Ruby Ore Addon (with Natural Generation)

1.12 Or higher is required for this to function!

Yes, Finally! This pack does support NATURAL GENERATION for Ruby Ore! This pack adds Ruby Ore and Rubies into the game, which is currently useless, but uses will be added in V1.0.1, as that is now my top priority!


Thanks to @lolmarkdude2 – This addon would not be possible without his help, as he discovered a way to have custom blocks naturally generate in the over world.


Ruby Ore: Naturally generates in Plains biomes in a pillar in groups of 1-7 on Y axis 255 – 58 (Only generates in dirt. This is because of current limitations in the game allowing further natural generation.) Extremely rare. Rarer then diamond, or emerald. Can only drop when mined by a Diamond pickaxe, and has a 50% chance of dropping with an iron pickaxe.

Ruby: Obtained by mining Ruby Ore with a Diamond Pickaxe, or you got lucky mining it with an Iron Pickaxe. Currently have no uses, but it will be implemented to have endless possibilities in the future.


Ruby Ore Naturally Generated in the Overworld!

Note: If used in a video, Link back to this pack using the MCPEDL link, or you may receive a copystrike.

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This minor update fixes the download link as some people have had problems downloading. The next update to add features will be delayed a day to May 5th.


Supported Minecraft versions


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63 Responses

3.36 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. KjvMode says:

    plz dont tell me this REPLACES ORE

  2. jameshulk4 says:

    it send me to a news web

  3. Exter says:

    I’m sure it’s good, but when I try to download it, it takes me to roblox.com

  4. Exter says:

    it just takes me to roblox.com, im sure the addon itself is good, but I cant download it, so ima give it a 3

  5. Alpha says:

    Hi, I know it’s useless for now but I found a Glitch, When you mine the ruby ore with even a diamond Pickaxe you don’t get Ruby from it also It takes long to Mine.

  6. devin smith says:

    Every time i spawn it kills me thanks for that

  7. Seanimus Prime says:

    Any chance of getting higher resolutions and Ore Outliner version of the block and item so it doesn’t look out of place using Faithful x64 and ore outliner?

  8. Akira Fenix says:

    Help getting past 3rd link shortener? Pop-up to continue doesn’t show up

    • Akira Fenix says:

      Ok, so, I actually meant to say 2nd link shortener. But I checked the URL that it leads to and was greeted with a 404 page.

  9. not a bad addon but you used 3 url shorteners. How greedier does one get for a cent?

  10. Alex Lackey says:

    Would it be possible to make it so ruby ore generates in the nether instead of the overworld? I’ve always felt that if rubies where ever added to the game, they would added as a rare ore that can only be found in the nether. This would make finding them more difficult, therefore balancing the fact that any tools/armor made from them would probably be a lot stronger than diamond.

  11. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    I’ve been trying to download so many times I give up 1 star rubbish. App download doesn’t work make mediafire

  12. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Just make the mod mediafire already!

  13. MCPE Beta 1.12 says:

    Ruby ore was Replaced with the Emerald ore in 0.9.0! And now it was Uploaded to MCPEDL! Thanks to Ericbloggamer to Uploaded this addon to MCPEDL! We Had so many memories that Ruby wasn’t even Existed to Pocket Edition! Should they Readding Ruby gem to The Bedrock Version! Or should they add Shield on Banners to the Bedrock Version! If you think that Shield on banners with Theories, I’ll let you know that my Theories about Shield on banners should be Added to the Bedrock Version! That would be awesome if they Added Shield on Banners To Bedrock Version very soon

  14. LoL says:

    I break with diamond pickaxe… No drop…

  15. Hello everyone, I am glad to tell you guys Me and lolmarkdude have FINALLY found a new natural generation method that is completely redone, which should fix most, if not all the issues you guys have been getting, including drop rates! This will be deployed next update along with a new block and uses for Ruby, so Stay Tuned!

    • End Crafter 16 says:

      It would be really great if you added ruby tools,weapons and a ruby block in the next update. Thanks

  16. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Please make the mod mediafire!

  17. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Why do I have to do a YouTube survey and win gift cards I don’t want to!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Não sei baixar com zíper não

  19. Mister T says:

    No drop!!!!!!! Why you don’t think about that????? I can’t play on the survival!

  20. preston says:

    the ore doesn’t drop anything.

  21. Mister T says:

    Doesn’t Work!!! When I break a block, I do not get Rubies!

  22. Larissa says:

    Why .zip? I cant install this

  23. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    I’ve tried to download lots of your mods but they never work
    You can’t download them
    Even the link doesn’t work

  24. RiverMinecraft says:

    None of your mods work and I’m on the latest version of minecraft you can’t download it

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why the frick do I have to go through 50 websites just to download an add-on

  26. Anonymous says:

    E para o Minecraft 1.12.3

  27. Machinebuilder says:

    Unable to download with the current link. That website is blocked by my internet provider… Can you use mediafire instead??

  28. Allan Rosen says:

    How to download

  29. Sarah says:

    The link is broken because it sends me to Avon download or a free spin.please have it send me to media fire

  30. Joanne says:

    I cannot download it. It asks me to enable notifications. It just led me into two url shorteners, but can’t get past adfly. I do not want to enable notifications since it’ll just send me ads forever.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Awesome but pls add its uses soon

  32. N00b Slayer0117 says:

    That’s awesome! Ive been waiting for these kind of ores for my classic minecraft style survival. Thanks!

  33. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Doesn’t work

  34. iirc emeralds used to be rubies when they came out, but they were changed because dinnerbone was colourblind.

    • Wither says:

      Which is kinda pointless cus he’s red/green colorblind. They switched from red to green. That doesn’t change much.

  35. MagicNeuil says:

    have problems with the download… can yu sne danother link please… I want to try it so much 🙂 thanks

  36. _marcjones_ says:

    Unable to download. Link to file sharing is invalid.

  37. nininfranz02 says:

    add more weapons made from ruby and blocks made from ruby’s please? and more ores like bronze amethyst and more? by the way cool addon for adding a new ore

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