Sans Addon! (Xansmode Update!)

Are you a fan of Undertale? Do you love sans (a character of Undertale)? This add-on makes your dream true! This add-on adds the most popular characters of Undertale——sans, Gaster, Chara and some fanmade characters: sanesss, Xans and Bloody Gaster.

Before the introduction, I want to say something.

Plagiarists, such as habiRGB, are destroying my life.

He stole my textures, models and even parts of my behavior pack. I don’t know why he is still allowed to submit addons to MCPEDL.

I know I cannot stop you from downloading his addons, but I must remind you.
Most of HabiRBG’s addons are plagiarism.

HabiRGB’s MCPEDL account, a THIEF’s MCPEDL account.

And someone even upload my pictures to YouTube without permission to increase his channel’s subs. That’s really disgusting. I don’t want to say anything, just be sure to unsub and dislike his stolen videos (He also stole VEE JAY’s greenscreen).

Thief’s Channel


He is so strong that he can kill almost all monsters! He has 4 ways to attack hostile creatures. He’s able to avoid all kinds of attacks and his health point is infinity. (He is also a ‘Lazy Bone’ )

Orange Bones

If you are attacked by orange bones, you become very slow and are easy to be hurt.

Bone Lurkers

If you are attacked by these lurkers,they slow down your actions too. Lurkers’ attack is the most common one from sans. Though it is weaker than orange bones attack, you still need to be very careful.

Blue Bones

If you are attacked by blue bones,they make you floating in the air before you finally fall to die. So watch out!


They are thrown out by sans and give you a lot of damage.

Gaster Blaster

they are summoned by sans.If you are attacked by them,you will burn and half-dead.


If your Minecraft level is below 19,sans won’t attack you.
However, if you are at level 19 or above, sans will give you a judgement. 
It’s impossible for you to kill sans in a normal way, but you can delete him by using a command block on him.
(Also, when sans is attacking someone, the background music will be immediately changed into Megalovenia.)
Remember, sans can dodge any attacks, no one can even give him a single damage in survive mode.

Sans’s second stage!

If sans can’t beat his target in 1 minute, he will turn into his second stage and summon plenty of Gaster Blasters.

CHARA & Frisk

Maybe she looks cute, but Frisk is controlled by Chara- a fatal killer now. She uses her Bloody Knife to attack. if Frisk see her target, she will turn into CHARA immediately.

Bloody Knives

They are thrown out by Chara. they will let you become slow, so it is impossible for you to escape.

Knife Luckers

If you are attacked by these lurkers, they will slow down your actions. How to tame her?
You can use her knife to tame her. to get the knife, type /give @s chara:item. Then right click Chara/Frisk with this knife to tame her. Now you’ve tamed her, you can right click on her to let her sit and stand. She will follow you. And she will also attack all hostile mobs and your target. She will protect you 😀


!Warning!: Experimental Gameplay must be turned on!

Type /function sansmode to turn on sansmode.

Remember that you don’t have infinity strength value as real sans. (But at least you can also dodge all attacks)

If your strength value downs to 0, you will be slow and easy to be killed. you have 12 strength value, but don’t worry, Strength value bar will restore each second.

With sans’s incredible power, you are able to use:


Yes! Those bones are throw out by you!

Damage: 1

It takes you 1 strength value.

Gaster Blasters

You can summon this powerful ‘weapon’ to burn your target.Damage: 1+ 3 burning damage

It takes you 3 strength value.

Blue heart

This item is used for keeping the distance between you and your target. Damage: 1+ 2 knock off damage

It takes you 2 strength value.


This item is used for escaping. You can teleport with this item.

Damage: 0

It takes you 3 strength value.


(Uh, yeah, sure. at least you can give your target a JUDGEMENT like sans.)

Just use this item.And then you will be able to control the gravity. And the strength value’s restore velocity will become very fast.When you are in JUDGEMENT mode, the mob near you will float and fall to die.

Green heart

This item is given when you are in JUDGEMENT mode. With this item, you are able to control the gravity- you are able to let all mobs float for 5 seconds with this item.Damage: 1+3 falling damage

It takes you 3 strength value.

To turn off sansmode, just type: /tag @s remove sans

If you want to know more about sansmode, take a look at this tweet:


With this item, you can play as Xans easily!

Get this item by command, and then long press the screen (or right click) to become Xans!

With incredible power, you can use a lot of skills and one shot almost everything!


A fanmade sans from another universe. The funniest sans I’ve ever seen. It is short but powerful, it will give you a BAD TOM.

(Addon by 雨白桦, if you can’t bear the music, just type /stopsound @a)

Even more powerful than Gaster’s Gaster Blasters, so it is fatal. Lurkers

More powerful than sans’s lurkers, but seems like sanesss don’t use it often.SANESS BOMB

A bomb that deals a lot of damage, it will hide underground, so be careful! Bones

They are thrown out by saness, simple but fatal.


A sans which is more powerful and buggy. It can kill most of mobs- but he is not the strongest. He is a hostile mob. (made by 雨白桦)

It will also summon some error blocks.It can also use bones and lurkers as well.

It is also able to make an earthquake.

Gaster Blaster 

He is also able to crash your game randomly, change your game mode and use /kill.

Bloody Gaster

A Gaster who is really brutal, it is from UNDERBLOOD (A universe created by 雨白桦), it is the most powerful mob in its universe! BTW, you world is DEAD


A secret character of Undertale. He is not as friendly as sans, he will attack all hostile mobs and PLAYER.

