Sans Addon!

Are you a fan of Undertale? Do you love sans (a character of Undertale)? This add-on makes your dream true! This add-on adds the most popular character of Undertale——sans. He is strong and fast, and will judge or protect you……


He is so strong that he can kill almost all monsters! He has 4 ways to attack hostile creatures. He’s able to avoid all kinds of attacks and his health point is infinity.

Orange Bones

If you are attacked by orange bones,you become very slow and are easy to be hurt.


If you are attacked by lurkers,they slow down your actions too. Lurkers’ attack is the most common one from sans. Though it is weaker than orange bones attack, you still need to be very careful.

Blue Bones

If you are attacked by blue bones,they make you floating in the air before you finally fall to die. So watch out!


They are thrown out by sans and give you a lot of damage.

Gaster Blaster

they are summoned by sans.If you are attacked by them,you will burn and half-dead.


If your Minecraft level is below 19,sans won’t attack you.
However, if you are at level 19 or above, sans will give you a judgement. 
It’s impossible for you to kill sans in a normal way, but you can delete him by using a command block on him.
(Also, when sans is attacking someone, the background music will be immediately changed into Megalovenia.)
Remember, sans can dodge any attacks, no one can even give him a single damage in survive mode.

(Sans’s dialogue had a bug two days ago. But now it’s been fixed by me.)

About this add-on

I’m not the creator of this add-on, the creator is my friend H2Vwither123 who has authorized me to translate his work into English and introduce this amazing add-on to anyone who likes it on MCPEDL. We are Chinese and this add-on is created by Chinese.
My friend and I hope you like the add-on and enjoy playing with it. Your feedback is welcome and highly appreciated.



sans addon is made by H2Vwither123.
He just steal free addon in MC box.
I can give you sans addon’s media link.
I have to say redboy lied you for a long time.
You can also see this video.
This video is made in 2019-12-20
And here is the link.
Redboy is just a thief.
He tries to win your sympathy.But H2Vwither123 has made this addon on 2019-12-20.
Redboy made us(Chinese addon maker) very angry.
He steals 晚枫歌’s titan zombie and wither storm and H2Vwither123’s sans v2 and ultra drowned.
He is just a thief. He stole a lot of codes.
He made me angry and sick.
Don’t be fooled by him bros.

Changelog View more





I updated the link.

Now I turned zip into mcaddon.

I double-checked the grammar and polished the wording as required.

Now sans can miss all kinds of attacks. Hope you like it!

Now sans can miss all kinds of attacks ! It is impossible for you to beat him .



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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169 Responses

4.55 / 5 (60 votes)
  1. Maxio1511 says:

    Good addon but hes unkillable you cant even kill him with the /kill command hes just unkillable can you fix that please thank you

  2. Guest-2230641505 says:

    When I import it it tells it has missing dependencies

  3. NinjaSlime says:

    Wow what a cool add-on btw I also created a sans addon before this if ya want check it out!

  4. P1xe1at3d says:

    Why dont you make a addon that gives us Sans powers.

  5. Guest-7088782072 says:

    can you add gaster?

  6. Guest-8915941988 says:

    you can kill sans if not cool but wey he cant die?

  7. Guest-5064149303 says:

    How im download mod is lie

  8. Coosanta says:

    So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I spawned millions of them and they killed the wither and the ender dragon in 30 seconds
    Thank you for making such cool addons

  9. Guest-4968460260 says:

    I think he’s not dying

  10. Guest-7735487438 says:

    The only way to remove Sans from your world after he is spawned is
    1. Get a Command Block using /give
    2.You need to hold the command block in your hand
    3.When you get close to Sans with the command block You will be able to right click him, or if you’re on mobile there will be a Popup on the bottom of your screen to remove him from the world.

  11. UTSanstheSkeleton1463 says:

    *heya, the add-on looks really cooler and looks awesome. i like your add-on, also i’m also a fan of undertale stuffs. keep up the good work. i felt bad for your add-ons being stolen by your brother RedBoy, i could tell he is a thief that trying to steal your add-ons, sorry for hearing your add-ons. i really want to see more add-ons of undertale ones. this one is the BEST one i ever had. (subscribe you for more add-ons for undertale), wishing there was more to it like adding: chara, frisk, papyrus, undyne, alphys, asgore, toriel, and flowey..probably more. good add-on and awesome add-on.

  12. Guest-2781474910 says:

    Why is most of the Chinese add-ons paid? We can’t install Minecraft China on iOS.

  13. Guest-5849117901 says:

    Stole FREE add-on? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Free stuff is named free to be free. You won’t lose anything if someone shares something that is free.

