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||RPS Shader||

Since render dragon came to all computers this made the shader obsolete on those devices so that the shader will be canceled forever if you are a phone player enjoy those last days since soon shaders like this will stop working on those devices very soon thanks for using RPS Shader it was a great help that you allan used it or shared it with your friends making us say goodbye to the shader – RPS Studio Originals

The reason I released this shader is because people asked me to release a texture pack with the shaders that I developed for the fall pack and winter pack, so today I am bringing you the shaders that people have asked me a lot. .

[shh ask your friends if they like to download it 🙂 ]

Get ready to see how realistic your game will be using these shaders, just scroll down and you will see the magic of RPS Shader shaders

[note: some cell phones may not work very well, some may have a negative reaction on some phones]

🎉Thanks for the 40k downloads I hope you liked this beta project that I made for you❤🎉

||Social Networks||

Discord- RPS Studio#1356

Discord- RPS Community-

Youtube- Y4H1RX 11

Twitter- @Rps_Studio_MC


in some cell phones this shader may not work, despite having a high-resource phone it still won’t work since mojand has not added support for shaders with special functions to those devices, if you are one of the people who does not work download the backup version is not the same as the shader but at least you have an excellent shader equal to this version


we don’t want to see you disappointed for not having this shader, that’s why it’s better to download the backup version if the normal version doesn’t work for you


||Video Trailer||

Changelog View more

There are no changes, just add a few words in the description about what happened

New Linkvertice - v5

New rain texture - v5

Bug fixed

In this version there were no changes, the only thing that happened was that the shader had a big error when loading and made everything invisible


-New big change in the water now has different colors when being in different biomes

-Now the water is more visible than before

-The last update of cell phone support arrived and the result was 87% since I could not support different cell phones since they do not have support for shaders with new modifications that is why you have to read the description above so that know which is the shader that you can download when the normal version fails you

-New sun and moon effect

-New rain and beta particles

-New change when being at night

-Bug Fixed-

-Fixed the bug where when it was getting dark everything turned orange

-Fixed the problem where some cell phones when using the shader in a world crashed the game

-Solves the problem with water

-The problem with particles is solved

-Coming Soon-

-Reflection in the water

-player shadow


New lighting in the shader will now look brighter

New aquatic effect

New rain sound

The sun and the moon were added to the skybox since due to an error it did not appear

New dark effect in caves or at night or when it is raining

New shadow change on mobs | now they glow and darken from some sides


If you want the shader to come out you have to activate the sophisticated graphics function

Note:this is mandatory to enable on some mobile devices

-Bug Fixed-

Fixed a bug where this shader was invisible or black on some devices

Fixed the error in which the sun and the moon did not rise

support is added to more mobile devices and low-resource computers

fixed a bug where some animals were invisible

-Coming Soon-

-Reflection in the water

-player shadow

-more realistic sun reflections


-New Water [more transparent]

-New change in rain and snow

-New change in the sun when it is about to set

-New change when it gets dark it looks darker and more realistic [you can download version 2.0 if you don't like this change]

-New stars in the sky [with: the stars can only be noticed more if it is at night]

-New change in caves and lava when you are inside outside a mine

-Bug Fixed-

-Fixed the problem that when you get into the water the heads or conduit would come out of the inventory due to an error in the water
-Fixed bug where beds turn yellow when sky darkens
-fixed the bug where on some devices the shader was invisible
-fixed bug where entities turn white at night and when it rained

-Coming Soon-

-Reflection in the water
-player shadow
-more realistic sun reflections

Modern Big Update

1 - New Light

2 - New Rain and snow

3 - New Water effect

4 - New colormap and more

5 - Bug fixed


Guide how to install it


1 - Choose which one you want to download the version of supports the creator or direct ink

2 - download the file [In linkvertise, wait 10 seconds and then you have to see the ads that are there, then you have to continue and you have to go to the download link]

3 - open the file you downloaded then start minecraft and enjoy the package


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 Discontinued / Outdated



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34 Responses

4.35 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Pandorun678 says:

    Cuando me pongo el shader mi mundo desaparece totalmente, por favor arreglen esto, y no dejen abandonado este proyecto

  2. IJG2010 says:

    Hi Can I Use this shader for a zoo map that im making.
    I will Give Credit

  3. BeeAltaria says:

    Torches were so bright during day, it’s make my eyes hurt because of the brightness, it would be better if you tone down the torches a lil bit.

  4. SansOnGaming says:

    It was fixed

  5. D3vith says:

    Guys, I was trying to support you with the linkvertise link, but apparently it didn’t work. It leads you to the main page of linkvertise, try to fix it so you can receive support from us :3

  6. Zenitsuツ says:

    This shader looks like the Zebra Shader! The water looks so beautiful!!! Omg this is such a pretty Shader,I love how you added both of Winter and Autumn pack! Tysm! ❤️

  7. JohnP19 says:

    Hey, I really like the shader… But, if you could add a “no water tweaks” version, that would be really helpful. And with the “no water tweaks” version if you could make the water less clear and maybe add a “wave” animation, that would be great.

  8. DArmPolG says:

    Hi, this shader is amazing, one of the best I’ve used. But I was messing around in the folder and saw that there was on “options” file, I tried to use it but didn’t work. Can you maybe tell me how or is it in progress because I have no idea. It also mentions that ore will glow but doesn’t it would be appreciated if you respond. Thank You!

  9. RPS Studio says:

    Thank you all for your comments I will fix the shader as soon as possible the next update will be a hotfix of the beta shader if you find a bug report it here please

  10. RethouGh says:

    Hmmmm this shader looks like good

  11. TioKin says:

    Everything is invisible when I enter my worlds, I will change my feedback if you fix it.

  12. SteveEmeraldClaw says:

    I like this though I can’t see the sun or the moon for some reason.

  13. Trouble Clev says:

    is it working for win10 edition?

  14. Very well done, though I have found a few problems that I have encountered:

    -Soul Torches wave around like the leaves, grass, ect.
    -The water is a bit too transparent (Personal Preference)
    -The tall grass separates itself from the bottom part

    Over all, it works extremely well. I do like how you implicated lighting that comes off from the Sea Pickle along with the sky going in circles.

    Please continue your work 🙂

  15. Lithout says:

    Is it a way to disable some features to prevent lag?

  16. DoguiSCA says:

    Muy bueno para dispositivos débiles, me encanto.
    Te recomendaría quitar la skybox, pero así está bien.

  17. Siberian Wolf says:

    me gusto el shader 10 de 10

  18. nukiwastaken says:

    really REALLY nice! but i wish the water did the wavy thing

  19. silel Vox says:

    for low end devices this shader does a decent job for my device a prefer a elegant shader

  20. J4k3 Lecias Phシ says:

    Not so bad

  21. CLOUD MCPE says:

    Is This Shader Works On Low End Device?
    if its not… Make A low Version
    if its yes… Dont Make A Low Version
    But If It Lags… Make A Low Version

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