Ruined [Creation]

Ruined is a map which is infinitive in size and features a world in ruins. Its looks probably resembles how Minecraft would look if someone decided to drop an atomic bomb or if you would let the creepers decide how the world would look like.

In the map you will find countless of epic overhangs, waterfalls and whatnot. If you decide to take on the challenge and try to play in the world on survival mode then you probably want to keep an extra eye at where you take your next step as the world isn’t really a safe place to wander.

All in all it is a really cool map with a unique touch and with a lot of space for exploration.

Creator: martijntjuhhh

ru1 ru2 ru3 ru4 ru5Download Map (survival)
Download Map (creative)

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4 Responses

3 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Asher says:

    It didn’t work I couldn’t download it

  2. jerry says:

    this happens when i install the nuclear weapons mod

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