On his first stage, he will summon some Gaster Blasters and black lurkers.

WARNING : If Gaster can’t kill his target in 12 seconds, he will turn into his SECOND STAGE

He will summon a lot of powerful gaster blasters. He is also able to fiy, so it will be very hard to beat him. It is even very difficult to touch him!

(He will also change the time to let you know the meaning of doomsday


This is not the full version of this addon.


The latest version of this addon is chargeable.


Gaster‘s second stage’s BGM: ECHO, by +α/あるふぁきゅん。Thx a lot!

Gaster二阶段BGM:ECHO,演唱者:+α/あるふぁきゅん。 感谢!

This addon’s creator: H2Vwither123,QQ: 913702423

这个addon的作者:H2Vwither123, QQ:913702423

To some people

We made chargeable Ultra Drowned.

You those people spreaded it.

We made chargeable titan addon.

You those people spreaded it.

Now we begin making addons free.

You those people begin sharing direct link,

Do U know what do I want to say?

Fuck you off.

If u want to share this addon, you can only use MCPEDL’s link, not your own link. you also can’t share the direct link, or I swear I will give you a copyright strike.

Yes, especially that app called Addons For Minecraft. Your disgusting behavior made me sick.

I’m not the only creator of those add-ons, the creators are also my friends H2Vwither123 and 雨白桦 who have authorized me to translate their work into English and introduce this amazing add-on to anyone who likes it on MCPEDL. We are Chinese and this add-on is created by Chinese.

My friend and I hope you like the add-on and enjoy playing with it. Your feedback is welcome and highly appreciated.


Changelog View more

Xansmode UPDATE!

Hope you enjoy it!

Omega Flowey coming soon!

A new update to XANS!

Hope you like it, and pls support us if u like this project!

Saness and Bloody Gaster update!

Hope you like it

Consider supporting us by downloading this addon, thx a lot!

Bugs fixed

Xans is not laggy anymore

lol hope you like it

Sorry for my stupid mistakes, Xans addon is made by 雨白桦!

Error404 sans added!

Hope you like it!

All right all links fixed

Hope you like those addons lol

We added Chara!

She is your enemy, but she can also protect you!

And we also improved sans!

Link fixed!

Bug fixed!

Now you can enjoy both sans and Gaster addon!

I fixed some bugs.

Also, do u like the bgm of Gaster's second stage? hehe

Link fixed!

Sorry for my stupid mistake ;C

Now you can enjoy it!

Add a new character:W. D. Gaster.

He is one of the most powerful mob in MCBE ever.

Hope your enjoy it :D





I updated the link.

Now I turned zip into mcaddon.

I double-checked the grammar and polished the wording as required.

Now sans can miss all kinds of attacks. Hope you like it!

Now sans can miss all kinds of attacks ! It is impossible for you to beat him .



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  1. Demoniow09 says:

    actualiza el territory of heart para la nueva version de minecraft porfavor

  2. hufeisen 1 says:

    ich kann die links zur ruterladung nicht verwenden kann mir bitte jemand helfen?

  3. GoldChieve says:

    Hiii creator, is mrcreeper gaming and habirgb is the only who steals your codes?
    i wanna know so ill report them

  4. Bridan6223 says:

    So the xans morph addon is good But there are some bugs

    1: everytime I switch to block and try to turn it off It won’t turn off

    2: and when I switch back to player with blocks on The blocks still appear Plus everytime I run into a wall As a human the blocks disappear

    So could you please fix theses bugs Thanks

  5. Billy GamingYT says:

    Yay!!! Omega Flowey is next, be patient everyone, be patient.

  6. Undertalesansfanboy says:

    I got a idea what if you add disbelief papyrus there will phase 4”

    phase 1 attack: Block/Bone/force/summon dog hidden attack/try to show mercy 50 cooldown/:blaster
    phase 2 attack: Block spam/Shoot bone/zone bone/blue bone tirck it will say to your sceen jump if you do a blue bone hit you so it take 6 dmg away from you/box players/bone jump/last attack fight as disbelief for 7 minute players mode so you can use final attack in phase 2/
    PHASE 3:healing/Summon sans only shoot gaster blaster last for 45 sec/spear/shoot bone/bone zone keep jumping on plot/summon undey you get a shied and block her spear for 30 sec/base ball haft way there/ Sans turn/ bone jump/ gaster blaster/ gaster blaster+Zone bone jump on plot form and there be 3 form one gaster blaster go to random side/

    Papyrus phase 4:Bone jump: Blue bone/Funny dog/
    At the end of the phase he have a death scene/ If you readind this owner tell me if you can add this and yeah it my idea for a update

  7. Undertalesansfanboy says:

    CAn you do zip file for error 404 because i can’t download it so pls do error 404 so i can download player mode thank you.

  8. Oh so that why in bell gang MrMakerYT And CreeperGamer Is Really Mad Cause Habirg Idc about That but youre addon is awesome😎😎

  9. Usernameee says:

    well yes he might steal the model and texture at least he doesnt still the coding

  10. Usernameee says:

    mrcreepergaming is HABIRG….. that was suprising also can u make them really kil imortals and not send them 30 million blocks underground as its pretty annoying i got tp to -30 million blocks and i cant even tp to my bro i cant even die in survival i used /kill still i wont die anyways ggood luck

  11. Yanter creator says:

    This add-ons is really awesome but you can add to a way frisk/chara to show love to you and I don’t L.O.V.E I mean really love like a heart’s or a kiss

  12. computergrandpa says:

    also because of the new minecraft update the stamina/strength bar won’t fill up please fix this

  13. computergrandpa says:

    will sansmode sans get a updated model?

