RS Smart Modern House Super Ultra [Redstone]

This map features a relatively small house but with much more to show. There are over 60 redstone creations and together they use more than 500 command blocks. This is by no means your typical house but it’s actually most likely the best and most optimized house you can get for both survival and creative mode.

Creator: M7MoGameR


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138 Responses

4.64 / 5 (86 votes)
  1. Anti MediaFire says:

    Hello, Can you Switch to MCPEDL or DROPBOX? MediaFire is Blocked

  2. ElectroGamer_1923 says:

    Hello everyone, I say that this house is beautiful, and download it, this beautiful, at first I got confused (I do not speak much English and this in with the google translator) in everything I said, by the way be careful with a chest that throws you a lightning bolt when you open it, it’s beautiful the map I loved

  3. Lyla says:

    Hi my name is lyla and I think this map is going to be Beautiful

  4. OLZ TDP says:

    Hello I havn’t played this but I think it’s really cool anyway yo fam sup watch’a Been doing today man

  5. Alexander says:

    Can anyone help me,I have this problem where once I click on the .mcworld it brings up Minecraft[windows 10 edition] and says its importing, then all of a sudden it says it failed, I tried the .zip and fallowed all instructions and it still doesn’t work, this computer is new so I don’t know if its the link or just minecraft

  6. Do you gay and a knuckles says:

    I think I found da WAE

  7. Katherine Wasylucha says:

    I LOVE this map, but some of the doors are buggy and don’t work

  8. GeoffPlaysMC says:

    Can I Adopt the map?

  9. Wrigley Bailey says:

    What’s the passwords for the super combination??

  10. ADFGaming says:

    Awesome for PE! Make more!

  11. Greg says:

    what was the command you used to super-enchant that sword and the totem of undying? I NEED TO KNOW

  12. gorm says:

    this dosent work

  13. Ivan Zheng says:

    Great Map!
    One thing though, how do you close the front gate?

  14. Dana says:

    I loveeeeeee everything about the map!!! But one problem… for some reason every phew minutes or so I hear creepy and horrifying sounds near the farming area thing 😱😭 am i the only one with this problem?… 😓

  15. Vynall Dash says:

    Please tell me the super lock combo! I’ve been trying for hours!!

  16. Enderminecraft says:

    Great work 👍

  17. Aiden says:

    ITS AWESOME but I can’t get in

  18. tyler says:

    what is the super combination lock code

  19. Meena says:

    MgMoGameR hats off for making such a great house. Very superrr. Make another map also. I am very eagerly waiting to download next map of yours.

  20. EmmaNOTABOT says:

    I’ve played three of your maps, and I love each and every one of them!! You are, by far, the best creator I’ve seen yet! Thanks for making these for us!!😃

  21. thatsoupguy says:

    looked pretty cool too bad its fake and all the people that left comments are bots :/

  22. Frostbye464 says:

    Amazing love it love it live it!!!!! All of m7mos gamers maps are the best maps ever. Best builder ever, recommendations are hidden command block and redstone bunker, and another redstone and command block mansion with seceded rooms. Thank you sooo much soooo much fun and thank you for the effort ou put into these maps:))))

  23. GREEN STEVE says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey dude i love your map ITS the best map i have seen but some of the doors doesn’t work plz chek IT out underground

  25. The iron crafter says:

    This is the most perfect thing I have ever played!!!!!!!!

  26. ppk says:

    The Best map

  27. mrs Justin bieber says:

    Nice map

  28. Lily says:


  29. John.g says:

    Please m7mogamer make another house like this using a heck lot of redstone. I played this and loved it . Pls make another one quickly

    • M7MoGameR says:

      Look like you loved this map well wait this 2018 I,ll upload the new map it well be super AMAZING, JUST WAIT FOR IT!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude is it normal to hear footsteps and doors open and close when I’m in the game alone? Apart from that, the map is amazing! I could live in that house for ever and not get bored of it

      • jeb_ says:

        on the dance thingy can you put old town road pls or maybe roses by juice wrld???

  30. ItsJohnPlayzMC says:

    I Like The Texture Pack Soo Can We Download It But We Can’t Why I Like The Texture Pack Soo Please Add It

  31. Miles Marzano says:

    Hi im miles i love a command house thank for creating this map

  32. CuteNarwhal says:

    i can’t import it into minecraft. it says “level import failed” i am on windows 10.

  33. AzkaCS674_ says:

    Great bro such a great map

  34. Kent Jeff says:

    This is the most coolest map ep I’ve ever played 😍😍😍
    Make more please

  35. JJ loves banners says:

    Awesome 1000% recommendation

  36. Enderson says:

    Where’s the Secret Door?

  37. Jo says:

    I can’t import it after download please help!!

  38. Krystine says:

    Please help I turned off the music downstairs but when I go back to the house the music randomly plays!

  39. arian torkzadeh says:

    The music really works!.

  40. Drago says:

    Why is not it working?

  41. Anounymous says:

    Wow How Could I Download A Zip File Of This Map Everytime I Click The link it sending me to a blank page

  42. Cjay says:

    It work from me hahaha my version is 1’2’3 and lag

  43. iiDunkin_Donutsii says:

    The media fire link doesn’t work for me.But it looks like a really good map!

  44. Fidgettart14 says:

    Such a great map! And it actually works!!! But there’s one thing, when I went to download it again it said os etching about copyright? :\ I really want it again, please fix this

  45. Luke says:

    That map was incredible!!!

  46. A Minecraft Player says:

    Do this work for hope it is

  47. beast says:

    lol good map

  48. Stiz says:

    That was the BEST!!! Map I have ever played or seen played. Please please please make more it excited me the entire time I explored and played it.

