Realistic clouds(remastered version)

10)Wet effect(remastered version)


KK3310 for shader tutorial


Hope you like my shader😀

Changelog View more

A new version with many fixes and features


1)Wet effect

2)Realistic clouds

3)More beautiful sun

4)Wet effect

5)Bug fixes

New features 

1)Volumetric clouds

2)Realistic sun

3)Connected and clear glasses

4)Outlined ores

1)Added more details

2)Added credit section and made it more informative.


Supported Minecraft versions




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41 Responses

4.64 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Popularmodsmcpe1382 says:

    Wow, nice shader, next time, I will upload 10 most beautiful shader in MCPE!

  2. Black Entity says:

    I’ve always wanted this kind of shader perfect on everything nice Job 😀 btw does this work on pc?

  3. DRAGONBOYGG says:

    thanks for the remastered,i love this shader alot and now i can play with shader with no framing 🙂

  4. RockeyLabs says:

    New version RP Shader-Remastered is out with new features and bug fixes Download it and also it will run on low end devices at good fps

  5. CubosMc says:

    Hello, how such a friend, I would like to publish this marvelous sahder on my Freinercraft website, I will give you the credits, I will give you the url so that you can take a look at what you think

  6. Hello guys you can download Rp shader v2 0 if you have medium end to high end device because it contain many features new.
    BUT THOSE WHO has low end devices download previous version because v2.0 may lag on low end devices

  7. YCComeds says:

    Won’t work in multiplayer worlds with addons but it’s cool

  8. charly212004 says:

    i really like it, i hate the fact it does not work on windows 10, but for android is beatiful

  9. Hello guys new version is coming of RP Shader in which new features will be added.For more information and to get the pack earlier than here join my discord server

  10. Toasty_ says:

    I swear. Pe shaders be lookin better than most pc shaders

  11. luke20beat says:

    su console funziona ??????

  12. Blackviper2900 says:

    it looks good have not try it yet but looks good does 5he torch light if you hold it

  13. LeviAckerman says:

    doesn’t work!

  14. Zarr says:

    It doesn’t work on Win 1o Bedrock, and only partially on Andriod Devices.

  15. Is there a possibility to remove the waving leaves/water feature?. It lags my game.

    But, it’s a great shader

    • Thanks for review andYea there just open rp shader folder>go to shades then >open glsl>open renderchunk.vertex file and go to 69 serial number there you find green plant and water titles just remove their under part and save it.U need code editor app I use acode editor you can use that if you don’t have

  16. Hello guys hope you like my shader😀❤

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