  14. OuterHeaven says:

    hey 鸥吃鱼, i just want to know, did you give up of the jojo addon?

  15. 🕈︎ 👎︎ ☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ says:

    cool I’m Chinese too

  16. poyraz says:

    will you going to update sansmode???

  17. VinhDG_vn says:

    Can u remake the model of sans and the gaster blaster? Because I think another model of sans and gaster blaster in different addon is more detail and more powerful so u must update sans model of him and the blaster.(he kind of weak now)

  18. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    gull if you’re online i need you to tell something.someone post here the remake wither storm and i dont know you ask him permission to post it here

  19. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    gull if you’re online i eed you to tell something

  20. Sanspert says:

    Can u please update the sansmode like sans v3, has a eye particle and skin texture.
    BTW, nice addon!

  21. mcham says:

    Help ! can anyone please tell me how to SUMMON SANS in game ? what Console Command should i use ?
    i tried /summon but cannot see anything other than the standard minecraft mob
    please help !

  22. Swann Channel says:

    Pleasee make all Sans and gaster Friendly because you know Pacifist and pleasee make Strongest mob but Friendly and can kill Anything

  23. Kawaii Ken says:

    Good addon. Imagine if the subscribers subscribe to her just to simp her profile pic. Lol

  24. Dimitrius Films says:

    You should really rename it to “Undertale Addon” instead of “Sans Addon” because you are adding other characters from Undertale and not just Sans so I would really appreciate if you could PLEASE do it. 🙂 ALSO I AM NOT BEGGING RIGHT NOW

  25. Happyplayzz7093 says:

    Bloody Gaster teleports u to 300000000 300000000 300000000 if it cant kill u and I have revealed the truth.

  26. Supremy Wolf says:

    Please do killer sans

  27. absolutetrash says:

    people need to stop beggin for DUST SANS

  28. Bu_bu says:

    In place of giving a copyright notice you should have the videos erased

  29. Counter Addons says:

    Your Addon is great and I love how you make your Addons! But I’d like to report 2 things
    Report 1: This app called Craft Community is sharing Addons and now they shared your addon, and there’s no adfly needed! You need to do something about this to save your money!
    Report 2: People are copying Dust Sans Addon MAYBE BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE HMMMMMMMM PATIENCE?

    Also I have a question: People were saying Evil Sans is the beta of Dust Sans, is this true?

  30. Purpleking says:

    Can you add flowey the flower also it call sans addon/mod but you add gaster gaster was never say to the that guy also never been say he was part of sans story so does that mean you add flowey omega flowey please

    • 🕈︎ 👎︎ ☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ says:


    • Counter Addons says:

      I think you made Gaster angry.

  31. Hacker_boy says:

    Do you have a youtube channel or something?

  32. ShadowEnderBorn says:

    Great addon, but spawning gaster or attacking h crashes my game. You should put the au sans when he absorbs the 7 human souls (all i know of this sans was from a youtube video called “The Thought ),and disbelief papyrus. Otherwise you have a great addon. I hope to see more addon by you my friend.

  33. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    plz do Betty Noire

  34. Key Stroke says:

    I imported the resource packs but i can’t activate them because I dont see the button. Can anyone help me pls. I use Minecraft for Windows 10.

  35. Rolindo says:

    Please help to download!

  36. Rolindo says:

    Happy Birthday to you

  37. ValeraBro12 says:

    How to get this error block?

  38. SCORPIONXL says:

    When will the dust sans addon come out?

  39. Asterzer12 says:

    Could you please add dusttrust sans?

  40. Hacker_boy says:

    Can you make blood gaster and saness an mcpack?

  41. vhajrs_ass says:

    can you add blood snas? blood gaster is an destroyer of evry entityin in minecraft he destroydreeor ury and exploding tnt

  42. vhajrs_ass says:

    my sister rlly wanna charamode can you ad that

  43. Hacker_boy says:

    Can you update this as an mcaddon?

  44. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    since you made an addon which is from a universe other than undertale, will you please add in a character from the animated series called Glitchtale? The character is Betty Noire, and she will be a fine addition to the battles. Also can’t wait for Omega Flowey.

  45. Shadow709a says:

    Can you add Story Shift Chara. Omega flowey. Undyne. Error sans. Ink sans and also make blood gaster a bit weaker



  47. Miguelito9020 says:

    Add asriel the god of hyper death

  48. Ubersonic Gaming says:

    Awesome addon

  49. Lucas Lloyd says:

    Is Dust Sans Coming Out today or tomorrow?

  50. Lucas Lloyd says:

    Ok next is sans v4 and dust sans

  51. Danwesnil says:

    Pls add more undertale characters like Papyrus or undyne, just a suggestion.

  52. Miguelito9020 says:

    It will be amazing if you post dust sans and then post asriel the god of hyper death

  53. Miguelito9020 says:

    Soo when will dust come out and can you add asriel god of hyper death and flowey that turns to omega flowey

  54. RalphToGo says:

    Can you add gaster mode?