    • Anayumons says:

      Why put BEST with exclamation points behind it when you weren’t finished with the sentence? Usually I’d ignore it but when I read it I couldn’t stand it.

  49. Pickle Rick says:

    yea great map

  50. hi says:

    .mcworld is broken. says it is copyright

  51. Koko says:

    Why the 4 musics in the dance room won’t work? How does it work plzzz tell me I love this map

  52. Aria says:

    What texture pack are you using?

  53. Rui says:

    The map is great but the Redstone is a bit broken

  54. Anon pls says:

    Whenever it imports to minecraft is says import failed.

  55. Jacob Uyco says:

    So cool make more music

  56. Spammer says:

    Minecraft story right now we are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the are the lol

  57. Phrisca says:

    At The room to sleep, I can’t get inside then the elevator near the bed room no work, the gate i need to find the hopper to open it so i must destroy the elevator and remake the bed room so anyone didn’t notice the error at my game

  58. Smash maker best says:

    Best map ever it is so cool! Please make more of them love it!

  59. AdenPvP_ says:

    This Map is awesome there are some redstone issues but otherwise its amazing 😀

  60. Anonymous says:

    It’s copyrightblocked

  61. Course_Dirt_Lover says:

    Can you post the texture pack??? I haven’t found one with suck good grass and water!!!

  62. AstroDude says:

    That’s a cool concept…..
    Please try to make it suitable for low-rnd devices!! I’ve tried on both high-end and low-end and it lags soo bad on the low-end ones!

  63. Cyril says:

    Wat is the texture pack thank you please let me know

  64. AshleyRoseFlower says:

    Soooooooooo gooooooood

  65. Anonymous says:

    I can not download it but looks fun

  66. AJBcat says:

    I accidentally exploded it but I’m re downloading it now

  67. HomieKidYouTube says:

    Dear Creator, My Friend Said You should add Alan Walker – Alone
    To the mini game music area! Please do this soon Thanks For Your Support! From,

  68. Foxgamerteev says:


  69. Charles says:

    Thank you for upload the map just in time for my birthday

  70. F H says:

    Awesome Map! 5 Stars! I spent maybe about 30 min just in the disco room because the music was AWESOME! I love NCS as well and the map looks even better with SSPE 8.2 shaders (I prefer 8.2), also, how did you even get the custom music?

  71. Emily says:

    Great creation super cool!

  72. ~Hannah~ says:


  73. Anonymous says:


  74. Jake PlayzMC says:

    Link isn’t working!I want this map so bad

  75. Raven F. Dizon says:

    Because it’s to much redstone or mobs you can type in command block

    /Kill @e
    And set your game in peaceful

  76. Raven F. Dizon says:

    Wow awesome map it’s over 500 command blocks

  77. Magnus says:

    The potion room the secret entrance dont work

  78. Cyril says:

    Wats the texture the map is so cool I’d like to know Wat texture dodu use

  79. Modulusk says:

    Can i use this in my top 10 best houses?

  80. Alpaca2557 says:

    It’s a good map it would of taken lots of effort but you should make more stuff like this.

  81. Anonymous says:

    To much lag, but it looks great

  82. BroodyHarmony90 says:

    I love this map. It’s truely amazing. I love the dance floor too

  83. Gabe says:

    I absolutely love it but it lags sooooo much can ya reduce the lag alot

  84. Coarl24 says:

    Ya boi love it best map ever

  85. jasonbegue974 says:

    Hello impossible to install minecraft corrected thanks her as quickly as possible.

  86. JAY says:

    It looked cool but the map crashed every time I got past the intro

  87. BestCypress66 says:

    Awesome map! I love it! I give it full stars. And I still exploring it! Oh and can you update it to have the super combo lock code?

  88. EnderCoolIndo says:

    this work for 1.1.5?

  89. Justin says:

    I loved this map!! Only one thing, can you link the download for the texture pack because I love it

  90. Jason says:

    I just want to say, M7MoGameR you have created a map that is better than all others(in my opinion) you obviously put your heart into spending 5 months to build this map, it is by far my favourite! I took me a good hour to even see everything. there is just so much! The decoration is AMAZING! You are so creative with the minigames,discos and showers! How people make things like this is incredible!This was my favourite map to explore and I’ll b sure to tell my friends about it!

  91. Ghost255 says:

    OMG I’ve played hours already this is the best map I’ve played and I’ve played about 300 or so maps I have to give 5 stars but I few things went wrong near the fountain one of the staircases don’t have stairs and the other is it’s to good I have a few questions too how did you get Colton music how did u make insane enchants and how are you so good with redstone I’m not bad myself but this is the best I’ve ever seen it must have taken forever THANK YOU for this map mayby you could update when beta is realeased that would be great


  92. Anonymous says:

    I loved your map It’s the best map I ever played I can’t believe how much time you spent in making it

  93. Anonymous says:

    How to close the gate?

  94. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t play it!!! too much laggg so bad rating 😞

  95. Flamey says:

    how do u get the custom music?? It was awesome

  96. Mr. Meeno says:

    Keeps crashing for me so I can’t play it but looks fun

  97. ElfGirl124 says:

    This is the best redstone map ever! I don’t know how you made that house but it’s so AWESOME! Best map ever! My favorite part was the music. It was actually real songs! On the rating I would rate 100! Great job!

  98. Ciasteczek says:

    Omg! Super map! I wanna Ask one thing-how make music play like on disco?

  99. ricky is sticky says:

    havnt seen it yet but it looks really good

  100. Anonymous says:

    Link button doesn’t work for me….

  101. Gamerz says:

    Great MAAP!!

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