RPG Weaponry

All games have there weaknesses and strengths and various weapon choices are not one of its strengths this weapon mod adds 10 types of weapons so far 7 material and 3 items 

Making a total of 70 weapons so far next update will be 90 weapons in all

To start these are the items these are what the items will be for the next few updates Since I don’t want to altar vanilla too much

The bottom two are work in progress and currently don’t have a function yet

(weapons)these will not change much in design but new materials will be added an maybe some new weapon types

New shield recipe

Wood weapons have been added 

in game photos With John Smith legacy texture :

This is the flint hatchet not really useful in just this addon it’s more for progression craft

Stripped log recipe

Changelog View more

Fixed a bunch of bugs that cause lag

•changed shield recipe

•added durability

•changed flint hatchet -pretty much was useless 

•Added Netherite weapons

•added Diamond weapons

• finally logged into my account again  

•Added golden weapons

•added flint hatchet 

•fixed some issues with some katanas not giving you haste and Changing daggers from haste to speed

•Added stone and iron weaponry

•fixed anti shield slowness( if you use a shield and a weapon you don’t get the slowness of the shield) 

•added images for some crafting recipes

•Added in game photos 

Hopefully this gets accepted 

next update soon


Supported Minecraft versions


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65 Responses

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  1. PrestigePlayz says:

    So, since you said that the flint hatchet is for the Profession Craft Addon, does that mean once I play both addons together, instead of using flint to craft planks, I have to use the flint hatchet to do it?

  2. PrestigePlayz says:

    Hello there, I played with it a lot and I really really like it! Can I have permission to edit your addon? I plan to make a modpack using your addon. Can I have the permission to do so?

  3. PrestigePlayz says:

    I would say this add-on is amazing. Is it okay to make an update on increasing the attacks on the weapons? Instead of .number, make it 1.0 and above. I’d say that would be better.

  4. Dada878 says:

    What did you made it with …?

  5. Rohdog says:

    It seems to be downloading fine but i go into my game and i cant craft anything. I play on windows 10 edition btw. i was going to use this for my realm.

  6. ClenchFrame says:

    I dont really know how to get this working. I tried creating the plant fiber and the hilt in survival with everything on but for some reason wont work. Please help

    • Things that could be messing up
      • you are on the 1.16 beta
      • you didn’t add the addon
      • another addon is interfering with it
      • you aren’t in experimental gameplay
      • it is crafting but you didn’t install the texturepack so it’s invisible
      Other than that idk

  7. I am a idiot I made the flint hatchet require a crafting table
    However the stripped logs are used to make a crafting table in progression craft

  8. Btw there has been an error that doesn’t update the cover photo of the addon so currently we are up to netherite

  9. LocalFace1094 says:

    Pls change the wooden shield recipes, make like this:
    And the stone, iron, gold, and diamond is upgraded version of wooden shield.
    And make fire and ice weapon, the fire weapon set enemy on fire, and ice weapon make enemy get slowness. To make ice or fire weapon like:
    W=any type of weapon
    B=fire In the bottle or ice in bottle
    To make fire or ice in the bottle is:
    l=ice ore magma block
    B=lava or water bucket
    b=glass bottle.

  10. king turkey roblox says:


  11. Thuris4x says:

    Great addon. Can you add bows and crossbows in the future?

  12. Lol I got logged out of my account but it fixed itself Anyway this is probably the fastest updated addon but that’s the price I have to pay For uploading an unfinished addon

  13. Gouzei says:

    Hello, I think your work is very good, there are very few such excellent behavior packages in China, so I want to translate it into Chinese to facilitate Chinese players to play, so that you can also get higher downloads.If you agree, please add my Discord tag:Gouzei#0132

  14. xEDWARDSZz says:

    Your mod is perfect! I installed it on xbox, everything works fine, but the damage of the weapons dosent really Work. Did i something wrong? Btw i have installed bedrockplus mod.

    • Yeah it’s something that MCPE has an issue with but you can’t use 2 weapon, armor, gun, addons unless you make them a modpack
      This goes for all weapon addons
      Only one of them will work so the one you put on top will work
      So because bedrock plus has weapons if mine isn’t on top bedrock plus weapons will work instead of mine

      • It’s something java players have that we don’t they can install a bunch of weapon mods and we can only use multiple in modpacks

        • xEDWARDSZz says:

          Aaah, okay i will put your mod to the top. Bedrock Plus is just for more mobs and difficult.
          But anyway great mod! Would be great to see it on the Marketplace. I hope in Future we will use mods like the Java Edition.
          Sorry for my Broken english

          • Market place is for skin packs, texture packs, and maps
            Not addons unfortunately
            However getting paid for this addon isn’t my top priority
            Is sorta a hobby for now

  15. PrestigePlayz says:

    Love the addon, can I know what damage is the Rapier?

  16. The VynuX says:

    I have problems with this addon. Weapons’ textures don’t even load, they don’t deal any damage. And it won’t work with the Progression Craft addon. Everything I said was tested without other addon, and with experimental gameplay on.

  17. Also I forgot to update the beginning currently there are 40 weapons, 4 materials and next update will have 50 weapons and 5 materials

  18. PrestigePlayz says:

    Hello there, I was wandering when will there be an update to use vanilla materials to craft the weapons? Because I would like to ask permission to use your addon to recreate RLCraft (if you know what RLCraft is).

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