  55. Happyplayzz7093 says:

    The Sans mode has ERRORS and I can’t play on it because It takes infinity seconds To Load. And Can You Some How Get The resource, and behavior packs of evil sans to Bedrock edition? And one last thing is that I can’t Download Chara Addon For some reason.

  56. computergrandpa says:

    will sans mode get a updated model?

  57. computergrandpa says:

    will sans mode get the v3 model?

  58. GeoGaming says:

    Hey uhm there is a problem with sans and gaster or just sans
    When sans goes to his 2nd form alot of gaster blasters appear but there too much particles which causes lag and even a crash, can you do something with it?
    Sorry if my grammar isn’t right
    Ty for your time

  59. Captain paperbag says:

    Seismic Concrete Ice From CAÑADA

  60. epicdw says:

    Very Cool, but I want to know how to see Xans 2nd stage.

  61. vhajrs_ass says:

    How can I buy and install/get Evil Sans addon? Can anybody give me a link, or do I have to search it in MC Marketplace? I can’t find it anywhere! I wanna make evil sans fight xans.

  62. HabiRH RGB2 says:

    This addon is soo’s just that the animation, pretty classic. and also can h2v change the sans id?,because Bendy Cartoon cat can eat it.

  63. Creeper 303 says:

    I saw kids say evil sans is retexture of normal sans And he ask why retuxture is paid😂

  64. Kardel says:

    Hi I would like you to fix the link because its not working
    or send me the direct link…

    Sans Fan

  65. Errorultra says:

    I want to you create Ultra sans V2 OK? :-:

  66. Errorultra says:

    How can you create sans like that I really want to create just like you

  67. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add asgor too ?

  68. Error404 says:

    Its a very very good addon/mod… Pls make sans mode, mana/strength value, infinity but do a cooldown/cd after using an ability like, just an example: bones=3 cd, gaster blasters=5 cd, blue heart=0 cd, and add a badtime mode item too, to throw blue bones (which does not damage when target not moving)=3 cd and bigger gaster blasters=10 cd, and lastly, special attack, GASTER STORM!!!=30 cd so it will be not much overpowered… Heheh thats all thank you… 😁😌

  69. OuterHeaven says:

    There’s is any way i use sans mode without becoming sans?, besides its a great addon!

  70. Bossofdarkness0 says:

    Can you fixed I just kill by cactus, witch’s splash potion, fire, lava, wither skeleton if you hit it gives you effect wither and I die and I just drowned on the water.

  71. vhajrs_ass says:

    can you add chara mode or xans mode or bouth?

  72. Sansmode doesn’t work! And yes, I do have Experimental Gameplay turned on, I’m on version 1.16.2 (not beta) and I have both the resource pack and behaviour pack enabled! Please fix this bug!! 😢😢😢

  73. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    plz add photoshop flowey

  74. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    ❄☟☜ ☞☼🕆✋❄ ⚐☞ ✌ ☞✋☝ ❄☼☜☜ ✋💧 ✌🏱🏱☹☜📫💧☟✌🏱☜👎. ❄☟☜ ☼✋👎☝☜ ⚐☠ ✌ 💧💣⚐⚐❄☟ 💧🕆☼☞✌👍☜ ✋💧 ✌ 👌🕆💣🏱 ⚐☼ ☞☹✌🕈. lol love the gaster mod

  75. Joaotdbrmaster says:

    Man this addon are so cool

  76. Kvw says:

    I wish I had Minecraft Chinese edition and all the other stuff because Chinese add-ons are 5000 times better than any add-on I have seen also great add-on keep up the good work👍👍👍

  77. Chara_SS says:

    I can not use the Chara addon.I already download it but I can play it?? Why??? (Have minecraft)

  78. Ender tChicken says:

    bendythedemons scp 096 still beat him :/

  79. Underta1eP1antsVsZ0mb1esM1necr4ft says:

    Why Did You Say Not To Put The Addon On Addons For Minecraft When I Can’t Even Download The Addons To Minecraft All Because I Had To Reset My Tablet So Now I Always Have To Use Addons For Minecraft Instead Plus Addons For Minecraft Sends The Addons To Minecraft After You Watch A Ad Then You Have To Press The Download Button Again To Have It Download To Minecraft Plus That Means That If You Want More People To Download The Addons You Made You Should Listen To Me But If You Don’t Want To Do This You Can Just Put It On Addons For Minecraft :3

  80. Good! I’m leaving 4 stars because:
    There’s a seperate addon for each mob; it’d be SO much easier for it to be a whole addon, not several small ones. Still pretty good though.

  81. Entity_Freezing says:

    Addon’s great. Only reason it’s a four star is because you can’t remove Gaster, Chara, or Xans.
    Maybe make it so you can do that with the command block just like with Sans.

  82. TongHengPlayz says:

    This is great but can you somehow add something to make so you have unlimited strength value as sans,like maybe kill the ender dragon or the wither or get 100 xp to unlock it ? I don’t know but please make a way so you can somehow get unlimited strength value as Sans pls !

  83. Purpleking says:

    Can you add flowey

  84. Hollow Knight says:

    Download link is not working 😞

  85. Troncosoomar says:

    The addons are AWESOME! There is no one that should give this 1 star because if they do, they are crazy.

