RV SkyBlock

Did you ever wanted to play skyblock in a different way than usual? Well, Here its just as the normal skyblock is but with something new added in which is a brand new SHOP! So that you’re not limited to a certain amount of materials.

This is a world based of a game called “Skyblock” which is mostly found in servers and it doesn’t really have tasks or missions to do but its kind of a free play game/world. But in this world, i added a new shop which has a lot of things that can help you build your path to the end and kill the dragon! And the world is monitored by a message being announced in the chat of the person who join the shop and the person who leaves the shop.

And in order to get to the shop you’ll have to have a “Shop Entry” dropped on the ground. And the “Shop Entry” Tokens can be easily obtained at the beginning of the world, and don’t worry, Its UNLIMITED! And its made to refill the Shop entry chest every seconds so that it doesn’t finish up with the Tokens. And after you finish shopping with the villager you will be able to get back to the world spawn point where you could continue you’re game by activating a pressure plate located in one of the corners in the bedrock box.

And when it comes to the nether, its currently under construction and might be added in the future updates if the world gets enough support. And by the way the nether might be accessible if you have the right materials but as of the way of functioning, it’s still not functioning according to plan ( As of a skyblock in the nether).

The shop contains the following things you can reach/buy:

Obsidian, Wool, Gravel, Ender Pearls, Diamonds, Sharpness 2 Diamond sword, Blaze rods, Wood, End_Portal_Frame, Iron Ingots, And last but not least Emeralds which can unlock for you a wide range of new items that you can buy!

And if you ask why is there alot of items in the shop, i would like to answer you: So that you’re not surrounded by the same variation of materials/blocks and also some of the trades are made so that it helps you to save time with the materials you might need much time to obtain.

Enjoy Playing With Friends! :).

Changelog View more

* Added more description to the description of the world.

*Added more description to the submission world which can explain how you can visit the shop and exit.

*Added more description required for the submission of the world .


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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  1. Guest-1043323262 says:

    sunddenly pineapples

  2. Guest-7721926990 says:

    mbgnvn ‘

  3. Guest-1552500276 says:

    si esta chidole doy un 4 de 5

  4. Guest-9522143697 says:

    I love this map

  5. Guest-6731022592 says:

    If you put the command in command block you doesnt need to put the / idiot

  6. Guest-7626649352 says:

    The shop entrys do not work

  7. Guest-4778912426 says:

    Nice but why aren’t the checkpoints invisible.

  8. Guest-2352835441 says:

    Nice addition for skyblock…

  9. Guest-7471160991 says:

    You are a noob you have not put the /in starting of commands

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