  14. Guest-5720630165 says:

    owner can you make chara addon and dust sans addon i really really like your sans addon

  15. Guest-5527952465 says:

    Here us the command,/kill @e,then your done

  16. P1xe1at3d says:

    Suggestion: Add a sniper addon that shoots the gaster blaster from sans.

  17. Guest-6546277785 says:

    I absolutely love this add-on, the music was surprise as well, I really enjoy it!

  18. Guest-8827743119 says:

    Hmmm how do you summon him??????

  19. Guest-8721354434 says:

    this is SO difficult to add to my game, can you please help me with the mcaddon

  20. Guest-2294070371 says:

    Hey can you add that to my minecraft please 😅.

  21. Guest-3663029921 says:

    Uhmm I love sans but how do he trow bones at you plss fix plss I want to see Sanses bone attack thank you I love it 😁

  22. Guest-9509549485 says:

    Can you make a Papyrus addon?

  23. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    jojo BIZARRE ADVENTURES addon.

  24. blood eye says:

    cmon your a cool creator and cool models on your addon make jojo BIZARRE ADVENTURES addon and u can use stands as well

  25. Guest-1232390897 says:

    Maybe make it so that sans has like 1 hp, but is legit impossible to hit, like the actual game. There should be like a 1/100 or 1/1000 chance you will hit and kill him. Otherwise, great addon 😀

  26. Guest-8553711253 says:

    Hey i have problem when i put mob on near by sans the music starts then stop quickly even the mob not dead yet pls fix this problem

  27. Guest-4410333891 says:

    Add custom items which is sans abilities that players can use

  28. Guest-1914872623 says:

    It would be amazing

  29. Guest-6354088201 says:

    It would be amazing

  30. Guest-5378004391 says:

    Hay could you make this a pocket addon to that would be good 🙂

  31. Guest-6277209855 says:

    Can you make v3 and i can tame the sans please:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. Guest-6171037884 says:

    This is amazing just that there is one problem. The blue bone shouldn’t inflict damage if you are still.

  33. Guest-9212013192 says:

    Nice 🤗

  34. Guest-7504642051 says:

    How to kill sans

  35. SpikedCthulhu says:

    I mean the addon is wonderful I just have one problem and this goes for the Herobrine, Titan zombie, and Jestero as well; please just please make them so they can die and Sans, Herobrine, and Jestro I don’t want having an INSANE amount of health or immortality especially to /kill.

  36. Guest-9392243062 says:

    H2V Wither 123 ?

  37. Guest-1182657620 says:

    It would be amazing if there was maybe a reward for defeating sans if you did. Like a pet Gaster blaster!
    Just spewing ideas out of my head. Great add-on but I do think that sans should have a way to defeat him so that the fight is not unbeatable. I’ve played around with the functions and have found your amazing work. I have not seen such amazing code in a long time. Your work is amazing and I hope that we get an undyne battle.
    (P-S) Please lower the direct damage of a gaster blaster. It defeats a ravanger in 5 seconds with one :/.
    Great add-on tho. Hope to see more Undertale themed add-ons in the future. It feels like Undertale is kicking back in to motion with the community

  38. Guest-2281113998 says:

    Hey, what if sans boss actually has a health system? Wouldn’t that be more fun to fight since you have a hope to win at some point? I understand that this was meant to be the strongest boss in mcpe, but due to it being so strong, it just feels like fighting it is meaningless. Addon is still crazy high quality though, and it is definitely better then redboy’s stolen version because this one actually teleports!

  39. Guest-7768982177 says:

    Ideas: 1. sans bones gives poison effect 1 second

    2. He can be killed sans addon

    This ideas are trash, right?

  40. Guest-1543455725 says:


  41. Meekuzo says:

    This night looks so beautiful outside,
    Stars are shining above the sky,
    People are addicted with this addon,
    For what have you done getting their attention,
    You… “Are now popular.”

  42. Guest-8549735888 says:

    This isn’t working for me it’s a zip file

  43. Guest-8549735888 says:

    This isn’t working for me it’s a zip file btw

  44. Guest-4297165676 says:

    Do you have the link of the skeleton king.

    I really want him

  45. Guest-3553944153 says:

    Hey bro, i tried to locate the channel of redboygamer but now the channel name is Mob battle minecraft CH, And he is still using your mob titan addons and Wendie Hibner is also telling other gullible people that MBMCH (Redboygamer) created those addons!!! I FEEL ENRAGED

  46. S2008 Gaming says:

    Hi nice addon, but can you tell the noob redboy that stop lying because Liars goes to hell

    • S2008 Gaming says:

      With can you make all of your addons English cuz I can’t understand and I want to share it to youtube

  47. Guest-6856987011 says:

    good Addon but I want support multiplayer and he can die XD

  48. Guest-4285173800 says:

    I hate the starter music when I create the world

  49. Guest-7373815722 says:

    Plz fix the wither storm addon, why is it buggy and ur not fixing it, fix your wither storm or redboy’s wither storm will remain better

  50. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    3.Chaos weapon
    5.Titan Zombie

  51. Guest-1208673258 says:

    Can you give me a link to MC box? Please

  52. Guest-5460628268 says:

    VERY GOOD but can you add the other undertale character ? PLEASE

  53. Guest-2508424444 says:

    Hmm… This addon looks similar to redboy’s I don’t know why but I don’t trust him. I think he stealed your wither storm and Sans addon. Is it true?

