Rustle V2

This is a map I have had in the works for quite a while. It will probably never get finished. It will also probably be buggy. It will definitely lag on mobile, maybe that is why building this took so long?


In Rustle V2 you are in a room. Rustle and his friends also want to get into that room because you were in it. You have to keep them out, using the doors and vent switch, and lights. You can monitor with the security cameras. This map has lots of features:

  • Working doors
  • Working power drain effect
  • 5 or so characters
  • Random movement patterns for characters
  • Working security cameras
  • Occasional random events
  • Custom sounds
  • And more…
  • Beat 3 or so nights to win!

Changelog View more

Fixed the text spacing. Otherwise really nothing else to speak of. 


Please tell me about any bugs and I will (try to) fix them!


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4 Responses

  1. Javo_145 says:

    When I try to export the world to my Minecraft I see a message who put the import of the world has failed

  2. Guest-7433747176 says:

    Um, the right door won’t open…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you play in the multiplayer?

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