RUSPE Shaders (1.4)

Are you getting sick of traditional low end shaders that say they’re realistic but really not?

Do you want ACTUAL realistic low end shaders?

Well this is for you!

RUS stands for “realistisch und schön”, german for “Realistic and beautiful”.

Unlike most other low end shaders, this does NOT have orange lightning, to me, I don’t like orange lightning, they completely discolors builds and makes it have a hideous orange tint, thats not good for most cases, so I removed it. so that means if you light your builds, it will only light it, and it wont completely discolor your builds.

These shaders are original, but I did use pio shaders as a template, but its still original.

RUSPE SHADERS 1.4(Original)








  1. Realistic water
  2. Under Water effect(inspired from Edi’s shaders)
  3. Realistic clouds 
  4. Player Shadow
  5. Atmospheric sounds
  6. water waves
  7. Leaves waving
  8. Underwater distortion/waves
  9. block shadow
  10. Non orange lightning
  11. Realistic sun and moon
  12. Sun reflection/specular lighting(inspired from ESTN)


Leave your suggestions or bugs in the comments.


  • Do not reupload without any obvious changes
  • When reuploading, credit me and leave a link to this mcpedl post
  • When reviewing this or putting this in your list video, leave a link to this mcpedl post, NOT the download link
  • When shorting the link, use DO NOT USE AD.FLY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, ONLY USE BIT.LY
  • You can use this freely in your videos or screenshots
  • Do not claim this as your own
  • This can ONLY exist on mcpedl

The link has no ads, im not looking to make any money from this, the only real way to support me is to make videos about this.

Changelog View more
  1. Improved sun reflection
  2. Improved water sun reflection
  3. Orange lighting in the nether
  4. Fixed the nether

  • Added sun reflection/specular lighting(inspired from ESTN)
  • Improved water sun reflection
  • Water surface distortion
  • Fixed leaves and grass being confused as water in snow biomes
  • Made water more transparent
  • Added water sun reflection
  • The ability to install this without the atmospheric sounds


  1. Underwater color thing.. I don't know what its called(inspired from Edi's shaders)
  2. Toned down underwater distortion

Just had to specify that this was original ! !



Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.14 1.16



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67 Responses

4.25 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-2957704097 says:

    is there a download link for 1.4?

  2. Guest-7465060550 says:

    Nice shades but there a bug half of circles

  3. Guest-1855711855 says:

    I try downloading and my device came up with a bunch of notifications saying it was unsafe :<
    Please explain how to download it safely.

  4. Djesus1123 says:

    Hey I need help with the player shadow, in 3rd person it detaches of the player

  5. Guest-1605871386 says:

    I really liked your shader, but what bothers me is the white light, it would be possible to leave the yellow / orange light idk, or add an option to switch between them

  6. Guest-2034154653 says:

    The glass is a full block I can’t see through it

  7. Guest-2179010582 says:

    Oh my god thank you. You are one of the few people who don’t have a million ads for there packs. Keep up the great work!

  8. Guest-1813637308 says:

    Can you make the sun become more real and the shadow of the players also become more real? I want everything to be more real

  9. Guest-5113885170 says:

    I can’t download it it says webpage is blocked :””””””(((

  10. Guest-6866555770 says:

    This shader is really good! I’m not experiencing too much lag and it looks great, I like it. But could you maybe add better lighting for lava and fire? Lava is literally everywhere in the nether and the nether would look much better with better lighting. Otherwise, Great Shader!

  11. ilyalisPVP says:

    win 10 support?

  12. JustKoolish says:

    Does it work for the nether update?

  13. Guest-9640467873 says:

    Great shader 😁😁😁

  14. Guest-2088996113 says:

    no sirve solo cambia los sonidos y el sol

  15. Guest-4192523361 says:

    It’s good, I like it, but can you make the water? Became clear

  16. Guest-3587285637 says:

    Okay what the heck? I activated them and my whole world is wiggly and everything is broken.

  17. Guest-4011023985 says:

    Is there any bugs on the 1.16 version I should be wary about?

  18. Guest-9168990325 says:

    can you make the cast of the player more authentic and also make the water original

  19. F Maximus says:

    I love this Shader the only problem I find is that the movement of the leaves and the water is slow that’s the only thing I don’t like hopefully fix that if you fix it it would be the perfect Shader for low range

  20. Guest-4738737671 says:


  21. Guest-6621381301 says:

    why is the shadow of the player just following the gait instead of all

  22. Guest-4264791057 says:

    there was no player shadow

  23. Guest-5728917432 says:

    I downloaded these shaders and they where amazing! I loved them so much so when I was playing with my friends, the whole world was blank. So I deleted it and re-installed it and it worked again. I was obsessed with them but when they went blank, I re-installed it many times but it still didn’t work. I was very disappointed please someone can help me

  24. TwoT says:

    These are great shaders, but there is one problem: on my device, your shaders make soap textures. Honor 10i

  25. CyberTerf says:

    Its so awesome shaders

  26. Guest-9766595764 says:

    could you make it so that it workks on windows 10 edition that would be real noice

  27. Guest-9423061224 says:

    Water is invisible.

  28. Wernes14 says:

    shader is nice but, water is broken

  29. Guest-6178582033 says:

    Love this texture pack, definitely one of my favorites. Only thing is I get this weird glitch when submerged underwater where all the blocks go wobbly and wavy like the water’s surface, makes it near impossible to go in ocean monuments without getting dizzy

  30. Guest-3973583846 says:

    when installing on windows 10 doesn´t appear on resource packs list by some reason

  31. Guest-6283974118 says:

    Yeah i don’t like orange lighting too…
    BTW the shader looks great, except for player’s shadow. If u stand in a high place (hill, valley, etc..) U’ll have 2 shadows, 1 right beside of you, another far down to the ground…

  32. AggelSparda says:

    Looks awesome on my phone. PLZ Update for Win10 <3

  33. Guest-3034314575 says:

    Nah, this ain’t it chief.

  34. Guest-3200107643 says:

    I love you shader but the water & leaves movements only move when i walk, & i do like to suggest you make side block shader

    • Guest-7670185900 says:

      Great shader, only problems I noticed are a strange, glitchy, pixelated white texture popping in and out over the shadows, and the ambient lighting flickering in dark spaces like strongholds

  35. reinaldo23456 says:

    I think it’s a good shader but I could do it for windows 10

  36. AracelyPinkRose says:

    the shader is great! It is the best I have ever seen! includes ambient sounds! it’s very cool! Although I would like you to add a little more lighting to the torches: 3

  37. Guest-5067984313 says:

    Can you help me fix my problem with your shaders
    When i use your shaders and open a world why can’t i see anything its invisible..Can you help me

  38. Guest-5719729416 says:

    While orange is my favorite color, I do agree on not having that stupid orange tint for lighting.

  39. Guest-5738630654 says:

    It’s not laggy but the leaves jitter for some reason. Like, they don’t wave, they just kind of jitter.

  40. Guest-3979337222 says:

    it doesn’t work on windows 10 devices

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