Ruins Add-on “New Ruins in the Nether!”

Make your Minecraft world more creative with this cool, new add-on that will absolutely redefine your crafting experience. If you’re getting bored of seeing default, ordinary and dull structures and ruins already, then you must give this add-on a try. What are you waiting for? Turn your Minecraft world into an awesomely different one.

Introducing the Ruins Add-on!

This add-on adds 7 randomly generated structures or ruins to your world!

Creator: Jimbo_Acob,Twitter,Youtube Channel (Updated July 31 2019. see changelog)

Check out what this add-on has in store for you!



  • This structure can be seen in the desert biome.
  • It has a distinct facade with a rectangular passageway where traps await inside!

Screenshots of Pyramid in-game!

Dead tree

  • This can be seen in the desert biome
  • Playful chickens can be found on top of it.
  • This dead tree has intricate design from top to bottom.

Screenshot of Dead tree in-game!


  • This can be seen in the taiga biome.
  • This windowed tower stands statuesque and has loots inside.
  • It has five (5) floors and each floor has zombies roaming around.

Some screenshot of Tower in-game!

Castle Tower

  • This can be seen in the taiga biome.
  • This castle tower contains loots inside.
  • Zombies are lurking inside for brains!

Screenshot of Castle Tower in-game!


  • This can be seen in the plain biome.

Screenshot of Graveyard in-game!

Underground Base

  • This structure can be seen in plain biome. 
  • It has stairs that will lead you down inside.
  • The structure is two-block apart from the surface.
  • Skeleton archers and zombies are waiting for you in the dark so brace yourself as you go down.
  • It also contains loots inside.
  • It has 2 floors

Some screenshot of Underground base in-game!

Nether Wart Farm

  • The nether wart farm can be seen in the nether dimension.
  • This farm is abundant of nether wart, a rare ingredient that can be farmed.
  • This farm can also serve as a shelter while you are in the nether.

Screenshot of Nether Wart Farm in-game!

Note: Turn on Experimental Gameplay and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Video Showcase (Outdated)

Changelog View more

V2 changelog 

  • Reduce the spawn rate of all the structures. They spawn rarely now.
  • Redesigned or should i say reconstructed all of the structures except the graveyard
  • Added loots to Castle Tower, Tower and Pyramid!. You can find Chest with items or even a block of gold or diamond.
  • Added Traps (Super deadly) to Pyramid!.

V3 Changelog

Added a new Structure!. The Underground base, you can find this new structure in the plains biome.

Updated Manifest file.

New Pack icon

V4 Changelog

Added new ruin, The Nether Wart Farm!. This structure can be found in the nether dimension, You can find many nether wart that you can use for your potions!

Updated description 

Updated the Installation Steps

Note: Please subscribe to my YT channel first before downloading!


1.Subscribe first to my YT Channel *Required (Here Subscribe)

2.Click The "Download Link"

3.Wait 5 secs then click Skip Ad

4.Wait for the Allow button

5.Press allow button.

6..Click Download button

7.Apply the behavior pack

8.Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay(For 1.11 users).


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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65 Responses

3.89 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Bronco Dalton says:

    You should add another ruin BUT in the jungle

  2. LinkSans2000 says:

    I have a question: why are you so desperate for YT Subs?

    • Josh says:

      ikr its a little creepy, not to mention you dont “havet osubscribe for this to work” the mod works fine without subscribing. Creator if you see this I am not trying to be rude it just looks bad trying to get subs the way you are sorry 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find then underground base

    • Astra says:

      I liked this but it’s messy – it spawns underground dungeons in and around my town too often, overwriting/ obliterating parts of the town (once I came across two dungeons spawned together, one offset and merged with another – too much!). Graveyards tend to spawn hanging over edges in space. I haven’t seen the others yet but I’m removing this as it’s buggy.

  4. AA says:

    Add a maze in the pyramid and add bos into the tower, castle tower and remove diamond block at the bottom floor of the tower, castle tower in V5

  5. gh says:

    Add a maze in the pyramid and add bos into the tower, castle tower and remove diamond block at the bottom floor of the tower, castle tower in V5

  6. ****** says:

    I have problem while I was walking in dessert I saw 1 big tree and a 1 pyramid I turned around then It was 3 big trees and 3 pyramids and they wouldn’t stop spawning and only other ruin I saw was Graveyard other ruins I didn’t saw

  7. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you add 1 new block for this suggestion? Okay since these are natural spawning can you tone it down a LOT so these are very very hard to find cause they have a freaking diamond block in two of them!!! Another change I would want would be the design of them, I mean the towers could use some work. The grave needs to only spawn at night, have actual grave stones and spawn zombies and skeletons. The towers should have more of a challenge than just zombies. Now for the additions: cloud block will only spawn in floating clouds and islands can be used to craft cotton candy (just want a use for them other than building) or building. The new stuff that will naturally generate will be: clouds( just cool to see one) and floating islands( come in many varieties: mushroom only spawns in mushroom islands or biomes has 1 giant red mushroom with tiny mushrooms around it, normal oak tree on an island, evil island instead of normal fluffy clouds there are black storm clouds with 1 pillar and netherrack around.)

  8. Kees Binchesco Rodriguez says:

    its a nice addon but the flowerbeds and ruins spawn tooo close too my base, is theere any way to control the spawn rate or distance? its pretty anoying, i have like 5 underground ruins around my base… dont take me wrong these are nice ruins but it does clutter my base with the flower beds constantly.

    did you fix this in V4? or else ill wait when you update it. or else tell mee what to edit in the JSON files so i can lower its spawn rate/distance. thanks for the nice mod 3/5

  9. Ccvvhee says:

    The only ruin I could find is dead Bush!

