Published on December 30, 2021 (Updated on December 22, 2022)

[REVAMP] Frostcraft (Formerly Santa's Spellshop)

Time for the holidays, what’s my addon for the best time of the year? Well... when it was? An addon that gives you 15+ spells for the spirit of the holidays, Santa himself, a workshop, and a certain Goat Demon himself!

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v2.0 Update: Frostcraft

  • Rebranded the addon from "Santa's Spellshop" to "Frostcraft"
  • All spells have been retextured, revamped, and renamed.
  • Krampus has been remodeled
  • Krampus' Second phase has been removed.
  • Krampus' roar now makes him explode and affects the player.
  • Blessings have been buffed. like. a LOT
  • Most spells now have sound effects
  • Particle effects have been revamped
  • New release trailer
  • New art for just about everything


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This comment has been removed
"When damage is taken to him, he has a chance to make a JoJo reference then explode." Sir this needs no explanation, this is the best feature a addon can have.
Wow, this is amazing. Very good job on the Addon, and have a Happy/Merry Christmas!