RyanMinecraft71 City [Creation]

This city has been in the works for about three years now, but probably not in constant development seeing as it’s a fairly small city. It’s a modern city including several skyscrapers and a few other structures. The architecture looks similar to that of the architecture used in big cities like New York or Chicago. All in all, it’s a pretty cool place to explore.

Creator: RyanMinecraft71, Twitter Account
Updated: 12 January, 2019 (read changelog)


New Update 2019! 

  • Update and Rebuild Minekarta City
  • Update and Rebuild BlueStars City
    • Remove 4 City Bug
    • Remove Bug maps and error maps
    • More Update


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27 Responses

4.06 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Fucku says:

    Stole some of the buildings from a map called universal city

  2. Mmwhat says:

    How do i download

  3. Hi says:

    Warning! This file will install 4 copies of its self. Delete them or it will be a waste of your memory.
    But it’s a good city.

  4. bang bang says:


  5. Arnold says:

    Kau berhasil membanggakan Indonesia dengan map yang kau buat ini bang.

  6. pokemon66666666 says:

    The map was great but in every city there were at least 10 command blocks saying Credit to RyanMinecraft71, also some of the buildings were incomplete or laggy.

  7. Daniel says:

    There’s a WHOLE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE underneath the first city! AMAZING!

  8. Follow the 4km railway leads into anither city what the heck?!

    Also this is a very cool map 👍

    • DelTaco24 says:

      The main city is ok but the buildings would look better of they used STAINED glass and the second city is kinda boring u just cloned the buildings from the main city to there and their all the same exact height with is kinda boring You definitely make it sound better in advertising than what it actually is in reality.

      • Ryan Ferdiansyah says:

        City 2 is a city that is perfected and improved from the main city. It’s true that it’s all a clone of the main city, because city 2 is the main city that has been perfected

        the main city has a poor layout, so we want to create a new city that has a better layout. the future of these 2 city maps will be the main city.

        we are just trying to make a building 1 week 1 building and that takes a long time, so don’t be surprised if the update time is very long. because we also have new project maps that are important to be updated and will be uploaded in May. We have new maps and title maps for MCPEDL.

        Introduce our latest Maps that prioritize in-game features. The name of the map is “Marvelous Adventure”. is our new project spin off Ryan Minecraft71.

        This map has unique features of Minecraft maps that have never been in the entire creation. We provide Story, Calendar, Space, Festival, Minigame and more features. This map is similar to Harvest Moon.

        Follow my twitter account if I want to update my news @RyanMinecraft71

  9. Retha Margaretha says:


  10. Shopvil_ says:

    Sweet map its great for Role-Plays!

  11. Hi says:

    So I downloaded this map on my iPad last year and then I played it. It was actually pretty nice and has lots of places to explore. But I recently tried downloading the map and when I got into Minecraft it would get stuck on the loading screen when I tried to get in the world. Please help! I love this map.

  12. Gw bukan indo says:


  13. LuthfiMuhammad says:

    selamat ya Ryan ^_^ maps nya masuk mcpedl

  14. Harley says:

    What is the seed to this? I can’t find it

  15. GalaxyGirl24 says:

    I like it! Nice work

  16. Rozzz says:

    Is their a school ? I need to know

  17. notch (you are welcome) says:

    he has the name in the city because he wants alot of credit but i like the map

  18. K says:

    Is there a school?

  19. GERZ says:

    Keep It Up!!

  20. XbowGaming says:

    I can’t find the city. I was Spawned somewhere

  21. Manka says:

    Love this!😀

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