RWSPE Shader v5.0 Official

This Shader is good for playing adventure in beautiful places, the lively grass with suction cup, the realistic clouds with shadow, the shadow with soft, works in UPDATE NETHER o light colors like blue fire stay blue light and orange fire makes light orange and water with amazing sky reflection!

This Shader has a choice of Low, Medium, High and Ultra in this version 5.0.

Visit shader in the video: Enable caption/Habilitar subtítulos/Ative legenda/启用字幕


-It has graphic shader option.

-Put on first or after save this option and restart the game, use the brightnedd 50% of the game is original.

Low version-

Medium version-

High version-

Ultra version edition-

-Showing all version: glsl(Android and iOS) device shader colors are the same color as hlsl win10(1.16.100 previous).

Supported platforms:

-Android / iOS : works well or some devices fail in the shader.

-Win10: for 1.16.100 previous.

Compatible for my mobile device:

Model: LG K11 Alpha.

Process: MediaTek MT6753 or superior.

Frequency: 1,30 GHz or superior.

RAM: 2GB or superior.

OpenGL ES: 3.0.

⚠️RenderDragon not support⚠️

Switch, PS4, XBOX 1.13 and win10 1.16.201.

RenderDragon was officially released as Win10 (16.1.201 superior).

I am very tired of this. I will stop developing the shader for the Bedrock.

Changelog View more

now I don’t need to see my file statistics anymore, I made sending files more secure and there’s no download link, now I’ve already put the two buttons for download by MCPEDL and other youtubers will share the link via MCPEDL more safely without problems. :)

changed download with my LINK on Mediafire without ads  '-'


Automatically install with mcpack.

Please turn off other shaders (light and shadow) and textures to avoid possible mistakes!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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48 Responses

3.54 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. Can you add an option for the water reflection only? I just wanted to see the water reflect the clouds and stuff but it won’t add it because i dont have enough memory. Just add a subpack for water reflection only so it can work because it looks like the best out of all others.

  2. DoggyPoggyRoggy says:

    can you add a console version?

  3. benaiahs says:

    It looks awsome but for me it only changes the water

  4. Hello12121 says:

    nice shader but very lag even if you set it to low resolution, i recommend to use it in windows 10

  5. Onshore says:

    It just CAN’T work for me. I can NEVER find a good shader.

  6. D o g‎‏‏‎ ‎ says:

    seriously i got the shader and activated it on my xbox and turned everything on so it was ultra and the ONLY thing that changed was the water but it was really ugly and pixle-y and NOTHING like the picture. tell me if im doing ANYTHING wrong. but for now this is my rating.

  7. D o g‎‏‏‎ ‎ says:

    Ok so… this works for xbox correct? I haven’t been able to find any good shaders with realistic sky, improved water with improved and realistic texture, realistic lighting, and such like that. this one seems good, but I feel like ive downloaded this before and it didn’t work…
    everything just stayed the same.

  8. Gray2313 says:

    This shadier does not work for Windows 10 edition bummer.

  9. zulrab says:

    it Doesn’t work in minecraft windows please fix it

  10. Desuka says:

    Idk ITS beautiful or not because its invisible block in my device why is this happened to mee can you explain or fix it

  11. EEEEEEEEEE says:

    so cool! its actually not that laggy! 25-30 fps but water is 5 and im using a medium end device on ultra mode so this is pretty optimized and im a big fan of you

  12. PacDude_GamingYT says:

    Its really great, but it lowers the lighting. Otherwise I recommend this!

  13. Arden says:

    This is amazing thank you this looks like Minecraft RTX but it is not a lot can of shaders can look like RTX but this one is so beautiful so realistic and I think the best one in Minecraft Education Edition like so beautiful!

  14. I am sure you’ve heard this 1000’s of times but it doesn’t seem to work on my phone. Even the lowest setting won’t (yes I restarted the game).
    Idk why but shaders on my version of the game just won’t work. Its rather annoying too, I attempted to fix it but no luck sadly.

    Still going to rate this 5 stars as the graphics look amazing on the pictures supplied, and becuase the shader problem is only a fault of my own.

    Thanks for this anyway and hope all goes well for the future of this pack!

  15. milanxvs says:

    Best shader for education edition right now!

    But.. There are a few things that still need to be changed.

    The trapdoors are waving like the plants wich looks very weird.

    The plants and trees are waving laggy for some reason but its not always the case. (its not my pc)

  16. DaredArny says:

    Doesen’t work for me on windows 10 , and i really want to try it so badly because it’s looking FIRE !!!

  17. OctalPenguin says:

    amazing 5 stars

  18. RetroSplash says:

    I can confirm it does not work on Windows 10 version 1.16.2

  19. Killerdragon77 says:

    Hello, your shader seems like a masterpiece to me, it is very beautiful and does not cause me lag but I have a small problem or bug and that is that when I point or look at the water it oscillates and appears and disappears and sometimes some blocks of water have a texture Like blue static, I play in the beta of bedrock edition on a Tablet, other than that I have no problem in advance, thank you very much and I am looking forward to an answer and / or update.

  20. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    This add-on make my pc explode 😉

  21. SebastianR101 says:

    “Make this for windows 10”
    It won’t work if your on the latest version of windows 10 edition. If your on a version prior to 1.16.200 then it should work.

    Btw, this is a nice shader

  22. Fabulous Squash says:

    What settings do i have to have on for this to work, im on windows 10 and it doesnt work, the only thing that has been changed is the water

  23. CyanHD says:

    its cool but the tall grass is small

  24. Ender5643 says:

    Five stars because you actually made the tall grass wave less at the bottom

  25. Skaboom AB says:

    The only 1 thing i hate it is NOT SUPPORTED FOR XBOX AND PS4

  26. daniofficial says:

    there is a problem in the water section of the PowerVR gpu

  27. shader says:

    Great shader
    The cloud has some pixle clouds in them when moving

    Otherwise great shader for my high end laptop


  28. Spiderking939 says:

    People need shaders for xbox and overall renderdragon! That is freaking why it was made!

  29. VinceLouis 901 says:

    If there is a infinite star I’ll vote it🤩🤩🤩

  30. Frazinx says:

    Ok so I’m there’s a problem the waving animations for grass and some of the plants (flowers mainly) are waving like CRAZY!!! Plz fix dis also it’s kinda dark lol but overall rlly cool shader

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