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Rubix Cube! (By Better United)

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? What about a Rubix cube? Do you think solving one in Minecraft will be easy and want bragging rights? Test your skills on this working Rubix cube and find out.

Made By: TGC (Twitter, YT) || Zer0 (Twitter, YT) || OtO (YT) || Sammy (Twitter, YT) ||

Meet the Blocks

This Rubix cube is really easy to use. There are 4 custom blocks, and each does something different when placed on the cube.

-The Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise Blocks will rotate the side they're placed on in their specified direction.

-The Scramble Block will scramble the cube. It may take a while to fully scramble it. Place it down again and wait a few seconds to stop it.

-If you want to reset it back to its solved state, place down the Reset Cube.

Meet the Blocks Video!

Additional Facts/Info

~This map was inspired by a video by SethBling, which was uploaded to YouTube on September 21, 2013

~There were 4 people in total that worked on this project!

  • Sammy- Textures

  • Zer0- Kickstarter (Had the idea for the map), Command block and Restone work.

  • 0t0- Command blocks

  • TGC- Map Art, Meet the Blocks video, Webpage art, and webpage designer.

-Yes, we at Better United decided on the name "Rubix" for overall style and to stand out from other maps that might involve Rubiks Cubes. (that explains the odd name)

Bigger Projects are coming!

Our newest big project is out! Visit it here!

We are officially starting drafting and building on more maps!

It will be a huge step for the team and we already have the next two months planned out as well, many more updates about what we are making will be posted on our social media!

This project may seem simple but it is really unique and interesting on how everything operates overall, so, take a good look outside of this map if you want! Enjoy!

Terms of Use

-Don't reupload this map on any other map-related websites

-You can showcase and play this map on YouTube and Twitch! (Just have proper credit)

-Don't claim this map as your own.

Select version for changelog:


>Updated the map page to give it some general touchups.


The download links are Adfly free! Yay!

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4.55 / 5 (11 votes)
Who knew people could say "Rubix" and slap it on an image before realizing they've spelt it wrong.
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they misspelled it to avoid copyright problems with erno rubik, creator of the Rubik's Cube
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When I download this and try to import it to Minecraft it says Import Failed. What do I do?
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As someone who is among the sub 12 group of people, I can say that this is amazing.
Command blocks really are fascinating.
There are some other features I would add but those are just features speedcubers would use.
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Wow the command blocks that was used in this im excited to see your other projects
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Can you put the white side at the bottom? Its harder to solve because most people like me solves the cube with the white side at the bottom face. Thanks in advance!
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That looks cool im on xbox
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i made a video on this, itll be posted
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It’s kinda complicated.. but Cool!
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great map, i like it, although I wish there was a block that rotated only the center pieces, many algorithms use that movement and would make it faster to solve the cube
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Great to hear your feedback

The reason we did that is to make it simpler for everyone to use. That, and it allowed us to use far less command blocks. However, I will pass your feedback along to the rest of the team

- Zer0 (from the Better United team)
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Im a cuber, i solve cubes a lot, my average time solving these are around 20 secs, and this is perfect
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My pb is about 25secs?
4 stars because it is '"Rubik's", not "Rubix"
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Your not wrong and we are aware Haha, It was mostly named Rubix for a style choice for the Banner Image and to keep it unique and separated from other maps that could pop up similar to ours ~TGC (From the Better United Team)
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Im a cuber, i solve cubes a lot, my average time solving these are around 20 secs, and this is perfect for me
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