Savanna Village, Badlands, Mineshaft and Pyramid Seed

Easily Find: Savanna Village, Badlands, Mineshaft and Pyramid, and enjoy!

Very short seed. I recommend for the beginning of your survival in this world.

It is a very good and resourceful seed near the spawn, just be careful not to fall into the ravine! <3

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Spawn :

look back, and you will see the village!

Badlands : (COO: 151, 92, -4)

Villa : (COO: 143, 64, 99)

Pyramid : (COO: 46, 72, 524)

Ravine : (COO: 105, 72, 539)

Mineshaft : (COO: 75, 30, 529) 

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Added new description.

Added new image.

Added new image,

Good game for all.

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