Ruined Nether Portal Seed [1.16]

Hello! So I wanted to share this seed that I just found. I accidentally found this ruined nether portal seed when creating a world so I wanted to share it in here. 

This seed only works on newest Minecraft version 1.16. Here are some images about the seed. 

This is a good seed if you want to start survival world and you want to go to the nether easily. 

Also there are some good loots that u can get! 😀

Seed ID


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  1. Guest-9581591440 says:

    The seed is ok but the stuff in the chest is rubbish. The gold hoe broke super easily and I spent half an hour looking for a horse to put the gold horse armour on but couldn’t find any anywhere. Please but better things in the chest because the seed does look really cool and I still want to use it. 🙂

    • TravisIshNoice says:

      There are these things in minecraft, called, “Loot Tables” please understand how they work before you comment something like this. He can’t pick what’s inside. This is a gosh darn SEED for gods sake

  2. Guest-3124312687 says:

    130, 64, -542 there is another smaller nether portal with the same loot table of chest

  3. Guest-7463492778 says:

    Is awasome is the best seed on minecraft have an piramid an village

  4. Teppy7 says:

    OMG ITS LEGIT THANK YOU SO MUCH! Btw it works on xbox!

  5. Guest-8001262706 says:

    You can just use locate command.

  6. Guest-5467372427 says:

    What is the coredinates of the ruins tho???

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