San Diego City [Creation]

San Diego City is a beautiful and modern city with amazing skyscrapers, stadiums, shops and much more to explore. Some textures have been added to this world to make it more modern and create a more pleasant feeling. Enter and explore this modern city today! More updates are coming soon!

Creators: Andiuber (Twitter), Gamediego 84 (Twitter)



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33 Responses

4.06 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. DelTaco24 says:

    I give this city 3 stars because it’s fairly good quality but, isn’t the most realistic. You could do better on your houses, city blocks, zoning, less special buildings, and improve ur mall.

  2. Blake Clement says:

    Hi, How do I get the recourse pack you used in your city, and what’s the name of the recourse pack? I just want to know, because 1: I really like the recourse pack, and. 2: I want it for the city I’m making.
    Other than that, it’s good! I like the city!

  3. Minecraft11 says:

    Hello can I use this as part of my Map

  4. Me says:

    I used this as my nuke testing world lol

  5. DelTaco24 says:

    Good city nice skyscrapers stadiums and other buildings but it is a bit small and the neighborhood is BORING and the density isn’t very realistic but on the good side I did build a building in my world based off of the round blue one

  6. Min says:

    Me and my Friend use this map and I will fly away from her and a building will spawn in front of her and this keeps happening right where we are, I dont want to use this world because of that but everything else is great except there is no interior.

  7. Ethan Wells says:

    I think it’s amazing even though their is no interior.

  8. Goldie says:

    I love the san diego city it looks so nice but I haven’t tried useing it

  9. Bill says:

    Hey I try to download it and it show me adfl.y and I can’t download it help me please

  10. Bryan says:

    I want the resource pack of this world

  11. Logan says:

    Does it have interior?

  12. DelTaco24 says:

    This map is small but cool it has a lot of bootiful skyscrapers and command block operated doors this map gave me sum inspiration for my world

  13. Jax says:

    It’s stupid how no one ever furnishes all of the buildings. Awesome architecture, but the interiors are sad

    • Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

      You realize it’ll take longer if he has to build the interior. I think he’s growing the city to appropriate size before he start building inside.

  14. Emerio says:

    My godmother lives in San Diego and if she saw this she would like it

    • Blake Clement says:

      Did you mean “Grandmother”?

      • Rockeous says:

        He means Godmother. A godmother is like a godfather but a woman rather then a man. A godfather (if you don’t know already) is a very very close friend of a father. The father then may choose to elect that man a godfather which is like an elected father. A godmother is elected like a mother of a child. Hope you learned something today! 😃😃

        • Rockeous says:

          What I mean is (I am so stooopid lol) the godfather is like an elected father of the original father’s child.

          • Blake Clement says:

            Oh… O.K, Rockeous. I now get what Emerio was talking about.
            I didn’t even know godmothers and godfathers were even real! Thanks for the info.
            FYI, (it’s not about godparents, and it’s not stupid), but,… how do I get the recourse pack for the city?

          • Blake Clement says:

            Oh, and 1 more thing; in Australia, which is where I live, we call godmothers “aunts” or “aunties”, and godfathers “uncles”, and yes, it sounds sorta ridiculous, but that’s just the way it is in Australia.

            PS: if you didn’t know what I meant, people in Australia (like me) call our “godparents” aunts and/or uncles.

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