  86. noobplayminecraft says:

    Hey it’s an awesome addon GULL

  87. CJMobile1 says:

    The “Chara Addon” doesn’t work because I was just downloading it but it doesn’t work to import the addon in minecraft, so please fix it!🙏

    • Just A Moddeer says:

      my dude if you use mobile then get ZA archiver download the mod go in side copy resoure first go in com.mojang find just resoure packs paste the resoure file in that and do the same with behavior packs

  88. Could you please reduce the amount of attacks every mob in this Addon used? It’s way too laggy for my 3 Gigabyte RAM phone to handle…

  89. Dar_Saputra says:

    You say that paid 😑
    but it’s okay and thanks you buddy @Cn_mr_fist 🙂🙂
    Now i give 5 stars to you, because addon you quite nice

    One more thing, Add ultra sans

  90. Bryan36 says:

    Very Good Addon !
    But please make all addon into one
    And ONLY ONE addon that will
    Regroups all addon ! Please!

  91. Thanosboii09 says:

    Sans actually has 1 hp. I know this because i have a health veiwer enabled and i saw 1 hp. U also get 1 hp in the sansmode addon
    But sans just keep dodging

  92. Selfish Gamer says:

    Can we be friends again?

  93. Selfish Gamer says:

    Im really honest

  94. Selfish Gamer says:

    I reall

  95. Selfish Gamer says:

    Im here to say sorry

  96. Selfish Gamer says:

    For weeks i havent been sleeping because she hates me

  97. Selfish Gamer says:

    Thats why i betrayed you

  98. Selfish Gamer says:

    I thought you thought i was another kid to you

  99. Selfish Gamer says:

    Im sorry GEF.

  100. Selfish Gamer says:

    I was her friend

  101. Selfish Gamer says:

    Im the one who made her submit this addon on mcpedl.

  102. Doofenshmirtz Sans says:

    For your Jevil Add-on, can you make it so I plays The World revolving

  103. Ugugubygyvyvyvy says:

    Greatest sans add-on in the world!!!!!!!!

  104. SalamUchiha says:

    The Chara and Sansmode addons suck but the Boss Gaster and Boss Sans ones are decent. Definitely throw out the chara one. That one is just absolutely awful, she literally raises the HP of the monsters you fight when tamed. That is some nonsense

  105. Richard Grayson says:

    can you fix the link because adfly won’t work

  106. MA2011 says:

    Nice post soon I am gonna post some titans and a wither storm if I can make it

  107. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    I think it is good for you you put links for earn money I will pass for this 60 times your will earn money because this addon is for all public and the links for earn money will be soo visited because is free and we before did not know how we can paid this but now you earn money and we take the addon I think we finished all happy.

  108. RLPLAYZMCPE11 says:

    Can you make the original king addon if your a friend of AA Swordman can you say free on add-on pleaseeeee

  109. S2008 Gaming says:

    Oh yeah sans cant be tired while he did 1,000 attacks and cant be killed, and gaster cant be killed to. Make it possible please and make sans tired while he did 500 or 1,000 attacks and tired must be 5-10 secs. And gaster ok can be hit

  110. Dragodragon says:

    Be careful, even after taming Chara/frisk, while she’s on her murdering massacre she will still try to kill you every now and then

  111. Dragodragon says:

    It says not valid zip file

    • Microbot cuenta 2 says:

      can you make a bad time trial addon where this underswap papyrus and storyshift chara?, if you do it please make it free
      you make very good addons
      Please if you do it for free…

  112. SCPFAN128 says:

    I can’t download the addons for some reason on adfly can you help ? I mean don’t change the link just try to help me

  113. CreeperGamer XYZ says:

    Those addon sharers/milkers should respect you, knowing how hard you worked for it, we stand here and protect the China, and they just bypass it normally. DISRESPECTION, UGH. THOSE GUYS.

    • Selfish Gamer says:

      Im a milker and im the reason this addon is on mcpedl,and i quit,because Gull Eat Fish and i were friends, and i didnt know,now she hates me,i wish we can be friends again, but she blocked me so i cant say sorry.So please say sorry for me.

  114. By the way, “Gull Eats Fish”? Is there any time you’ll be adding Papyrus too? Love the Addon, too! ❤❤❤

  115. Swagboi7 says:

    If this is the V3 version with Frisk, then what’s the charged version?

  116. Troncosoomar says:

    What about Flowey?

  117. KOCreeper243 says:

    Man i love your addon and you make it free but there is 3 things i want to complain..
    1. Chara/frisk file cannot import
    2. Make a lite version of this because it is soooooo laggy especially when sans and gaster turn into second stage.. my fps drop to 0.9
    3. Change sans stage 2 song pls.. its steven universe song.. maybe like a hardcore remix of megalovania??
    Thats all. bye😉

  118. Itsshadow48 says:

    This is a great addon but why don’t you make it able for people to tame sans

  119. Danplayz52 says:

    Next update gaster mode

  120. Fire 9 Tails Herobrine the Cool says:

    I’ve wait this for long time! Finally, I can get Sans V3 addon and Chara addon for FREE!!!

  121. VincegameVPJ says:

    The Chara add-on didn’t show up on my Minecraft game.
    Please fix it 🙏
    Also I love all of your add-on but it’s buggy tho

  122. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    EVERYONE CHECK MR.FiSh’s TWITTER!!! NEW UPDATE ANNOUNCED!!!! ‘Judgement Update” !!!!!

