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Ryder Pack (Lulu Requests) [0.0.3]

This pack has been requested by Ryder#5423 and is made by me.

All textures are made by me and approved by ryder.

It changes netherite tools and armor, wool, wood and diamond tools and has its own ore border design.

Requested by: Ryder#5423
Made by: TheluckyguyNL

the wool

the ores


(left purple bed. right light blue bed)

Netherite redesign

diamond tools redesign

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i gave some little changes to the 4 stones (stone andesite diorite and granite made them more smoother and lighter).
gave stone bricks a more harsher outline.

the normal hearts have changed abit
the hotbar selector is also changed
and the crossair changed


(for mcpack file)

download the .mcpack

fo to your downloads folder

click on the file

it should open up minecraft

and hopefully it says it succesfully imported

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
Literally the netherite new texture looks amazing and better than the default
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