  54. Guest-9844203562 says:

    Nice addon but, How Do i remove him?

  55. Guest-1528764226 says:

    Could you make godzilla

  56. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    3.憨岭 weapon

  57. Guest-4185112924 says:

    1.Witherstorm Addon
    2.Sans Addon

  58. Guest-7636857730 says:

    Why do I hear boss music?
    Looks at addon


  59. Guest-3338656550 says:

    Could u make scp lockdown addon

  60. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    I am going to submit Jevil addon this week.
    It is a Chinese addon made by DLGD-豆咧个豆.
    Wait and see!

  61. SONIC CRAFT says:

    you’re right brother redboy stole the addons because I went to a Chinese page and I looked for the creator of the addons and I had the addon for sans and the zombie titan

  62. Guest-6319559626 says:

    Please add new mob in the addon. Deltarune Jevil Boss. And music the world revolving.

  63. Guest-8576555917 says:


  64. SONIC CRAFT says:

    We are going to check if redboy was going to steal the Chinese version orespawn addon

  65. SONIC CRAFT says:

    create the orespawn addon chinese version

  66. Guest-7480619675 says:

    Good addon 👍👍👍

  67. Guest-3878449287 says:

    Man i absolutely LOVE it so whats next a dusttale sequel XD

  68. Liam TDP says:

    This addon is amazing i realy ed njoyed it Than kg s for sharing it 😊

  69. Guest-4694880339 says:

    Could you make a scp lockdown addon.

  70. Guest-5604892498 says:

    this addon shows that chinese people can also create great addons for the minecraft community, not in a racist way, i mean japanese and american people can do that too, its just that, this impressed me.

  71. Guest-8950659751 says:

    Can you make Titan add-on?

  72. iiExotic says:

    Can you give me the link for MC box? I really want to buy addons from there.

  73. Guest-7337838754 says:

    Ok this addon has great attack animation, but the sans boss is litteraly unkillable, i’m talking about him not being removed by a world, i litteraly type kill @e [type=boss:sans] on the command block as you said, but it did not killed or removed him, so please make him atleast killable at some point, he is litteraly the most op boss on mcpe because he has the ability to dogde attack, so why do you need him to be at infinity hp?

  74. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    sans addon is made by H2Vwither123.
    Redboy just steal free addon in MC box.
    I can give you sans addon’s media link.
    I have to say redboy lied you for a long time.
    You can also see this video.
    This video is made in 2019-12-20
    And here is the link.
    Redboy is just a thief.
    He tries to win your sympathy.

  75. Guest-8827177713 says:

    wow great job with this addon im so impressed with you

  76. Guest-1325787590 says:

    Also by the way I so jealous about China edition of mcpe

  77. Guest-9674180776 says:

    In this world .. it’s killed or be killed

  78. Guest-1924012602 says:

    Can you like make sans have the ability to die at some particular point? Like him unluckily not dodging an attack which lead to his death? Give him 1 hp (if possible) and his ability to dogde is incredible along side his skill attack behavior

  79. Guest-1603286956 says:

    It’s a beautiful day outside

  80. Guest-3795137922 says:

    Is there somehow i can use Sans powers?

  81. Guest-1812158481 says:

    Umm…what command can delete him?
    I try to /kill @e him but nothing happen

  82. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    I have submit this addon with correct link.

  83. Wufflesvn says:

    Where is Pack.icon

  84. Guest-5576133027 says:

    Can you make the titans addons pls I always wanted titans in my world

  85. Guest-8275541632 says:

    Can u make it a .mcpack?

  86. Guest-1328392933 says:

    can u make a tutorial on how to add him to the game after downloading?

  87. Guest-8549536319 says:

    Like the redboygamer addon

    (A content stealer)

  88. iiExotic says:

    Will you be uploading more Chinese addons?

  89. And I was just jokingly sayig to myself “CaN yOu pUt SnaS uNderTaLe In mEncrEFt?!”

  90. BoxCatMC says:

    I’m not a big fan of undertale but this is pretty well made! 🙂

  91. Guest-3652943868 says:

    what about evil sans

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