  123. BetterBondsYT says:

    I hope he dose omega flowey, nut i love that he fixed the links

  124. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    I can’t wait for Omega Flowey 😉

  125. Bruhboy66 says:

    It looks really cool but i can’t get it because of both links being gaster

  126. Satria Rex says:

    Pls can you get add frisk/Chara i want this addon pls add this

  127. BetterBondsYT says:

    Please fixe the links so they arnt bost gaster

  128. SkellyTube says:

    Can you please make items how Gaster blaster or Bones

  129. Bobby1545 Now Watching Mcpedl says:

    All Is Me Bobby! Wanna Play with me! I will Make Palace Of Dirty And Being full of All real Human!, Please Ok! I Hate If all Say me is Hacker, Ghost And Make me Into creepypasta. Play With Me Please. I Wacthing you

  130. Troncosoomar says:

    Gaster is not the strongest. Gaster is killable. Just use 096, and there is a chance of 096 killing gaster. I watched it in a video.

  131. Insanity Sans says:

    Can you make gaster’s gaster blaster defies gaster blaster physics? becuase thats gaster’s gaster blaster

  132. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    I have a question where can i buy the v3 i can’t find it? Send the link for the pay of sans addon v3

  133. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    I have a question where can i buy the v3 i can’t find it?

  134. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    I have a question where can i buy the v3 i can’t find it

  135. VincegameVPJ says:

    The add-on is great I love it,but it’s really laggy when ghaster reach to stage 2 but I love it👍

  136. Troncosoomar says:

    If the creator adds in more undertale creatures, rename this addon to Undertale Addon.

  137. Troncosoomar says:

    Is H2V Planning to add Papyrus in the next update?

  138. 100bytes says:

    Minecraft & ☝︎♋︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎❒︎
    Cool addon by the way

  139. OnePunchCraft says:

    This update is great and gaster is probobly one of the mobs that can rival scp 096 witherstorm always oneshots scp 096 and gaster in his 2nd form cant be killed by scp 096 cause he can fly and gaster is my favorite character in undertale so yeah great addon

  140. Ender_Philip says:

    Also what about Papyrus?

  141. Ender_Philip says:


  142. Satria Rex says:

    I don’t see the faster in the Sans add-on?

  143. TheHomie says:

    How do I summon/spawn gaster?

  144. OnePunchCraft says:

    You forgot to change the link

  145. Tonyking772 says:

    Let’s make the sans skill addon

  146. Coosanta says:

    Can the music be Megalovania instead?

  147. MinedCave says:


    • Guest-2277001627 says:

      I am trying to download sans on my iPad but I can’t because every time I try to download him it always fails. I don’t know what to do

      • Coosanta says:

        It won’t work directly on iPad, you could put it in Dropbox and export it or you email yourself the link and you should be able to export it as well

  148. Guest-6817443438 says:

    Hey i have Sans mod in play store i download it and try it and this mod same of mod Sans i download

  149. Guest-8567379053 says:

    how do you disable the music

  150. Guest-4341509829 says:

    you should make sans killable with the kill command, and why can you hit him after he kills a hostile entity? I have some tips, He has 1 health, so if you hit him he dies. Sans only does 1 damage as well. why don’t you make him take 1 heart of your health each time he hits you? if you added these on, your mod would be awesome but its awesome anyways

  151. TubularCircle74 says:

    You can’t even kill him so I have a random sans roaming the area :/ Make it like a certain item to kill him. Or the command block because it doesn’t work when I do /kill @e when I put the command in repeat.

    • Troncosoomar says:

      Well you have to go up to sans then while you are holding the command block right click (On Mobile, hold and press the button) and sans will disappear.

  152. Guest-3784487239 says:

    Eyyo!!!! Please Rechange how Sans doesn’t Die Except for Commands, how about Make him like 1 Hit like the Original Game? Please Hear Out my Opinion if it does, and Stay Safe!!!! Nice Addon btw

  153. Guest-4844385588 says:

    What is the point to put it inside the game if it unkillable?? No wonder people made another mod on it. I downloaded one and its better than this.

  154. Guest-2614380111 says:

    The addon is good but the sans should die because of the use of having an immortal boss in the game, Sans is not like that in the game so they should change this more apart from this detail the addon is great!

  155. Guest-2276579061 says:

    Can someone tell me how to install the addon on bedrock 1.14.60. When I install the .mcaddon it says (not a valid zip archive) when it downloads, and I don’t want to have to use ifunbox do get a the zip version. Does anybody k ow how they did it?

  156. Guest-4774303012 says:


  157. sub2popular387 says:

    Ur addon is totally great and nice and i want to say that i used ur addon in my vid and i credited you to this addon so uhh are we ok with that???? Im scared tbh

  158. Guest-4029584414 says:

    just make it original. sans’s attack 1 defense 1 please make the defense and health the original version , same as the real sans in undertale.

  159. Maxio1511 says:

    Good addon but hes unkillable you cant even kill him with the /kill command hes just unkillable can you fix that please thank you

  160. Guest-2230641505 says:

    When I import it it tells it has missing dependencies

  161. NinjaSlime says:

    Wow what a cool add-on btw I also created a sans addon before this if ya want check it out!

  162. P1xe1at3d says:

    Why dont you make a addon that gives us Sans powers.

  163. Guest-7088782072 says:

    can you add gaster?

  164. Guest-8915941988 says:

    you can kill sans if not cool but wey he cant die?

