-2051699104: Savannah Zombie Village

Zombie villages are apparently a new feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15 and in this seed you will spawn very close to one such village. From a far the village will look empty of life but as soon as you have a peek inside one of the houses you’ll likely find an undead villager!

Found by: dollardagreat

Once you’ve spawned walk diagonally to your left in the direction of the savannah biome. Just after a short while you will find the village. As you get closer you will notice that it’s not an ordinary village. The houses will be partly be covered by cobweb and mossy cobblestone.


And if you have a look inside the houses you will notice there are no living villagers. All of them have been bitten and turned into zombies. It’s only by night they will come out from their houses, otherwise they will remain inside.


The village as a whole doesn’t look to be of any extraordinary (besides the zombies of course!) but maybe it will be a more common seed in 0.15, who knows by now?


Seed: -2051699104

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33 Responses

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  1. Gasboss775 says:

    Seed still works on 1.2.3, watch out for the zombie villagers!

  2. Rockiesfan27 says:

    Huh these zombie villages been out for a while now and I haven’t come across one in forever! Do they still exist??

  3. MCSquared says:

    It works and it’s really cool and I’m in 1.1.3!

  4. Liz says:

    Seed 126303049 also has a zombie village, right next to a regular village. The regular village is at 213,70,937. The zombie village is at 162,67,1027 right next door. They are no where near the original span point though.

  5. MistyTheSiameseKitten says:

    Cool! I made my own zombie village after this. Though the village was a bit farther away than I expected

  6. CoolguyDB says:

    Cool this is cool

  7. Gameknight999 says:

    I got undead village and got killed by a undead farmer

  8. Gameknight107 says:

    Ahhh! Undead Villager!

  9. thewolfprincess says:

    It does work really

  10. thewolfprincess says:

    Does it work tell me by commenting

  11. CookiejarS9096 says:

    I was sad that I couldn’t find villages and typed in random words into the seed. The very first map i generated in creative mode, I flew straight up and did a 360 turn and saw a village.

    I flew to that village and noticed zombies inside and outside of the village. The location was pretty nice. It was the first time discovering a village like that and so I searched it up and ended up here.

    The seed is Peehole. I generated another map with the same seed and got the same world so it’s official.

    I also flew around and found another village right next the a half buried sand temple. This village is to the left side of your exact spawn point over a Sandy mountain opposite of the zombie village.

  12. Connor telfer says:

    This rocks seeds

  13. Ashlynn says:

    When I spawned I was in the wrong biome.Glitch? #mc pocket

  14. Pupgirl says:

    They’re the best!! Especially for PE!!
    You should try it out it’s fun!! #?

  15. TurklerRS says:

    Yeah!Thanks bro.Now I can make a great loot out of the village.

  16. AAcenAA says:

    to those who don’t know where the savannah zombie village just follow this:
    in spawn turn back and face diagonally in your left side and walk a few yards
    and it will just show up

  17. Unicorn says:

    It works !!

  18. lildeviousdude says:

    This is super cool dude, thanks. Btw I’m in 15.1.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It workssss

  20. ENDER_MACHINE says:

    It didn’t work

  21. Jackie Grosjean says:

    I’ll try it.

  22. someone says:

    Its just a normal village.

  23. nukeman999 says:

    I tried the seed out myself and it spawned me in a forest there was no savanna at all

  24. Lauren says:

    Um I followed the directions but it lead me to an ocean and I couldn’t find anything

  25. soleh says:

    Thats was awesome,I can make video on youtube.Thanks for the seed.

  26. ToleratedToast5 says:

    I Like the Seed it is very cool with the new 0.15.0 Feature Just Wish Beta Build 2 whould come out?????? :[

    • Patrick ian says:

      for the ones that say this is true it is true you wont actually go to the ocean if you find some acacia tree you could see it

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