  10. LinkSans2000 says:

    I really love the addon, but there is one complaint I have: The the Ruins generate as if they were spawned like mobs. Heck they have spawn egg for crying out loud! I feel it would be better if they generated like other structures so you don’t get problems like hundreds of dead trees

  11. No. says:

    While trying to download brought me to place that didn’t even have a link! It also had tried to give me a virus, a direct download would be nice

  12. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Nice addon with randomly generated different structures!

  13. Ashes_Sehsa says:

    Pyramids constantly fill my deserts and the opening allows random mobs to walk in and set off the TNT. Half of my village is now a crater.

  14. Nicholas says:

    I can’t find any of the structures and I have experimental gameplay turned on!

  15. Tim says:

    Please make it so that the ruins only spawn where they fit it’s annoying one spawns in a tree

  16. irondiamonds says:

    can someone give me a link that is mediafire or something, so I don’t have to go through this please

  17. Epic link helperer says:

    Just wait when it say click allow to continue and then it’ll work

  18. iKorbon says:

    Great addon! First addon I seen that has naturally spawning structures. Out of curiosity, how did you make them spawn naturally? It would be very handy to know for my addon!

  19. Aktem says:

    Open in your phone. Once you skip ad, it will redirect to mediafire. Send mediafire link through fb messenger. Then open messenger in xbox and you can just click on link. Hope it helps 👍

  20. Anonymous says:

    link not working

  21. Isai says:

    Hey, can you make the link go to MediaFire, I can’t use it.

  22. the french guy says:

    hello im on version and it look like to work but it a realy first version of the mod version i gess we got little problemes of generation like piramyd spawn in levitation etc and if think it would be cool to add some chest with stuff and spawner to make the structures more interresting ( like the batteltower mod on java ) that a great idea but for now its more a decorating mod that something else …

  23. Nicole Bassett says:

    This add-on does not want to work with me because of the advertisements. The advertisements are overriding the system and you need to find a way to get the direct link added to this website.

  24. Minecraficts says:

    Im just curious. How did you make this addon spawning custom structures randomly? Cause ive been searching for one week but didnt see any tutorial that actually helps. Btw structure designs need improvements but one of the best addons ive seen so far

  25. GeoElitez says:

    haven’t downloaded simply because the ruins seem to be bland and out of place, but giving 5* because the idea is awesome! you should change the ruins to be more detailed, just for aesthetic purposes

  26. Danial says:

    The idea is awesome but it would be awesome if you improved their design (and since this site has some great builders it would be easy) and make them spawn less frequently

  27. Dieter Wiedenhoeft says:

    You should add a orespawn add on

  28. Jimbo_Acob says:

    working on update right now the upcoming update will fix the spawn rate ,adds loot to some ruins, and new ruins the sky island

  29. Yeet says:

    Make them spawn less. They generate everywhere in the desert.

  30. caleb says:

    could you change it to mediafire please? i’d like to play it on my xbone

  31. That Guy Who Wants An Ather Mod For Bedrock says:

    It’s pretty good. I wish there was some way to use the education edition blocks and an addon like this to make the Ather Islands. I think it would be cool if it spawned high above the sky in plains biomes, so you can’t see them. And, since it naturally spawns, the islands would grow. Just an idea 🙂

  32. Meh says:

    I really enjoyed exploring for these new structures but it wasn’t that difficult since every time i walked in a biome, a structure spawned less than a minute. Also I think it would be better if some of the structures had some loot in them. Other than those two problems it shows a lot of potential to be a good addon

  33. Kasia says:

    This add-on is bugged,. It generates too much of one structure in one place. Please fix it.

  34. Jezz says:

    Need more creativity make it more improved ruins

  35. Ur mom says:

    The ruins are so ugly terribly built pls improve I give 5 Stars anyway, still pretty cool

  36. Anonymous says:

    The structure spawn around my world at rapid pace and won’t stop

  37. noobmaster69 says:

    The builds need improvement architecturally. Maybe include like rooms. For inspiration look to the game 7 days to die. Try to copy the way they use secret rooms. Maybe include plains house that are run down. Very nice Addon. Just needs some inspirational spice.

  38. EnderSquid says:

    I would add a bit more detail in the structures if I were you. Good job though.

  39. End Crafter 16 says:

    Woah great addon but can you add loot to the structures?

  40. Anyomous says:

    No offense but you need to work on your building designs, they look like you put ZERO effort into the designs.

  41. A User says:

    Do you know what I am thinking? Crazy Craft, Down to Bedrock

  42. Zeyad981 says:

    Great but you could’ve said more like it will after some time spawn rapidly around u and there are custom spawn eggs u can spawn it with and u could’ve put some chests inside these buildings and make the pyramid have something inside it

  43. Zeyad981 says:

    Great it works for 1.11.1! 😀

  44. Zeyad981 says:


  45. Dieter Wiedenhoeft says:

    Hay someone should make a orespawn add on

  46. XxMFDGAMER says:

    Can you make this a Media Fire link? I can’t access it and I want to try it so badly. Thanks

  47. Nobody says:

    Wait… It says its supported for 1.11… Uhhhhh….What? Is the new beta stuff in expeirimental (Uhhhhh forget that I spelled it wrong I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT) mode and I didnt know? Uhhhh… What???

  48. EnderFall1089 says:

    First of all, These “Structures” are entities. And second, They’re very basic and not very useful.

  49. Yousif says:

    This is good addon

  50. Yousif says:

    Wow this is good add_on

  51. Anonymous says:

    Maybe add more details on the castle and the tower

  52. its gud adon plez red says:

    its good

  53. Loyd5X says:

    For what you’ve been able to make, there’s zero effort in the structures

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