  165. Guest-5064149303 says:

    How im download mod is lie

  166. Coosanta says:

    So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I spawned millions of them and they killed the wither and the ender dragon in 30 seconds
    Thank you for making such cool addons

  167. Guest-4968460260 says:

    I think he’s not dying

  168. Guest-7735487438 says:

    The only way to remove Sans from your world after he is spawned is
    1. Get a Command Block using /give
    2.You need to hold the command block in your hand
    3.When you get close to Sans with the command block You will be able to right click him, or if you’re on mobile there will be a Popup on the bottom of your screen to remove him from the world.

  169. UTSanstheSkeleton1463 says:

    *heya, the add-on looks really cooler and looks awesome. i like your add-on, also i’m also a fan of undertale stuffs. keep up the good work. i felt bad for your add-ons being stolen by your brother RedBoy, i could tell he is a thief that trying to steal your add-ons, sorry for hearing your add-ons. i really want to see more add-ons of undertale ones. this one is the BEST one i ever had. (subscribe you for more add-ons for undertale), wishing there was more to it like adding: chara, frisk, papyrus, undyne, alphys, asgore, toriel, and flowey..probably more. good add-on and awesome add-on.

  170. Guest-2781474910 says:

    Why is most of the Chinese add-ons paid? We can’t install Minecraft China on iOS.

  171. Guest-5849117901 says:

    Stole FREE add-on? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Free stuff is named free to be free. You won’t lose anything if someone shares something that is free.

  172. Guest-5720630165 says:

    owner can you make chara addon and dust sans addon i really really like your sans addon

  173. Guest-5527952465 says:

    Here us the command,/kill @e,then your done

  174. P1xe1at3d says:

    Suggestion: Add a sniper addon that shoots the gaster blaster from sans.

  175. Guest-6546277785 says:

    I absolutely love this add-on, the music was surprise as well, I really enjoy it!

  176. Guest-8827743119 says:

    Hmmm how do you summon him??????

  177. Guest-8721354434 says:

    this is SO difficult to add to my game, can you please help me with the mcaddon

  178. Guest-2294070371 says:

    Hey can you add that to my minecraft please 😅.

  179. Guest-3663029921 says:

    Uhmm I love sans but how do he trow bones at you plss fix plss I want to see Sanses bone attack thank you I love it 😁

  180. Guest-9509549485 says:

    Can you make a Papyrus addon?

  181. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    jojo BIZARRE ADVENTURES addon.

  182. blood eye says:

    cmon your a cool creator and cool models on your addon make jojo BIZARRE ADVENTURES addon and u can use stands as well

  183. Guest-1232390897 says:

    Maybe make it so that sans has like 1 hp, but is legit impossible to hit, like the actual game. There should be like a 1/100 or 1/1000 chance you will hit and kill him. Otherwise, great addon 😀

  184. Guest-8553711253 says:

    Hey i have problem when i put mob on near by sans the music starts then stop quickly even the mob not dead yet pls fix this problem

  185. Guest-4410333891 says:

    Add custom items which is sans abilities that players can use

  186. Guest-1914872623 says:

    It would be amazing

  187. Guest-6354088201 says:

    It would be amazing

  188. Guest-5378004391 says:

    Hay could you make this a pocket addon to that would be good 🙂

  189. Guest-6277209855 says:

    Can you make v3 and i can tame the sans please:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  190. Guest-6171037884 says:

    This is amazing just that there is one problem. The blue bone shouldn’t inflict damage if you are still.

  191. Guest-9212013192 says:

    Nice 🤗

  192. Guest-7504642051 says:

    How to kill sans

  193. SpikedCthulhu says:

    I mean the addon is wonderful I just have one problem and this goes for the Herobrine, Titan zombie, and Jestero as well; please just please make them so they can die and Sans, Herobrine, and Jestro I don’t want having an INSANE amount of health or immortality especially to /kill.

  194. Guest-9392243062 says:

    H2V Wither 123 ?

  195. Guest-1182657620 says:

    It would be amazing if there was maybe a reward for defeating sans if you did. Like a pet Gaster blaster!
    Just spewing ideas out of my head. Great add-on but I do think that sans should have a way to defeat him so that the fight is not unbeatable. I’ve played around with the functions and have found your amazing work. I have not seen such amazing code in a long time. Your work is amazing and I hope that we get an undyne battle.
    (P-S) Please lower the direct damage of a gaster blaster. It defeats a ravanger in 5 seconds with one :/.
    Great add-on tho. Hope to see more Undertale themed add-ons in the future. It feels like Undertale is kicking back in to motion with the community

  196. Guest-2281113998 says:

    Hey, what if sans boss actually has a health system? Wouldn’t that be more fun to fight since you have a hope to win at some point? I understand that this was meant to be the strongest boss in mcpe, but due to it being so strong, it just feels like fighting it is meaningless. Addon is still crazy high quality though, and it is definitely better then redboy’s stolen version because this one actually teleports!

  197. Guest-7768982177 says:

    Ideas: 1. sans bones gives poison effect 1 second

    2. He can be killed sans addon

    This ideas are trash, right?

  198. Guest-1543455725 says:


  199. Meekuzo says:

    This night looks so beautiful outside,
    Stars are shining above the sky,
    People are addicted with this addon,
    For what have you done getting their attention,
    You… “Are now popular.”

