Rustle [Adventure] (1.11)

Rustle is a new kind of adventure map! Rustle keeps you locked up in his mansion. You need to find the keys hidden around the mansion to escape. But Rustle has caught wise to this, and he uses his hearing to detect you, even throught the floors! If he detects you, well, let’s just say it will be unpleasant!

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[This does not need to be displayed]

Updated Screenshots and removed UI from them

Fixed the resource pack error [Hopefully!]

Gave credit to the correct website [Sorry @mcpedl!]


Fixed the resource pack error [hopefully!]


Supported Minecraft versions


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11 Responses

3.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. zpeanutgirl says:

    what do you do in the maze i am stuck please help

  2. Anonymous says:

    Link is broken

  3. Brayan says:

    Is .zip

  4. Cosmin 36 says:

    Error downloading

  5. DynamoCraft says:

    Links don’t working pls give me direct link

  6. Yehe says:

    Is it multiplayer?

  7. YourBoi says:

    When i joined it said This pack is Missing

  8. lolmarkdude2 says:

    It looks great! I would have to try it! only thing is, you should remove the funny looking text above (I wouldn’t understand it)! You should also have a bigger palette for the roads, all I see so far is two but maybe that is my vision (I Mean I make a 8×8 texture pack so no wonder why my vision is rough, looking at 64 pixels all day!)!

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