  200. Guest-8549735888 says:

    This isn’t working for me it’s a zip file

  201. Guest-8549735888 says:

    This isn’t working for me it’s a zip file btw

  202. Guest-4297165676 says:

    Do you have the link of the skeleton king.

    I really want him

  203. Guest-3553944153 says:

    Hey bro, i tried to locate the channel of redboygamer but now the channel name is Mob battle minecraft CH, And he is still using your mob titan addons and Wendie Hibner is also telling other gullible people that MBMCH (Redboygamer) created those addons!!! I FEEL ENRAGED

  204. S2008 Gaming says:

    Hi nice addon, but can you tell the noob redboy that stop lying because Liars goes to hell

  205. Guest-6856987011 says:

    good Addon but I want support multiplayer and he can die XD

  206. Guest-4285173800 says:

    I hate the starter music when I create the world

  207. Guest-7373815722 says:

    Plz fix the wither storm addon, why is it buggy and ur not fixing it, fix your wither storm or redboy’s wither storm will remain better

  208. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    3.Chaos weapon
    5.Titan Zombie

  209. Guest-1208673258 says:

    Can you give me a link to MC box? Please

  210. Guest-5460628268 says:

    VERY GOOD but can you add the other undertale character ? PLEASE

  211. Guest-2508424444 says:

    Hmm… This addon looks similar to redboy’s I don’t know why but I don’t trust him. I think he stealed your wither storm and Sans addon. Is it true?

  212. Guest-9844203562 says:

    Nice addon but, How Do i remove him?

  213. Guest-1528764226 says:

    Could you make godzilla

  214. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    3.憨岭 weapon

  215. Guest-4185112924 says:

    1.Witherstorm Addon
    2.Sans Addon

  216. Guest-7636857730 says:

    Why do I hear boss music?
    Looks at addon


  217. Guest-3338656550 says:

    Could u make scp lockdown addon

  218. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    I am going to submit Jevil addon this week.
    It is a Chinese addon made by DLGD-豆咧个豆.
    Wait and see!

  219. SONIC CRAFT says:

    you’re right brother redboy stole the addons because I went to a Chinese page and I looked for the creator of the addons and I had the addon for sans and the zombie titan

  220. Guest-6319559626 says:

    Please add new mob in the addon. Deltarune Jevil Boss. And music the world revolving.

  221. Guest-8576555917 says:


  222. SONIC CRAFT says:

    We are going to check if redboy was going to steal the Chinese version orespawn addon

  223. SONIC CRAFT says:

    create the orespawn addon chinese version

  224. Guest-7480619675 says:

    Good addon 👍👍👍

  225. Guest-3878449287 says:

    Man i absolutely LOVE it so whats next a dusttale sequel XD

  226. Liam TDP says:

    This addon is amazing i realy ed njoyed it Than kg s for sharing it 😊

  227. Guest-4694880339 says:

    Could you make a scp lockdown addon.

  228. Guest-5604892498 says:

    this addon shows that chinese people can also create great addons for the minecraft community, not in a racist way, i mean japanese and american people can do that too, its just that, this impressed me.

  229. Guest-8950659751 says:

    Can you make Titan add-on?

  230. iiExotic says:

    Can you give me the link for MC box? I really want to buy addons from there.

  231. Guest-7337838754 says:

    Ok this addon has great attack animation, but the sans boss is litteraly unkillable, i’m talking about him not being removed by a world, i litteraly type kill @e [type=boss:sans] on the command block as you said, but it did not killed or removed him, so please make him atleast killable at some point, he is litteraly the most op boss on mcpe because he has the ability to dogde attack, so why do you need him to be at infinity hp?

  232. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    sans addon is made by H2Vwither123.
    Redboy just steal free addon in MC box.
    I can give you sans addon’s media link.
    I have to say redboy lied you for a long time.
    You can also see this video.
    This video is made in 2019-12-20
    And here is the link.
    Redboy is just a thief.
    He tries to win your sympathy.

  233. Guest-8827177713 says:

    wow great job with this addon im so impressed with you

  234. Guest-1325787590 says:

    Also by the way I so jealous about China edition of mcpe

  235. Guest-9674180776 says:

    In this world .. it’s killed or be killed

  236. Guest-1924012602 says:

    Can you like make sans have the ability to die at some particular point? Like him unluckily not dodging an attack which lead to his death? Give him 1 hp (if possible) and his ability to dogde is incredible along side his skill attack behavior

  237. Guest-1603286956 says:

    It’s a beautiful day outside

  238. Guest-3795137922 says:

    Is there somehow i can use Sans powers?

  239. Guest-1812158481 says:

    Umm…what command can delete him?
    I try to /kill @e him but nothing happen

  240. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    I have submit this addon with correct link.

  241. Wufflesvn says:

    Where is Pack.icon

  242. Guest-5576133027 says:

    Can you make the titans addons pls I always wanted titans in my world

  243. Guest-8275541632 says:

    Can u make it a .mcpack?

  244. Guest-1328392933 says:

    can u make a tutorial on how to add him to the game after downloading?

  245. Guest-8549536319 says:

    Like the redboygamer addon

    (A content stealer)

  246. iiExotic says:

    Will you be uploading more Chinese addons?

  247. And I was just jokingly sayig to myself “CaN yOu pUt SnaS uNderTaLe In mEncrEFt?!”

  248. BoxCatMC says:

    I’m not a big fan of undertale but this is pretty well made! 🙂

  249. Guest-3652943868 says:

    what about evil sans

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